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Well I would say an evening shirt is usualy a solid color and not always a pattern like most formal shirts. also the quality and material of the shirt, these are only a few factors of course.
They both look a bit short to me in the jacket lenght but the first lays on you far better then the second dose.
my guess is that they are shamed of they way they look and do not want us to pass judgement on them because of this. Either that or they are so paranoid of what goes on with identity theft and such online that they will not let others see them. I of course have nothing to hide because I am secure in myself that I do not care who sees me. God did not grace me with these good looks to just hide them from the world.
I would agree here the DB can be nice but is not a good first suit. It is something you can aquire down the line once you have established yourself more. Brooks Brothers is a nice start I think Jos A Banks works well too. they run amazing sales on their signature collection it runs around 700-800 and if you catch the sale you can end up getting 3 for that price plus alts.
Yes I would ditch the frist shirt it is far too casual to pull off with that suit coat, the color is ok but the pattern is far to busy. I do like the teal shirt or whatever it is that one seems to work nicely.
well if you are not wearing them that often I would go with something in a solid. since you do not have many suits you do not need to complicate things by getting something that is an off color or has a heavy pattern in it. a medium tan would work best you can wear it more late spring to wearly fall which gives you more use of it and many options for shirt and tie combos to wear with it.
The shoulders look ok to me but the sleeves are extreemly short.
it appearns to be a black tie with a slight harrinbone pattern of sorts. I have seen this before with cheap clip on rental but not as nice as this one which is freestyle and of much higher quality. i would assume that macy's would carry this item as well.
I would have to agree and say the grey one.
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