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Well the pants are deffinately too long, the sleeves look a bit long as well but it is hard to tell without a dress shirt on to compare them.
This is not something I trust myself with considering the quality of my shirts, but when I have them done I know it is usualy from the side seams.
it is a fine color for ties and other accesories maybe even a shirt when moren casualy, there is no use for a turquoise jacket outside of the mid 80's here unless you have been cast as the lead in miami vice the musical.
if you have a fabric steamer that works well, I have also heard that the steam from a show can help but I have never tried that before.
I was never a big fan of knit ties, the blue stripe is sort of decent but I hate how they square off at the end, if they were pointed like a tradional necktie it would be diffrent, to me they look more like scarfs.
I think he meant best, it is clearly a typo.
Not in love with the pattern it seems a bit dated to me with wide lapels and everything but it dose fit you rather nicely.
The regualr for sure, you can tell be cuping your fingers, the tips should touch the bottom of the jacket, if not it is too short and I can tell from here the 38 short is far to short for you to be able to do this. Whoever on here voted aginst me surely must not have been paying attention.
depends on how badly it is ribbed but I would never wear something that was damaged visably in any way so I have to say yes.
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