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Polyester is an ungodly fabric to use for any reason and that alone should have you walking away from this.
I would be excited too, I have not come to find such service from BB's in my past experiences so this is great that they have treated you much better then I.
I think two button is the way to go, you do nto see many one button coats and i'm sure that is not by accident.
aeglus seems the be the best fitted to me.
I would defffinately go with the AS vs the others.
It looks slightly big in the cuff of the shirt but it seems to fit well otherwise.
The first pair are nice and I actually have something similar myself but I can't say I am a big fan of the other two.
They are a high quality but not so easy to maintain. they are easy to crease and do not resist to wrnkles well but are a great fabric and the buttons are nice.
the sleeves area touch long which is causign a bit of wrinkles but the rest seems to fit ok. It could also do with a good steaming.
Not that I find this style collar very appealing but I believe it is a tab collar with a rounded end.
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