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Black tie optionla means formal wear, yes it is perfectly fine to do the black tie.
The sleeves are far too long and need shortened quite a bit. The body of the jacket is also a bit big, I would have the sides taken in some.
HAs to be black but a dark brown could work as a 2nd option.
It is not bad, but could be worse. I would say it dose work here but there are certainly better options to go with here.
I think it works the tie deffinately matches the suit and there are some small elements of the color of the shirt in that tie pattern.
it is meant to look this way, it is good that your collar stays up.
I have this aftershave and cologne set from BB that is just love. It has a nice scent to it and really helps moisturize the exposed pores of my face.
the jacket seems to fit fine to me but the pants do see a bit long.
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