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Polyester is a cheap fabric and not the best for good quality mens clothing.
It is my understanding that a sleeve can be lenghtened to the maximum of 1in but if you need that much taken out , there is a possability that you are in the wrong size to begin with.
They are a more casual type of pant so in that sense it would work but they wrinkle very easily and for me one should not have to go to such lenghts to keep a garment looking fresh especially if it is casual wear.
This is a picture of me from the 4th of july looking very patriotic. 
You could try having them dyed but I think you would be better off to just sell them.
It reminds me of somethig gene rayburn would have worn on match game, the coloring and style or it seems a bit dated and it is so loud I do not know much it could worn with that would look good.
I will agree with you that their quality is top notch but this is not a print I would ever wear.
absolutely must have a cuff.
Well it is not a bad shirt but very loud. I would wear it is a more casual piece open neck with a suit or something. You might be able to do a solid black or black with similat colored stripes in it but even then that is pushing it.
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