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they are not bad but bowties draw enough attention to themself as is, I would not want to draw even more attention then I already am. 'm sure there are guys who would love this look.
Way too big, the shoulders are huge and the sleeves are too long.
it is borderline short but I work on you.
that depends on weither or not they are pleated. rule of thumb is a cuff with pleats plain with flat front.
I usualy just fold mine and keep them in a drawer, I do not want to strech them by hanging them.
The fit is a bit blousy, looks like it might be a size too big.
do not listen to this, I think you look great here. t-shirts with suits are a not proper you can experiment with diffrent color shirts and ties I think you have a great style going and it is a very refreshing thing to see in someone so young.
I use the tide cold water it is great for my wrinkle free clothing.
Suit wise I am a 42R 36W, shirt I am 15.5 34, shoes I am a 10D.
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