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I would say it is not too formal to be worn in a bisnuess environment. With the right shirt and tie it could work very nicely in an office setting.
The pants fit decently, I would suggest having them pegged in around the thight, the vest is nicely fitted also the coat is nicely fitted but I might shorten the sleeves a bit.
The pants are a bit baggy and I would have them shortened slightly, it seems to fit well otherwise.
The fit seems ok to me, It dose need a good pressing for sure and don't forgtet the always sometimes never rule when it comes to buttoning the jacket.
I think it looks like a great fit especialy in the sleeves.
well this is a very familiar topic to me, I went through the very same thing not so long ago and still am actually. I have started dressing much more smartly and putting more effort into what I wear and how I present myself. One thing I will tell you is to take things one step at a time or you will feel overwhelmed by this. I started out by getting nicer shirts and a few suits and nice slacks at first then focusing on shoes and ties and other accesories.
I mostly use brass stays since they are more firm and hold up better then the plastic ones. I get mine from Jos A Banks or Brooks Brothers when they run half off or buy one get one sales. It is also important to remember to take them out when having your shirts laundered.
The jacket and pants are deffinatly to big here and needs many alts to fix this. I would have the sleeves shorted on the jacket and also have the waist of the coat taken in. The pants need to be shortened some as well as the waist of the slacks brought in a bit. It also seems a bit big to me in the shoulders but that is only somethng that can be fixed by going down a size in the coat.
I agree, all of my suit slacks have buttons on the back pockets. That would help tremendously.
The only thing you want to make sure is that the jacket appears to be seperate from the rest of the ensemble. Most of my coats are in 2B not DB but I think they can look just fine on other men when done right.
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