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from a fasion standpoint this is no good, but your job as the groomsmen is to be respectful of the grooms wishes. It is kind of a damned if you do damned if you don't situation.
The shoulders seem fine to me, perhaps it looks diffrent in person but I think they lay nicely on you.
I think not, this is a serious post.
i'm not seeing any bulging in the front, it seems like an overall good fit to me.
I would go with the black silk but please stay away from the skinny tie look, it is not appropriate for formalwear.
I would say the 3nd pair looks best on you.
I have seen postings for style forum meet ups. I would interested sometime to meet with other suited men from here since I am much younger and still kind of new at this it is a very exciting feeling that I might experience other suited men. If there is anyone else in the area that would love to meet up that would be most exciting.
Looks like a basic rain slicker to me nothing entirely fancy about it.
I used one in my school days but mine was more like a manbag or briefcase with a strap but I wore it on the side one shoulder not as a backpack.
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