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between the buttons and the styling of the coat I would say yes. it is very late 80/early 90's. Reminds me of something a college professor would have worn around this time.
I have no use for them as I go for the bowtie, but I think they look just fine on other men and do not see a problem with it.
I too love waistcoats and wear 3pc suits daily for work and such. I love them because they make me look slimer and provide the perfect viechle for showing off my beautiful watch and chain. teh only downside is that is hides my braces but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.
You can also button a jacket without wearing a tie but remember that you never button the bottom button. I do not find it acceptable to wear a tie with short sleeves unless you are going for the computer nerd look. The socks should be concruent with you over all ensemble. I try to match mine to my suit, but I have seen some wear funky colors and patterns to match a tie or something which is also acceptable. A sport coat can be worn with jeans as a more dress casual look,...
It is deffinately too short and the width of the lapels in conjuncture to your body type is off. I would say you need a logn vs short which this coat appears to be, pants seem ok though.
well it would help to draw the knot of the tie up further, also making sure you are allowing your shirts room to breathe while hanging up in the closet.
This is quite common of my jackets as well.
YOu must get a white shirt, I am surprised you do not already own one. That is like the classic staple of mens clothing.
A good general rule of thumb is to go no lower then 1/2 inch below th ebelly button, I strive for this daily and find that braces are good for helping this to be so.
The sleeves deffinately need to be lenghtend quite a bit, but it seems to fit well otherwise.
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