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Looks like you need some collar stays.
It might work as a more casual piece with jeans or something but I am not loving it personaly.
Any flat fronted trouser I say eh, but they are normaly plain bottoms and pleated pants are cuffed.
Having the shirt laundered would help with the fit some, I think it is very close and this will fix any problems with fit.
The jacket seriously needs to be pressed but overall is a decent fit.
The shirt is not bad, but I would go with a diffrent tie something less bold in the pattern a siimple solid or mild stripe would work well. the shoes would be better if the were some shades darker.
If you have a fabric steamer that would work best, I am in love with mine and use it all the time.
The only way to achieve this is to alter from the shoulder but this can become timely and costly.
I think this is rediculous, the skinny tie is just a fad but a regular witdh tie will always be a mainstaple in mens fashion. What happens when the skinny tie thing goes out again and you are left with nothing but a altered shell of former greatness.
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