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I would do either a plain color shirt or s simple stripe pattern, you can't wear a tie like that with a shirt that has too much pattern in it or the whole look becomes busy.
I have a jewlery box the one for storing rings but I use it for mycunks.
It is a nice jacket but it dose seem a bit big on you.
Not exactly, I see them as more of a casual shirt, I mostly wear them when I am not going to have on a tie or with a sweater vest or something.
The jacket is a bit short, your finger tips should come cloe to the ends of it. otherwise it is a fine coat and seems to fit well everywhere else.
Mine I only wear in and out and for important meetings, I usualy keep it on my chair when working. I do not want to wrinkle it by wearing it while I sit at my desk and work.
Navy pinstripe all the way.
I try to match my overcoats to my suits I have a black and a charcoal and a tan that I wear accordingly based on the outfit I am wearing that day.
It is a bold look for sure and not in a good way.
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