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No, not at all. I would not feel right if I did not menion this to someone and would be upset if this was me and it went unsaid. It might be embarassing for the party in question for a few minutes but not at all inapropriate.
Bravo! I wish more young men cared as much about their presentation as you seem to, it is sickning to see the way some of them dress these days.
Well mine has to be the signature and travelers collection from Jos A Banks. the quality is top notch with out the top notch prices, when you can catch them on sale anyway. It is very low matenence and easily washable no need to send them to be cleaned. the hold upover the day keeing free from wrinkles and and over time as well. I have several shirt 5 years and older that are still in fine shape.
I see no problem so long at the shirt is not a darker shade then the pants. like doing a darker purple with a lt tan shade or someting to that effect.
I always look for the twist anything below 120's will not do for me. I also look for the cut and ft of the trouses as well.
First of all congrats on the weight loss, for me a shoe are about 1/2 inch in the front not too loose not too sung, on the side enough room to slip them on and off easily but so much that they are slipping off on their own.
I would only have use for about half the shoes in this collection but they are nice. Some better then other of course but not bad over all.
sounds to me like excess material in the midsection, I would try to go for slim fit shirts or have them tailored in at the waist. I usualy have to have this done to all of my dress shirts, it seems to help a lot.
I would say it's fine to wear once you have the job but not so much for the interview. I would stick with a single breasted 2 o 3B suit noting too fancy.
Well I will say it is well made, but I do not care for that material for a tie.
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