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It looks like they have some stuff that might be worth getting. Has anyone here dealt with them and know if they are legit.
I would agree with the above post. Considering that most of the American public is content with Old Navy I would hold Structure (Express) to a higer standered then that of which you seem to want to give it. They make comfotable, quality, clothing for casual attire. Lord knows we don't need to dress in our best on the weekend.
All I can recomend is in this months GQ thney have a section on the hottest summer suits that will keep you looking and feeling cool. Check it out, it's on news stands now.
The only reason I wouln't want to run them in the dry cleaner is that it might wear down the glue that attaches the insole of the shoe to the actual bottom. Nothing worse then that comming off and having to slip it back it everytime you take the shoes off.
Hello, I'm new to this forum, a refugee from the GQ board, and I wanted to start off by asking the question what do you think of Yachting shoes? I am on my second pair of Sperry's and I think that with shorts they are the best alternative to wearing sandals. Any thoughts on these "style classics"?
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