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Hi, I have a pair of Florsheim loafers size 10 EE for sale. I never wore them since they did not fit me. I bought them used from a member of this forum who was selling them because they did not fit. They are in great shape with almost no sign of wear (except the wooden sole). I am asking the price I paid for them. The price does not include shipping. I can take more pictures if you like. Thank you JF
I bought a pair of Paul online from Benxley (link: and I didn't look well enough and ended up with the Blake welted method. I received a pair of shoes that had an extremely pointed top, and I was wondering if the goodyear welted were different ie. less pointy. If there is no difference, I'll probably exchange them for a different style.
B.A Concordia University M.A Dalhousie University (current) I am still undecided as to what I want to do after my m.a. I might go for a PHD in the US, or do a certificate in finance. Law might also be an option.
Scenes like this always amazes me. They happen everyday in every city. The cause of the argument can change, but the results are usually the same. And in every cases it seems that no one step up to help the individuals being bullied. Says a lot about modern society.
pm'ed about the boots.
Hey guys, I was wondering if any members here are from Montreal (or used to live in Montreal) and knows a good tailor? I have been trying for a few months now to add a few suits to my wardrobe (I decided to go GMS as Phat Guido would say) but I havea weird body (48 ish shoulders and 36 waist) so buying something off the rack is ridiculous. Quality over quantity so I might as well ahve one done. Thanks.
hey there, long time lurker, first time poster bla bla bla. I have been looking into buying a few suits that are going to fit me well, but I'm unsure about lapel size. I searched the website for ideas but so far the jargon is still a bit complicated for me. I'm a big guy (5'11, 235 pounds, broad shoulders) and want flattering lapels. What size/shape would you recommend. thank you.
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