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I wanted to share the experience I had with Paul Fredrick's customer service. Last week after reviewing their web site I sent them an email asking about the manufacturer of their shoes so I could get an idea about the quality of them. I even included an item number as an example. My feeling is that anyone can put "quality" in the description but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are that good. Anyway, the next day I received an email back from them. It thanked...
Don't ask anyone else...it is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with. I think it was Einstein that had several sets of the same outfit. He said that way he never had to think about what he was going to wear.
I would contact AE. The right one seems to have creasing that is "normal" but that left one doesn't seem right and it is certainly making you less happy with the shoes.
The pants have a little more break than I like...but you're also a lot taller than me. And as has been said, they could use pressing. Of course if you look at the arms of the jacket it appears that they need to be pressed so maybe you'd just been in them for a while. I can't tell for sure due to the glare but are those solid black pants with a pin striped jacket? I like the length of the sleeves. I've never much cared for having the shirt sleeves hanging out below the...
I have a Ranger laptop bag from Custom Hides and have been very pleased with it.
Like others have said, report him to ebay. That is a violation of policies and would get him kicked off. I just dealt with a seller (zikster_ii) this last week who after the auction ended sent me an invoice that included sales tax. Now I live in Oregon and we don't have sales tax so I sent him a message letting him know that and asking them to revise the invoice appropriately. They responded back saying that while they don't like paying taxes either but they have to...
Odd, I bought a Ranger laptop bag from them a couple of years ago. The transaction went smoothly and the bag has been fantastic. I wonder if they have had some changes with people in their office or something?
A couple of people have asked about a Custom Hide bag. I got a Ranger laptop bag from them a couple of years ago and have been very pleased with it. If people want, I can do a review of it. This is the one I got. http://www.customhide.com/ranger_laptop.html Oh, and these Narragansett ones are a good looking bag too. Great purchase guys, hope you enjoy them.
I would have to agree about the plain being far more versatile. It is easier to dress up and down.
Loafers with jeans and a polo or button up can be a great combination. The biggest thing is that you're comfortable with it. I'm currently wearing a white button down (collar buttons down) with a pair of lighter blue Lucky Brand jeans and gray/tan Antonio Maurizi lace up wing tips. Some could say the shoes are too formal but I like the combo so to heck with them. My belt is black (I don't own a belt that matches these shoes exactly) as are the socks with spots that...
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