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They are a bit bigger than what is currently considered the norm but if you like it, wear it. If it is going to bother you, get rid of it. It probably isn't worth the effort and risk for attempting to change the pads.
Are you wanting something little an attache that flips open or one that buckles/snaps closed? I have a Customhide Ranger Laptop bag that I love. I know others have gotten them from Saddleback Leather and Narragansett Leather and have been quite happy too.
I know we've spoken a little bit about this offline but just to restate, if you ask 10 people here what brands they want to see, you're going to get 10 answers. Each brand out there is going to have people singing it's praises and others trashing them. The comments on Ed Hardy was a prime example (personally, the quality of EH aside, I don't care for the imagery that he uses in his designs). The biggest questions you have to ask yourself are: 1) What types of things do...
Yes, they went back to my original email to them and got that information. And as I said, they did follow up with me directly again to give me more information. I do appreciate it when customer service makes an extra effort like that.
Go to the Style-Wizard (Wizard of Aahs) on Ebay. He should be able to hook you up with a decent tux and probably the rest of the stuff too.
I have a few shirts from them. For the price point (I've purchased mine when they've had sales) they aren't bad. I have some of the cheaper broadcloth fabrics and a couple of more expensive ones and all of them have held up well. The only issue I've seen in regards to the fabric is a tendency to wrinkle (specifically the Oxford and the Egyptian broadcloth). The fit has been decent on the shirts. I have short arms and they've fit very through the shoulders and arms. ...
You are absolutely correct, they are not required to disclose anything they don't want to. Nor am I required to purchase anything from them if I do not get the information I am looking for. That is the nature of a capitalistic system. I would like to note that not only have they replied here but they have followed up with message back directly to me. They do appear to be making more of an attempt to give me the information that I requested.
Aj_del, It is wanting to know what all you are getting. If you went to an electronics store you would want to know who manufactured the TV you are looking at. It is the same type of thing. There is a big difference in quality between some brands. If the customer service rep who responded to me originally had given me the information the other poster from the store did, then that would have been it and I wouldn't have said a thing. I would have had the information I...
Aside from the regular stuff with the pants, how do the shoulders/arms feel? Do you think they are restrictive or are you able to move. The sleeves appear to be a bit short and I don't know if they could be lengthened. And for myself, I would look at wearing a different dress shirt. That collar seem really high to me.
I wanted to share the experience I had with Paul Fredrick's customer service. Last week after reviewing their web site I sent them an email asking about the manufacturer of their shoes so I could get an idea about the quality of them. I even included an item number as an example. My feeling is that anyone can put "quality" in the description but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are that good. Anyway, the next day I received an email back from them. It thanked...
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