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Would there be any question about telling someone if it was the plastic size sticker on the leg of a pair of jeans? Probably not. I don't really see the difference here. It is supposed to be taken off so tell him. However, as has been mentioned, there are good and bad ways of telling him. If you call him out in front of others, that is rude and will not make you any friends. But if you take him aside and just let him know that they are normally removed it should be...
For your size (which I'm not too far off of) I would stay away from double breasted. Go with a simple 2 button or even a 3 button suit. These will give you a longer look without overdoing it and looking funny like a 4 button would. For now I would keep to solid colors or pinstripes and stay away from chalkstripes (thick stripes) or patterns. It isn't that you can't wear them eventually but get more comfortable wearing suits before you do. As mentioned before, find...
I work tech which is notoriously casual so I get grief all the time at work for wearing suits and sport coats.
Excellent interview. It like seeing an American company that is successful building a quality product especially in these tough economic times. Hopefully more business leaders will take notice.
I would have to agree with Geoffmartin. Some people could be insulted by an offer that low and could respond accordingly. To prevent the possibility of a public blow up, I would recommend making offers (low or otherwise) using the Private Message function to the seller.
Would it be possible to see a pic of the lining/tags? Thanks.
To me some scratches are just part of the normal wear on watches, much like the creases on the front part of a shoe. The only time I could see it being an issue would be on a formal occassion where you are wearing a tux or dinner jacket. In those cases you would want everything polished but traditionalists would say that you shouldn't be wearing a wrist watch then anyway. If the crystal is really scratched that might be a problem because it may make it more difficult to...
Is it possible to get pics of the shoes?
Platinum is a good alternative to white gold in that it is a little stronger and since it is pure instead of being an alloy, you are less likely to develop reactions to it. Titanium, Tungsten, and stainless steel are all good option especially if you do much work with tools and heavy equipment. Tungsten is hard to cut but as has been mentioned, it is brittle (it is basically iron). So in an emergency they would probably have to put it on a hard surface and hit it with a...
When it is tucked in, how well can you move your arms? You should have pretty much a full range of movement. If not, you'll want to increase the upper chest/shoulders a little bit.
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