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With it being winter, AE Bayfield in burnished brown can be a good choice. I got mine from Lands End with a 40% off deal. They might not show on the web site but they do have them.
The last pen I bought was made by a guy I know locally. His name is Heath Brandenburg. He has a web site for them but I don't remember what it is off the top of my head. His google account has some pics of his work. I believe he sells them for $180 or so. https://plus.google.com/117774284537823693603/posts
Warning, do not buy from this person. I made him an offer that he accepted and promptly sent him the agreed upon amount. He never shipped the boots.
I have a pair of Bayfields in brown and love them. I got them from Lands End for $210 when they had a 40% sale. In fact I just called them last week when they were running another 40% sale because I wanted to get a pair in black but they don't carry the black, only the brown.
I know the feeling. Since starting here I've gone from Florsheim, Calvin Klien, and Cole Haan to Allen Edmonds, Loake, and Vass.
Crane's, can you post some current pics so we can see how they've held up with your use?
From what I've read on this thread, the OP was not the aggressor but was doing his own thing when someone else, drunk or otherwise, attacked him. It might not have escalated to a physical confrontation but it was an unprovoked attack nonetheless. He has every right to not be happy about the situation. It is also human nature to make judgements based on what you see in front of you. After all, didn't this start due to the other person doing just that to the OP? The mark...
They are $325 at www.onthefly.com. That is of course for the normal leather. I believe the Shell Cordovan is over $700.
I don't think Obama is killing the tie anymore than JFK killed the hat. They are just a reflection of their time, that's all. In general people are wearing a tie less, myself included. Unless I have a meeting or something I leave it off. As for being bland and neutral in his dressing, I don't think that is any different than most politicians or business leaders. They might wear suits but that doesn't mean they have any particular interest in how they dress. Since...
In general, no. At work I do get bemused expressions at times though. I work tech and for most of my coworkers "dressed up" involves putting a collared shirt on or pants instead of shorts. Nice shoes, slacks, and a sport coat (or a suit) are fairly unheard of but I wear them most days. Some of the folks that don't know me think I work in sales...which we don't have in this office. It doesn't bother me. I don't wear what I do to impress them or try and get ahead. I...
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