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I have a wool Derek Rose robe and love it.
I don't have any Alden shell to compare even though I do have a pair of Allen Edmonds shell. I do have a couple of other pairs of Aldens however. For me, the 2 brands are similar in quality but the Aldens do tend to fit big so I need to size down.
I think you will find that both are going to have their fans as well as those that aren't big on them. From what I've seen, both put out a decent product (in general). If you like the looks of one better, that is the one you should choose.
As most people said, you did fine even if not the best "value". You are happy with it and that is what truly matters. I think most people here will agree that if you are at all inclined to buck the trend of the slovenly dressed American male, stick around and read the forums for a while before making any other big purchases. It will help you know what to look for, how much to spend, and how it should fit. After that, find yourself a good local tailor who you trust. ...
TPowers,Have you contact the shop about this? If you aren't satisfied, that is generally the first step. If you haven't, it is tough for them to make it right.
He knows that...which is why he freely admits he's going to hell.
As Maegnus said, it really does boil down to personal preference as well as what the tie wants to do naturally.I know some people are so pro-dimple that they will try and shout any other opinions down but that doesn't make it true. In fact I'm of the opinion if you put too much effort focused on whether or not your tie is dimpled, you need some new hobbies.
It might be possible to move the buttons. Take it into a tailor and see what they say. I would be careful about making changes due to weight gain however. If you buckle down and lose the weight, then the jacket won't fit again. For me, I would just use it as a reason to buckle down and get the weight back off.
Sorry Dshin but that just takes people to a list of their own items (if they have any).
Well, I guess the first thing to do is step back and talk about Style versus Fashion. Fashion is thrust upon us by designers and labels. It changes often because they want to keep selling new products. Fashion generally doesn't take into account different body types, work needs, or anything else other than the ever changing whims of the industry. Fashion items, regardless of brand, will tend not to be as well made due to there not being a need. I mean why spend the...
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