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Received my first trouser order from Luxire yesterday, with several details wrong. Fit is exact, details off. With proper attention for the customer's wishes, Luxire would offer the best price-quality deal online. I've sent an email, we'll see how this goes.
Bump for thread subscription.
Just out of interest, does someone have a link to that old rubber versus leather sole thread? If Saint Crispins made the MTO pair with wrong soles, I trust they at least gave a discount?
jerry, you lucky man, you. The pair even has a sexy back -- not a common sight with boots.
An interesting design, bengal! Wear them in health! As for the innards, have you any special take on the shank, insole or materials?
Done and done, the old video is now back on Keikari. I inquired from Baker's about their oak bark leather soles a few weeks ago. I was interested in buying a few units for re-solings and my own tests, this is what I received: 'Further to your email of 19th February, we do supply cut soles. Our minimum order is £500 ex tannery. We assure you of our best attention. Yours, Andrew Parr' As for pricing: 'BEST GENTS CUT HALF SOLES 8/8 ½ iron 9/9 ½ iron 10/11 iron Size 9...
Many thanks for the tip, DW. The PB interview video, I found it online and shared the link with the text. They haven't been in contact with me. If PB has removed it from their site, it's gone from Keikari, too. I have around three dozen interviews in queue for the site, and around a dozen still waiting for replies. Some renowned, suprising and familiar names included.
Thanks for the links and info. I swear, one of these days I'm going to set up the meta thread.
That Regent jacket took me by surprise. I haven't see cuts or lapels like this from the maker before, perhaps they've decided to follow the times.
Whut? StC uses machines on their outsoles? I really wish there was a meta shoe thread on SF, with detailed info on make and materials.
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