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Meh...Norvegese and Goyser stitching look so much better when done in a 360-fashion.
kashiwa, if you're looking for the most authentic, true Norwegians, you will have to buy them from Norway. Aurlandskoen still makes them, I don't know about the quality, though. Their models have strong, beefy rolls. http://www.mamut.net/aurlandskoenno/shop/
Great pair, rikod! G&G never stop amazing me or topping themselves with each new pair.
It's the same model from the same maker. Lock's doesn't have metal eyelets and this gives them so much cleaner look.
superfluous, along with opera pumps balmoral boots are just about the most timeless piece of footwear one can get. A medallion will look off to the many purists on SF, a kind of effected modernization of sorts.
Well, this Dandy Wellington fellow is a singer. His style is more akin to performance wear than regular tailored clothing and his inspiration from 30's and 40's big band leaders is clear.
Ah, great to read I'm not the only sorry bugger who sees that particular brogue medallion as phallic. C&J may have tried a butterfly or something, but I do wish the end-result was different.
Nick, does G&G offer a true black stingray option? Those shiny nibs do make these pairs look a bit too flashy.
Yes, yes, we've reached a new level in shoe porn.
Norvegese welt and commando soles with a chiseled toe?
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