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Hum...there's something awry with the bot post. I can only see a creepy sartorial image instead of the choicest topics of SF .
These new Aurum/regular line with Aurum detail shoes have some sexy waists and heelcups. Antonio makes some beautiful shoes, through and through.
EFV, used socks are a gay perversion, I first found this icky thing on eBay when searching for NEW Pantherellas. Evidently the ones with the most dirt, gunk and holes are most wanted, and there really are sites and forums to be found if smelly socks is your thing. If you'll say yes, I will hold a pair against you.
Ed has more patience than I for detailed SF posts, he put it so much better than that blind, terse shot of mine. So...thank you. No one will be shot for wearing grain with a suit but smooth leathers will always look more formal, that is, if this is something the dresser was after. Usually I just remain silent when I've nothing positive or interesting to add but there are times when grumpiness sets in.
Alright, I'm open for flogging but someone must write this: I cannot stand large grain leather in the same dressy pair with smooth, plain leather. Smooth ones are for business, grainy ones for rus in urbe and leisure. Something like "Russian leather" or willow calf is just about fine, but these shrunken calfskins and such... The stomach does grumble.
Choose the pads over trees, they will make the pair much more comfortable and there's plenty of trees with a better shape for the pads to be found.
I'm finally going through The Sartorialist's whole archive and it's been a true treasure trove within the first fifteen minutes. Bespoke high boots for that special old man style with a twist:
Oh, wow, Justin's site really is one of the online gems for us shoe nerds. I had forgotten about that excellent markup post from 2011, thanks for this.
CrackedCrab, you seem to have the problem as I with the F-last, the instep really is higher-than-usually. A tongue pad will make those great shoes much more comfortable, though Vass's shoe trees won't fit well after that.
agedashidofu, no one will see those marks when you're wearing the pair. There is no such thing as 100% perfect dye and shade shell cordovan. Keep them, wear them well and don't make up a problem from natural variation.
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