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JPHardy, that is one singular pair! Wear them in health! As an aside, I really wonder where Vass would be without SF or similar sites with info on lasts and ordering. The firm isn't too active with this info themselves. I guess it all boils down to love for their product: Vass offers the best combination of materials, lasts and make on the market. If anyone knows of another shoemaker with similar pairs for 400 euros, I'm interested.
^Aye, I've been cringing at the sight of the site for a long time now. It could be so much more.
You're in luck: the manic shoefan Claymoor has visited Vass's backrooms and posted some snaps of their goods in the making.Just scroll down this page:http://claymoor.blogspot.fi/search?q=vass
reidrothchild, if you're looking to get something hand-welted, but 'reasonably priced', Meermin seems to offer a lot of shoe at their prices. They have several videos of their making on Vimeo. Then again, Meermin attaches its outer soles with Goodyear machines. They do have Norvegese pairs, too. It would make for an interesting read if someone deconstructed a pair from Meermin's Linea Maestro line, having a look at what's really inside.
Many thanks, gents. I penned a review on their pair a few days ago. While the finishing and materials are wonderful, the last is what makes them tick. EG's 202 is a round toe masterpiece, one of the finest available on the market.
Many thanks, Farhad. The pair is from EG's current collection, their latest brochure is available on Issuu's website.
^I may have a contact for you. He has an inside man in Austro-Hungarian shoemaking, offering truly handmade shoes. Send me a PM and I'll give you the details. We'll see how this gemming text develops, I may have to spend a bit more time on finding proper sources.
I've compared socks from dozens of makers during the last seven years. At this moment, two have risen above all others: Pantherella and Bresciani. I've yet to decide who has the better product. I haven't used Brescianis for longer than a few months now, but my oldest Pantherellas are alive and kicking after three years of regular wear. We'll see how B's offering fair, P's are already Keikari-approved.
Cross-posting from the spectator porn thread: EG Malvern III in chestnut calf and khaki cotton canvas, last 202. [[SPOILER]]
Cross-posting from the spectator porn thread: EG Malvern III in chestnut calf and khaki cotton canvas, last 202. [[SPOILER]]
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