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I've owned a pair of Dinkelackers once. Their lasts are ugly, roomy blobs, but this is just part of the maker's ethos. They make them once -- and they make them last. All is done by hand with Hungarian methods. They really do last a fallout winter. Even in Sweden. This webstore has a bit more info in English: www.menshoes.de
These Behemoths just came up via Panta's email list: handmade in Hungary by Heinrich Dinkelacker. Triple oak bark leather soles, Horween shell cordovan uppers, built to last a fallout. Also for non-preppers.
Damn, someone's going to make a decent heap of bucks with that Cartier wallet. Selling now would be great, but after a decade or two it must at least double its value. There's always a collector or two around the world.
Thank you for sharing, PSG!
Happy to help, here is the fabric in snowy Finnish sunlight: From afar is looks like plain light blue, up-close it's a different animal. It's this one on Luxire's site: http://luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/sky-blue-summer-chambray I was surprised how strong the weave is, it really does not stretch at all, and yet is open enough to let air flow freely. I'll be writing about the weave soon on my site.
Today I received Luxire's chambray shirt, my first made of this fabric. I picked the summer weight one, with no non-iron treatment. Everyone should have one: chambray is smooth, very strong, with an interesting, cool, loose weave. Highly recommended.
I broke my Wang today. I was pulling KW cufflinks on and one of the pair just snapped, the link came right off the base. These were just a few months old, with little wear. Let's see if the firm's lifetime guarantee holds up.
RogerP, those are funky! I lack the balls to wear something as wild, but I'm glad to see you rocking. Wear them in health.
Charlie, I'll be adding a post about your oak bark belts on Keikari soon. I'll send you the link once done. They have the most wonderful smell.
Roguls, is that a special makeup? Gezza, I've said this many times before, but here it goes again: Carmina's balmoral boot is the most beutiful RTW type on the market.
New Posts  All Forums: