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New grey quilt jacket from the Scottish legend, made with wool instead of sweaty polyester. Not quite flannel but looks like flannel from afar. Size marking 38 with shorter sleeves, but wide cut means will fit nicely only on a size 40. Made in Scotland, light blue lining, metal snap buttons, two front pockets, two back vents with snap buttons, dark grey corduroy under the collar. Outer fabric wool, lining and filling polyester. Measured with these...
Brand new handmade quilted black peccary leather gloves, received as samples from Paularun. Handmade in Peru from peccary leather with alpaca lining. No size marking but my estimate is size 11, only suitable for the heavy-handed man. Quilted peccary gloves are rare, do grab a bargain. I ship worldwide and will take care of VAT for any shipment outside EU. Exact measurements: girth on palm 24 cm, thumb piece length 12 cm, first digit length 9½ cm, middle finger length...
A navy blue suit from the legendary double-X. Inside tag reads Lake Forest, size 43. In excellent condition apart from trouser pocket edge, which is torn (see photos). One vent, half-lined, full canvas, horn buttons, flat front trousers, plenty of seam allowance all around. Handmade in Chicago for Mauss&Hoffmann. Fabric is thin but sturdy wool with a rougher hand. Not some flimsy thin excuse foor wool. I ship worldwide and will take care of VAT for any shipment...
NOS Invertêre Coatwrights mid-brown cashmere coat with raglan sleeves. Size marking 38, but cut is very loose and will fit a size 40 much better. Material 100% cashmere wool, gorgeous light-catching cloth. Made in England. Completely soft shoulders. Condition superb, the only signs of wear are four pinhead-sized marks on right sleeve (please see pictures). Two jetted front pockets, raglan sleeves, back slit has a button. Has one large and one small inside pocket. Collar...
Any updates from Cordings' old customers -- how's the quality these days?
Bestetti has quickly become one of my favourites, what with all those strong curves, vibrant colours, clean lines and elegant proportions of his -- and I'm talking about shoes, of course. Mad talent, top-notch RTW -- better watch out, G&G.
Back in the day, Edwin Clapp made some excellent shoes. For SF's viewing pleasure: hand lasted vintage long wing spectators in dark brown grain calf and white buckskin(?) with round-but-chiseled toe, linen vamp lining, protruding heelcup, tight welt, contrast leather piping, plenty of toe spring, slim leather soles as well as beveled waist. I'm sure part of Clapp's success was due to that indescribable sense of proportions. [[SPOILER]]
Guys...you need to see these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Vintage-Stetson-Mens-Dress-Shoes-1910s-20s-Rare/131123000430?_trksid=p2045573.c100034.m2102&_trkparms=aid%3D555012%26algo%3DPW.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20635%26meid%3D5175507958428452187%26pid%3D100034%26prg%3D9200%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D121279145080
I cannot wait to get my hands on this: WWII brown officer's pea coat from 23 oz doeskin wool, handmade in USA, separate throat latch, poppable collar, original buttons, patch pockets -- and so much more. I paid $96 -- including shipping to Finland.
Whut, no more love for emerald corduroy? I tip my virtual hat for the shade any day.
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