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How can Kamakura offer so much shirt for such small prices? Does anyone know how much Japanese factory seamstresses get paid a month?
Damn those Wang squares look swell. I wonder, was it Herm├Ęs who first offered large-scale print silk squares for men?
I was browsing the Hober site for some nice polka dots but the selection is small indeed. Any chance for more dots in the future?
All of these Wangs look nice, but how's the leather held up?
Staffer, I found the photo from Carmina's Facebook page. There they share completed pairs from time to time.
Straight from the horse's ass: Carmina austerity full brogues with some nice gimp action for all of us shoe pervs:
Going through this threed, I am suddenly reminded by this classic, timeless art piece:
Any Hungarian shoemaker worth their salt can sell you one. They cost around 20 euros minus taxes plus shipping. Most of these are handmade in Romania so they're not really your average shoe trees.
prurient, if I may make a suggestion: beige shoe laces would give better contrast than black ones on those sturdy boots of yours. This because the welt is of natural colour. I always use laces with the same colour as the welt for this contrast.
Dirnelli, I'm curious: what's a tailor gotta do in France to receive the Ordre National du Merite medal?
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