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nutcracker, you really ought to have your own site for all this info. SF is fine and dandy, but this thread may just get lost among the thousands already posted.
Yes, all of these are in Helsinki, close to the center. Stockmann is actually held as the center spot of the center.
Thank you for sharing, UBR!
...well, now, it seems Lapo Elkann has finally sobered up and changed his name. Jolly good of him.
If you're mainly looking for a bike shoe, the sole should be made from a hard rubber mix, Dainite or Commando, for better traction and distribution of force. After all, specialized bike shoes all have hard soles. For models: penny loafers, suede bucks, camp moccs. Not many available with Dainite or Commando soles, though.
I only wear an undershirt in winter for the extra layer. I feel there's no need for the thing: deodorant stains come off with proper gunks, sheer shirtings are easily avoided, I want to feel the collar shirt fabric entirely.
This Shanghai model nears pure ugliness in such a way that it crosses over to humour. I hate it with vengeance, but hey, that's Prada for you.
For more or less tailored apparel I would suggest these: -Stockmann, a large department store -Solo For Men, a large, specialized selection -Fere, a small high-end store with the finest makers -Vaatturiliike Sauma, a tailoring store with an interesting selection of Italian makers -E.R. Wahlman, a specialized hat store All of these have websites with more or less info in english. For additional info: http://dresslikea.com/tagged/helsinki/chrono Do let me know if I can...
Plenty of great info in this thread. I'm expecting this one to become the thread to end all other threads on French tailoring. Many thanks to all who share their time for contributions.
^Some eccentric selections there. Leave it to Leaves to take the road less travelled.
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