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Great, thanks for the quick replies. I find this sizing info odd. Weston states on its website that the signature loafer's last has gone through around 200 versions. One would think all that trouble would lead to something else than abnormally large and confusing sizing. French eccentricity indeed.
Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I couldn't find an answer from any Weston thread on SF. How does the 'iconic' Weston penny loafer fit, true-to-size or something else entirely?
Up for grabs: a NWOT paisley Drakes handkerchief in wool-silk mix. Please note: this one resides in Finland, but I ship worldwide (tracking icluded) at buyer's expense and will take care of VAT for orders outside EU. Material 70% wool, 30% silk. Made in Italy. Measures about 40x40 cm. Similar accessories retail for 60£ on Drakes' webstore, I'm asking $60 + shipping for this one. More pictures:
The only shell cordovan briefcase I've seen is that odd model on BB's Peal series. Since shells are not too large, a proper shell briefcase would have the seams be part of the style. Most likely it would be far too shiny and eye-catching when buffed-up, but simply gorgeous with a suitable matte finish. Vass sure handles their shell, they'd make a mean case with it.
pabloj, I find double leather soles a better choice with Norvegese, but not as thick as what Tricker's and Alden offer. I asked Pepe to make a slimmer version for this up-and-coming pair. meister, I could have gone with a pink lining...
I find Norvegese stitching as aesthetically pleasing as a well-made buttonhole, but far too many Italian makers add to their Norvegese pairs more flair than the doctor orders. The stitches should be the main focus, not something gaudy to go with a medallion, overt patina work, huge shoelaces and an exaggerated pointy last all in the same pair. With less-is-more as a guideline, I placed an order with Meermin. Today Pepe sent this picture of the unfinished pair, which will...
Up for grabs: one light-purple E.G. Cappelli tie, with seven-fold make and a 9cm width. Thick and made from smooth, crispy silk. Slip-stitches and fine handwork throughout. Please note: this tie reside in Finland, but I ship worldwide (tracking icluded) at buyer's expense and will take care of VAT for orders outside EU. Shipping to USA will be around $8 for one tie. Material 100% silk, handmade by Neapolitan extra virgin hands in pale Italian moonlight. Currently...
mymil, I've seen my fair share of balmoral boots. This Carmina model, along with EG's similar one, is my all-time favourite. Wear them in good health!
While we're sidetracking with talk of polishes, how long would you all estimate an opened polish to last in useable condition?
Great contributions as always, nutcracker. Apparently higher heels and hidden elevator pads are common in Japan?
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