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NWT pure white Emma Willis Sea Island cotton dress shirt. Has been tried on and washed once, in as-new condition. Please note: the shirt resides in Finland, but I ship worldwide (tracking included) at buyer's expense and will take care of VAT for orders outside EU. Shipping inside EU will cost $15 for one shirt, shipping to America will be $20. All payments with Paypal. All measurements have been taken with these...
The first season was just great. At first I thought the series was just another zombie splatter, then I sat a little longer and that scene came up. The man who saved Rick is pointing a rifle at his afflicted wife, tears in his eyes and full of left-loathing. He wants to end her misery and yet can't manage to squeeze the trigger. Ever since that episode I've been wondering where he and his son ended up. I'm sad to see how the series has evolved since the first season, but...
Everything from Sade calms me down. What's more, the group's albums work well for romantic moments, too.
eddiecibrian, how did your search end?
Thank you for sharing, UBR! Signore B. seems like the most cordial of fellows. I'm reminded of a quote of his: 'Any time I see a man playing golf or tennis in his jacket, I know he and I could be friends.'
I've been toying with the same idea for quite a while now. I will certainly have one made as peak lapels please my eye like nothing else. Just because this model isn't seen or offered widely does not mean it's a bastard. If you're still pondering, have a another look at Phineas Cole's offerings. They are a bit extreme, yes, but proof that peaks can be applied widely.
I fell victim to this unpleasant decision from N&L. I ordered an odd jacket as the price was right. What I ended up with was mixed fabrics, huge shoulders, low armholes and a horrible deal throughout. These things must be killed with fire.
I always advise against wearing them with suits. Bowties are so rare a sight with suits that the wearer will stand out. Still, this may be a good thing if you have the balls, but you'll have to equip some casutic replies in case of random comments. Bowties are much better with odd jackets, shirts or sweaters, when a tie would be too much, but an open neck too little.
These Lock jackets and suits look wonderful, they must offer a lot of clothing for the price.
Arnys was a curious beast, I find their offerings akin to Paul Smith's designs, if the man only had a firm touch on tailoring instead of streetwear. I wager some pieces will become very collectable.
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