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J., that's what I'd call a collection and a real p0rn shoot. Something tells me that toe stiffeners aren't meant to poke through the uppers like on that J. FitzPatrick pair, though.
I've one Attolini shirt with all the hand-fondled Neapolitan details, it's a very well made piece with even and tight stitches as well as some eccentric details like open sleeve gauntlets. Too bad about those fused collars and cuffs and shorter-than-usual sleeves. So close to exquisite steps of glorified craftsmanship, such a fall from grace.
...of course shoe trees are important. Without them we would be wading knee-deep in lush forests of red cedar, and leather soles don't lend themselves to these environs nicely.
Here's one: iGent as a term of description vs. insult. For me, it will always be a handy way of describing men with loose cash or too much free time discussing instakops and tailored clothing online.
Someone must own a pair of Carmina's wholecut shell cordovans -- how have they aged?
My thanks to Derek Guy for pointing me to this thread. The inner anglophile rejoices with each spot of British tweed and touch of eccentricity.
Patrick, that makes two of us. Ever since I saw some old 'roo pairs from Isshi's collection, I've wanted to give a go for this excellent, tough leather. I did some research for a Keikari post now in the archives, and I came to understand why factories have abandoned it in EU and USA. It looks like calf but lasts so much better that makers would lose money by using kangaroo. A shoe addict's choice, I'm sure.
Beautiful kicks, sdolina! We don't see Maftei pairs on SF too often, but the maker has nothing to be ashamed for.
...and you are right about the weskit. Writes Eric Musgrave: "The suit jacket was made by Scholte of London, while the trousers, with zipped fly, were tailored by Harris of New York. The matching waistcoat was made by Hawes and Curtis, as were the two pique waistcoats. Scholte made the green corduroy version. Who else but a menswear obsessive would involve three tailors on different sides of the Atlantic for an outfit?"
Here it is, that DoW's MacDonald Lord of the Isles tartan suit with jacket by Scholte, trousers by H. Harris and cord vest by Hawes&Curtis.
New Posts  All Forums: