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While we're chatting Tuczek, I'd like to mention that I've gathered dozens of photos as well. They can be found from my site's archives with the obvious search term.
What a difference a hole makes! Such fine work from Minussi. http://www.minussi.com
I wager they'd be called Swedes.
Handmade by hands - Marquess samples and toe shapes.
ˆYour easiest bet would be to measure your best-fitting outerwear jacket and compare those to the ones listed by some online seller.
R.O. Thornhill, since your location is London and your hole is of the lucida style, I will say Chittleborough&Morgan.
Wonka, why is he a legend -- for designing the Arnys "Rive Gauche" look or for something else? Mind you, there's little info about French makers on Styleforum outside this thread, and I'm curious.
Come on, T4phage, you are writing from the cover of a nickname -- you could reveal the maker's name without repercussions. By doing so, you would help the SF shoe nerd community favour those who don't cut corners while advertising "handmade" or "highest quality" stuff.
...on another note, here is a wonderful and thorough presentation of many suit makers, their specialisations and differences from PG: http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2014/04/17/pgs-recommendations-the-2014-ready-to-wear-suits-edition/ I wonder if any member on SF has tried them all. Well, most haven't, and this is why it's so helpful to pool our experiences and discuss. Apologies if the link has been shared already in this message chain.
ˆWhy were you so star-struck?
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