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...I had to have a look and, yes, the pitchforks remain poised: http://thelondonlounge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11210& http://thelondonlounge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10968& The Emperor may have new clothes but the people have spoken.
Roubi L'Roubi wears Roubi L'Roubi for Roubi L'Roubi by H. Huntsman (of the Savile Row Huntsmans):
Is this Cantonese Alan is speaking? I can't really say I've been much to the Far East, but it doesn't sound like Mandarin to my ears. I like the sounds I hear.
^^Some tongue pads might prove useful as eyelets laced tightly together often lead to deep marks on the uppers. Boot socks is another option.
Luxire, it would have already spared you plenty of trouble if your website had a section about the factory, workforce policies and some photos of the premises. This way we faceless and nameless of the Internet could have a look instead of heckling and arguing in this thread or others. A great website is the first serious step in life.
Agreed, these new ads are, to quote John Bull, fucking ridiculous.
katastrofa, those sure are nice. When did you visit Poland or are you living there already?
Please note that Ascot shoes' prices are higher than what Vass charges for direct orders. If you order by email from Vass, their pairs start at around 400 euros. With the pound as strong as ever, you'll make a bargain by avoiding Ascot. Then again, you could order from Ascot just to gauge your best size and then return the pair. These are my savvy two cents (or pence).
Papperskatt, you will have much better luck on The Fedora Lounge's forum. Vintage boot heel shapes are an acquired taste, TFL caters to such needs well.
I had a look at this new maker's site a few months ago and liked what I saw. Didn't pull the trigger, though, as I've so many pairs already.
New Posts  All Forums: