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ˆYou are right, I forgot to add the bit about the last. There are several details that affect the formality of a shoe and, let's face it, most of the people we meet either won't care about very nice shoes or will simply think that we have very nice shoes. "The Rules" have mostly been forgotten or scrapped...but then again, we are on Styleforum and this is the 4th dimension. Well, I can only carp, grouse and hope that no very nice Norwegian pair (whether black or brown or...
I believe the pegs are used to attach the leather heel stacks to each other, finished off with the last one that's nailed down and left as the outer layer. At least this is what I've seen done in videos and it sure beats using just glue for the job.
Well, brown grain leather with a split toe and Norwegian model is as country as it gets. These were historically worn on the British countryside for much longer than in the city, where they crept in somewhere after the 1920s. At least this is what my reference books tell me. Now, it's debatable whether the golden "rules" apply today...but a dark, smooth leather oxford is much more city by all accounts. These are what most of the big city boys wear today. Anyhow, this pair...
...now that Anthony Cleverley was mentioned, here's a few pairs made by the man's shop: http://metmuseum.org/search-results?ft=cleverley http://centipede.web.fc2.com/vmacleverley.html
chogall, they could never be called that as we are not part of Scandinavia. Not Russians either, for that matter, so we're forced to remain unique. Humble as well.
CanadaCal, several of those models are already on the new Vass website: http://vass-shoes.com/en/collection ...and you can have most anything made to order if they OK it. As an example, I had straight-tip balmoral boots made even though it's a model not listed on the site or brochures. I just searched online for examples of their previous pairs and there it was. Alright, I will email Mr Kuti and ask about the photo set.
...I have not, but the nickname Dirnelli favours them -- and he knows quite a lot about the finer things in clothes. Minussi has a price list on their site and more commission examples on their FB account. They seem very, very skilled.
andrel42, you're welcome. The kit has more than 100 photos but I wanted to be selective with them. If you'd like, I can ask Vass if they've meant the kit for PR contacts only or if they'd like to share them with everyone.
Luvwine, you could try putting Lexol on your new, good-looking kicks. That gunk will soften leather and likely it would greatly help with braking these (in).
I received dozens of press photos (most of which I hadn't seen before) directly from Vass for a new post, but I liked this tool porn shot the most so I'm sharing it here.
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