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Actually I have an interview with Templeman coming up as soon as he has some time to complete my list. I wager you'll find some nice info from the up-coming text, and some great photos as well.
Well, there is this new guy, Nicholas Templeman:http://www.nicholastempleman.com...but I've no info on his background.Then there's Carré-Ducker:http://carreducker.com...but they don't have that prestige history and heritage some of us like.Nicholas Cooper is cheaper:http://stampshoes.com...but if I recall, he has less handwork.I'm sure there's a handful of others as well with websites.
Two-breasted jackets were much more common back in the days. Old clothes illustrations, which we style nerds do love, show that they were made in all cloths, cuts, and colours -- yet at some point they mostly disappeared. Not counting navy blazers, how many double-breasted SCs can you count on the streets of the biggest cities? Not too many is the answer. Now, I don't much care for the affected sprezz of Lino Ieluzzi's stile, but he's one of those rare men who don 2-b SCs...
Oh, I had forgotten about this old thread. There's several hundred interviews on the site today, and I feel a thousand would be nice. The problem with them is to find the right people, preferably the ones who have something to say as these are written pieces. Billax is a true American, I'm glad he had the time to take part.
posez, yes, I forgot about dark blue shoes before. It's closer to black than oxblood or dark brown -- if you find the right blue shade, of course. As for styles, a wholecut would be clean, understated, and swell...but I cannot say no to Vass's Old English either. Galosh models are too rarely seen, and have a nice straight line. So clean but far from boring. Patina leathers would have some surface interest, a mottled black would avoid the dark bore of regular black. God I...
posez, your best bet would a very dark burgundy or dark brown shuu as these colours look nearly black (but more interesting than pure black) in artificial lighting. With the help of a layer or two from black polish, the shade could be easily adjusted to meet your professional needs. Well, then there's black suede as well, it seems to be more popular in the Far East at the moment. It's matte black.
Sassetti has made shuus for Ralph Lauren, I believe the Purple Label's made in Italy pairs are from the factory. I have a pair of city mountaineering boots from SS for RLPL, and they are very well made, the leather is good stuff as well. I'd still prefer stronger lines and curves on Sassetti's lasts, though.
I've been doing spring maintenance for all my shuus the last few weeks, one or two a day or so, and I've also had a look at the leathers.For me, a quality calf leather:- has a smooth and clean surface (no veins, stretch marks, snags and such)- shows the follicles clearly- has a great shine even before polish- quickly returns to its original shape after being bent- does not crease deeply- develops patina instead of cracking as years go by- is easy to shine- won't lose...
I believe GION makes the Vass bags in Hungary, and here is their similar model: http://gion.hu/en/briefcases/product/59/ I've been interested in their offerings for a while now, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. How's the leather, make, and details?
The one and only Daisuke Yamashita just visited the St. C. workshop and shared some shots and lines on Facebook. It's in Japanese, but the Bing service on FB is fairly OK with translations. Yamashita-san's website has more pics from 10 years ago when he first visited. It's great to see the true Romanian talent behind these shoes that rock our world and feet. I hope they're treated and paid well as they do deserve...
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