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^^Baby got back < 3
I'll grant this to Gianni: the business concept was excellent and someone with a conscience will make a wad of cash by copying the idea. I mentioned Southern Italy because I have an interest in Italian culture, and the South is furbo country. If someone can get away with fooling another and does it with style, the one playing shenanigans has furbo. It's a compliment. Gianni has furbo.
The balmoral boot is the most formal boot a man can own and wear. This formality is ruined with wide welts, coloured laces or thick stitching. The end result is, like you noticed, Frankensteinish.
...so Styleforum has been duped by Southern Italian shenanigans?
Evidently I've been spending too much time on Styleforum. I can tell: last night I had a dream where I polished burgundy G&G cap toe boots with dark brown paste. I don't own such a pair, but perhaps nomen is an omen. The madness!
I like most of this stuff I see from The House of Eidos. There are twists, yes, but nothing as garish as those made by Sciamàt.
JezeC, looks like New Peter to my eyes. Funny how we offer three interpretations. You'd best email Vass about the pair, they should know.
...here's the thing: does anything separate Wildsmith shoes from Alfred Sargent pairs apart from designs? They're made in the same factory and by the same people, after all.
PCK1, there's perhaps no need for cutting up a very good shoe. Claymoor's List, a favourite shuu blog of mine, visited the Vass workshop last year and published closer to a hundred photos. Some of them show pairs in the making, with holdfasts, inner stitchings, guts, gore and all. Like Jesper previously wrote: they are not fancy shoes as the welt stitching is sparse, a bit off and the welts are wide, but for the money no other maker I know can beat Vass. That's the thing...
...then perhaps you shouldn't reveal their names at all to anyone. If a maker decides to end its business with you because their name leaked, you can only blame yourself.
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