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After X amount of time and Y amount of shoes, there's only so much a man can find use for -- and this is why I haven't bought new pairs for a while. I've never tried pumps so it was only a matter of time and pairs before something they were welcome.Edward Green for RLPL: calfskin opera pumps (or court shoes) with regimental stripe grosgrain silk bows, dark purple leather lining, last 100, squared round toe, black grosgrain piping, and cemented tiny leather soles. [[SPOILER]]
That's my favourite style from Buday so far, Ed. Are these made on the Fraknó last?
dieworkwear, I took a screen cap from you wonderfully #menswear-y post before you change your mind and erase it in a very #menswear-y way. There's something truly special in exchanging insults online.
The keyboard is mightier than the sword!
patrickBOOTH, I used to suffer from the same irritating tidbit, but I managed to find a way for removing water spots on shell cordovan. Simply lift the shoe under your mouth, breath out deep, and bull the spot with a metal spoon. The warmth and moisture from your breath will affect the oils and tallow, and the pressure from the spoon will do the rest. Most spots will diminish and disappear easily. It will look and feel weird, but hey, this is Styleforum!
Right, my bad, I remembered Butler being in the less-than-173cm league which I define as the European short.
Those "baller" boot toes remind me of oversize clown shoes. With a bit of toning or filing down they'd serve well with denim and such, but I guess this isn't the maker's intent.
I guess this is the golden chest drape cut: No creases, no bulging cloth, no loose space -- just some nice fabric and canvas that arch above the chest like a sail in wind.
Well, if you're sure about this take on the matter, don't tell it to Butler. You'll have to call him ridiculous.Still, I agree that gauntlet cuffs or trouser cuffs best suit the tall. We usually have legs or hands that look disproportionate to our short torsos, so cuffs of both kinds are a great help.
Alright, my point is moot then and you win an argument on teh Internet. Do you feel better than before? I just feel if I'd only known what I do today before I would have bought shoes with a more traditional structure and make. Similarly, I would have spent my euros better and would also have supported makers with more integrity towards teh traditions of shoemaking. When a "classic" shoe costs over a thousand euros or dollars in my mind it should also have the inner...
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