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I've now asked Reszö about that brown oxford that you fell in love with. I'll update the info here once I've his answer. On another note, how could we even enjoy shoes before there was museum calf? All shoes seem to look better with this manna from out patron saint, St Crispin, bestowed from the heavens to our feet. All hail museum leathers!
mortgagebank, you can always ask for no lining whatsoever. I only have mine lined to mid-thigh length as I've come to realise that trouser linings really are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Another option still is to ask a zipper lining so you can add it once the C or F drops down, and remove it for spring and so on. Options like these win me over for customised apparel.
So, Jubei, what will you pair yours with? I'm having difficulties as this sculpted last is a dressy one but the large-scale grain is a country leather.
Oh, I've one: Luxire began as a RTW shirt business like you mentioned in your interview before. When and why did you decide to venture off to full custom service, even though it takes much more time and effort than MTM templates and readymade clothes? I'm sure you've made quite a few guys very happy by offering this route.
A few members asked for photos of my melton trousers. I've been meaning to write a post about custom details for trous for a while now, so I'll add some photos to my site within a week. I'll leave word here once done.
...that LAST magazine reminds me: could someone please explain this Japanese habit of dropping English words into otherwise native texts?
These are inbound: blue museum calf Norwegian New Peter boots with natural welt and white stitching atop Dainite soles. They are my very first blue shoes and I guess green will be the next high in this never-ending shoephilia. Edit: wrong photo, d'oh.
Clapeyron, you do see thtat the buttonholes are irregular in shape and size, right? Not all handwork is worth the trouble, not all handwork is beautiful. Hopefully their sewers will improve in time, this seems to be the Ethos in the owner's mind.
SeamasterLux, you know you're one lucky fellow, right?
I was reading through Farid Chenoune's grand book for my own book project, and C. mentions that DoW was among the first men to wear unstructured tweed jackets in the '30s. Trouble is, he shares no reference for this. Might anyone know who could have made such soft tailoring for the Duke, and why he abandoned Scholte's strong shoulders for an unstructured one?
New Posts  All Forums: