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Poor hide matching is...poor : (
How do I love shell cordovan? Let me count the ways Thy smooth surface Thy oily shine Thy tough, durable hide Thy warm, sturdy skin Thy ripples wild Thy wax and tallow that bring light
Here's a topic I've been pondering of late: could it be that G&G really are the most influential and talented men's smart shoe makers of our day? Would we see such gems as spade soles, fiddleback waists, Deco-inspired designs or bespoke-grade uppers on the RTW market without them?
CrackedCrab, you definitely should add tongue pads to both shuus -- the two parts shouldn't meet when laced. Arahat, gorgeous boots through and through!
...and here I thought I'd seen most shuu styles already! That U-longwing is an excellent design.
Thelonius, imagine more. Shoefan's pair has a sculpted, petite and form-fitting last that makes for one dressy pair. Suits and slacks will compliment them much better.
Sorry, Jubei; lasts as petite as G&G's really would need trimmer cuffs -- 20 cm girth max. Otherwise the pairs become swamped under cloth.
I like Beckham. He's been smart enough to use British tailors and shoemakers for his own clothes instead of relying on fashion houses, whose wares he touts on ads. Sure, there's always something off or worth improving, but the man is still among the better celeb dressers out there. He's usually understated, in dark or serene colours and he does not flaunt.
Fascinating boots -- and to think that there was a time when Vass offered no museum hides!
ezlau, here is the link to the maker's online price list with MTM and special leather surcharges: http://rozsnyaishoes.com/images/arlista2012.pdf Stefan88, you'll find some info about the hide from the leather merchant link I added before. For techical stuff, eg. protein structure, density, porosity, you'll have to contact the merchant. meister, that's the nubuck effect -- subtle and softened. The unsanded grain looks much more gnarled. I still haven't tried elephant,...
New Posts  All Forums: