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...just send them an email and let them know you'd like to receive their MTM measuring advice. It includes a photo guide that shows where you'll need to measure your feet as well as video instructions. If you plan to wear X with thicker socks, remember to mention this. It's best to measure in the evening as feet have a way of swelling during the day. Any abnormalities like corns, bunions and hammer toes are essential info for the shoemakers. I took some photos of my feet...
No issues with make or leathers so far. Comparing R., V. and H.D. in make is not very fruitful: I've owned shoes from each and all are well-made, artisanal and built to last. The main point is to find a last that pleases your eyes and feet.
Me not amused with Saphir sons. He take a piss at teh Internets and not in funny but derpy way. It very very in poor style.
...so then, anyone attending that samle sale? I could do with a pair but cannot travel.
Everything about the Deco shuus is gorgeous except the last. I'm sad to note that the thing is just too damn pointy to look timeless, dressy, smart, classic, elegant, yadayadayada. Tony and Dean sought inspiration from the '20s onwards but there is irony in that the toes of the time were mostly bulldog or biscuit ones, both of which are best described as fat. They wouldn't sell these days.
Oh, Antonio really is the man. Even the test shoes have more oomph than most RTW pairs I've seen.
Odd I/O, if you read my first message again, you will see that I own no such pair. It was a dream or a nightmare, but I do look forward to a pair of MTO Thorpes in the Autumn. Pics to follow in time.
^^Baby got back < 3
I'll grant this to Gianni: the business concept was excellent and someone with a conscience will make a wad of cash by copying the idea. I mentioned Southern Italy because I have an interest in Italian culture, and the South is furbo country. If someone can get away with fooling another and does it with style, the one playing shenanigans has furbo. It's a compliment. Gianni has furbo.
The balmoral boot is the most formal boot a man can own and wear. This formality is ruined with wide welts, coloured laces or thick stitching. The end result is, like you noticed, Frankensteinish.
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