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...not that any of Styleforum's addicted long-time readers need any assurance, but this auction's photos show prototype Ralph Lauren shoes with the factory's original sample stickers. The Italian maker is Silvano Sassetti. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PROTOTYPE-2015-Ralph-Lauren-Purple-Label-Suede-Chukka-Boot-Shoe-9-Sassetti-NEW-/381551794060?hash=item58d642578c:g:i64AAOSwu4BVyS96
You're funny! Only 2 pairs without a significant flaw? Come on, son! This is 50% of the pairs you bought, and Linea Maestro is supposed to be the highest quality that Meermin offers. Based on the many photos I've seen and the pairs I've handled, the quality control in their factory is clearly run by incompetent folks.
Oh, Oxxford is nice, so underrated despite their carefully constructed canvas and sewing. One of the few makers who have narrower shoulders: most size 38 jackets have shoulders of 18 or 18.5 inches, but Oxx has 17.5 and this makes all the difference.
Up for your grabs is a NIB Kent hairbrush, their finest men's model made in England. Oval shape, palm-sized, made from beech and satin wood with genuine bristles. I ship worldwide at buyer's expense. Length 12.5 cm, width 7 cm. Similar hairbrushes retail for 165 pounds in the UK: https://www.executive-shaving.co.uk/product.cfm/product_ID/4598 Any questions, just send a message. I'm asking for 160 dollars plus + shipping.
ˆYou know you could just try to wear these with tongue pads, right?
Many of Vincci's jackets were tailored by Blasi and they are fully hand-sewn with full canvas construction. True deals to be found, you know.
...and let us not forget that Voxsartoria likely commissioned 50% of Steed creations headed to America before SF or LL jumped in.
ˆThank you! I didn't remember the name of this factory, it may just be the first of its kind in Japan.
A simple question: why does Carmina use dark purple linings often? Is this colour somehow part of the family heraldry or neck of the woods?
ˆThis is C&J, that medallion is only used by them...
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