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...while we're rooting for him, I might as well add that I consider Shoji the most talented shoemaker in Japan, though judging from photos alone. His are not the aggressive, hyperbolised or loud shoes, but Marquess makes lasts and finishing bar none. You don't have to shout to be heard, you know.
RoSaCe, you are the darling bud of all InternetGentlemen with a sense of humour. Great to see you on SF as well!
...if these aren't gone yet, someone should definitely grab them all. This is a great favour from chog.
...and let's not forget that shell cordovan is a very expensive material. I'm sure all smart shoemaker shops won't let trainees or younger makers sew aprons as the material costs may turn hefty if something is torn or pierced, and the pair must be re-made. Just for reference, I feel Bontoni's makers have the most skill in hand-sewing aprons among all RTW factories: https://instagram.com/p/z5BZ9Gl5dh/ These are the golden standard to me. Vass is rough, but their...
Amar, at least that large wrinkle above your shoulder blades should be fixed. If you add photos of your clothes on some style forum, there will be blood critique as well.
I have two MTM pairs from modern water buffalo hides. Both have a lovely grain but you can't really see it looking down while wearing them. I'd say the leather type is somewhat tougher than calf, but looks like plain ol' calfskin from afar. One pair hardly shows creases, the other has somewhat deeper-than-usual ones. I wish water buffalo would be used my more shoe factories, it's lively and durable stuff, not even expensive like crocogator or shell cordovan. cigarMan, if...
...well, what's the point of making clothes by hand if they are not made more carefully than machine-made ones? Mind you, I own the same Vass boot model with different details -- and sloppy stitches would have bothered me greatly. Please don't call Vass Goodyear-welted. They are hand-welted and -sewn, the difference is essential and sets them apart from most shoes made today.
The trouble with Vass is that their handwork is at times sloppy, at times clean, especially with hand-sewn aprons and welts. It's like a gamble sometimes and I wish they'd have consistency in this regard as the uppers are already so clean.Just take another look at this green pair's stitches and you'll see what I mean. Sure, people on the street won't notice or even care, but we do -- and finishing is one way to rank makers.
Interesting! St. Crispin's didn't always make such chiseled, poised, neatly finished, and customised shoes they offer today. Have a look here for more: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hand-Made-Super-Posh-Saint-Crispins-Natural-Mid-Brown-Oxfords-Size-10-1-2-/131544531530?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1ea0aa424a
No, no, I thought you'd recognise my camera and backdrop settings by now. Both are mostly poor. These John Blobs look short and fat, even though the last was reportedly made by Jonathan Lobb, which is why I decided to share them with these belligerent adjectives. Well. and to keep this thriid alive. These have that nice, clean finish and make, but it's the Lobb Ltd. lasts that keep letting me down. Mind you, I've owned a pair from Cleverley and JLL. G&G, Lobb Paris,...
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