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ˆ...and The Salva responded in the review's comment section -- if anyone is interested.
Instagram is not very friendly with linking direct images, but here's a link to a recent suit from the MET -- lots of belly on that lapel. https://www.instagram.com/p/BCGsjQzO30d
ˆThat is certainly great for the craft, but cordwainers have to eat, live in some place, pay the bills, maybe raise a kid or two, have a vacation. All things we take for granted, and demand for, in the Nordics at least. Some years ago I interviewed Chihiro Yamaguchi, the main man from Guild of Crafts, and he mentioned that work does give him lots of stress. There really is a reason for the word 過労死, Karōshi, in the Japanese language. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karōshi
Zapasman, it's a great sign that you've remained curious. As long as you keep asking why, you can only learn and improve. You can download a few great shoemaking books for free here: http://thehcc.org/library.htm As far as I know, this 559-page magnum opus has only been published in German, but it has hundreds of photos for your viewing...
Jesper, I meant the whole ordeal: measuring, lastmaking, try-on pairs, final pair, finishing, all. 100 hours seems too much for what they charge -- I just hope the company pays its workforce enough to live on and save up with.
mw, I guess you are now part of the SF big-timers...or will discounts annul this badge of honour? Anyhow, the medallion seems to float far off the toe edge, but that's just what the buyer wanted. I'm sending you a PM with a pointer.
Stefan, have you ever asked Shoji how many hours he and his crew spend on an average pair? This may explain why they look so neat all over.
All depends on the shade: if very dark blue, they will look very much like black -- if very light, maybe they'll go with summer slacks.
...as June Swann was mentioned, I must recommend her historical book called (who'da guessed it?) Shoes. It's simply the best damn well-researched book about the history of shoemaking and of several shoe models we still wear in Western cultures. Plenty of photos to boot.
ˆYou are right, I forgot to add the bit about the last. There are several details that affect the formality of a shoe and, let's face it, most of the people we meet either won't care about very nice shoes or will simply think that we have very nice shoes. "The Rules" have mostly been forgotten or scrapped...but then again, we are on Styleforum and this is the 4th dimension. Well, I can only carp, grouse and hope that no very nice Norwegian pair (whether black or brown or...
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