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...and now for something completely different: Alden is known for its triple-strength steel shanks. Would you say their shoes are more comfortable than others after a day of heavy walking?
^Tweed and shell in Australia? I didn't know Melbourne offered suitable climes for the duo.
Here's one of my all-time favourite 2-breast shots: ...because this aggressive cut suits Miles's eccentric persona so well. Not many men can wear a 2x1 without looking derpish -- and just look at all those patches and single button sleeves!
I see we have the mods in this here thread now, so someone has pushed someone's buttons...and then the flag button. I'm sure we can all agree that, based on photos alone, this pair is great work for the first truly handmade shoes the student has ever made. 7EEE is a difficult hobbit size and I'd never would have thought the pair has such proportions without DW's mention of this. The last is fine given the feet it must hold, support and give style to.
bengal, do you mean Daniel Wegan from the House of G&G? I've been keeping my eye on him for a few years and cannot praise him enough. I trust his ailment has given him the skills to see the minute details the others won't grasp.
Thank you for the leg pressing debate and photos. I keep returning to Styleforum for lore or knowledge, and I'm never disappointed.
Men, I have received word from the artist currently known as Rezs┼Ĺ. That brown shoe you asked about before is "museum calf brown on F last." I swear I will never tire to the F-last, it's definitely among the finest RTW lasts in use today.
jerrybrowne, you are the man -- thank you.
I give no thumbs up for turnback cuffs on suits. They look affected no matter the wearer, uncle Flusser or Charlie Charles included. Turned cuffs are best on overcoats and on the man with long hands.
Yes, taking care of shuus does pay off. Why, just last week I was walking down the street, just generally minding my own business and particularly being myself, while this blue-eyed cherub of a lass yanked my arm and pointed at my footwear. I acknowledged her presence with a calm, "what?", and the girl said she had never seen such beautiful shoes as mine, and asked if I would be so kind as to ravish her and rid her of the shackles of virginity. Well, this was very kind of...
New Posts  All Forums: