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lexmann, with GoC's prices, using machines would just be naughty. If memory serves, nutcracker mentioned that they are the most expensive Japanese cordwainer shop.
Rory, you should first upload the example photos to your blog and then add the photo links on SF with [img]here be url[/img]. It's more convenient to use.
PeterL, those shuus are indeed from Vass. I'm not a fan of the bulging vamp seams so I want to recommend the good ol' Norwegian model from Alden instead. Theirs is a clean, nice and tight hand-sewn seam.
Here's a recrafting fairytale come true from Guild of Crafts, complete with sound effects to boot! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iy2tKdIhLA
Isshi, yes I did and found Bick to be excellent stuff. I try and learn from the best!
Damn these curves look good, and I'm talking St. Crispin's good here. Shoes from Naples might just become the next odd thing on SF.
Isshi, Bick 4 will do nicely on crocs and other exotics. Apply, wait, buff, go.
bourbonbasted, if you're among these guys who take a shoe polishing evening one a month, it will do no harm also to treat your croc shoes with cream. Otherwise once every four months could do the trick, just to be sure the pair won't dry up. It dries regardless of wear. Somehow I can picture Lapo Elkann wearing those naughty Dunhill hiking boots with just about anything. Navy chalk stripe flannel would be just fine and dandy.
...just for posterity, I have copied the price list added to George Frazier's The Art of Wearing Clothes, which was published in 1960. The prices reflect what "the best" American and British tailors charged for their time and patience back in the days, though I don't have buying power info of the 1960s dollar at hand. [[SPOILER]]
One of my all-time favourite shoe porn shots: a 7-eyelet vintage spade sole spectator pair with natural welt and white stitching.
New Posts  All Forums: