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CROM, that's a superb find on any thrift store. Be sure to treat them to Venetian Cream, the stuff that Horween espouses. How much does Lattanzi charge for their shell pairs with Norvegese welts in the States? Close to five thousand?
^Allow me to refresh those old critiques: I've never liked lengthened Norwegian aprons, they're much too flashy and make any vamp look disproportionately tiny. Coupled with a sculpted last, these form a shoe that's too flashy for suit wear and too dressy for jeans and such. Like the pair wouldn't know what it's trying to be. Still, I'm torn between St. C. and Bontoni on the finest, tightest apron sewers. Both are exceptional.
DanM, you should send a PM to SF member IsshinRyu101. He will know the right date for your rare pair.
Are you sure? $900 for a pair of shell Budays from Panta is around 660 euros and this will get hit by VAT and customs duties once a pair arrives in EU. Shuus like these directly from Hungary should be around 600€ + shipping.Still, your pair looks clean, stitches tight, shell smooth and nice'n'oily. They should serve well for the next, oh, thirty years or so. Ain't no place like Hungary for great shoes for great prices.
In Russia, the crocodile skin wears your manly feet.
^That texture. Yum. Enjoy your turt...crocodile!
Dear mods, please ban this user who pours the shortcomings of his life into trolling on Styleforum. He has naught to offer and into naught he should retreat.
I remember seeing more acid jackets from Lilly Pulitzer previously in this thread. What's the lore behind the store?
mimo, all in good time. I will share the shots in our very own, very fine shoe p0rn thread. I trust hippo will prove to be...something else.
...and do remember to take advantage of those shoe shine machines in hotel lobbies everywhere. Even if you'll shun the machine creams, that third rotating brush for finishing is just about the best thing for all leather types. Today's pair: Lattanzi's Norvegese-welted penny loafers with hourglass stitch, made from Horween's cordovan.
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