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luxire, could you at some point also offer large Tattersall checks? The best examples of these very British fabrics I've seen in Cordings' selection, but theirs is a huge fit. I won't be buying from them anymore, but I haven't found a new proper maker yet.
aloys, any shoe pair will only last as long as the materials last. This will also require proper care from you. Good shoes are made from great materials, but at your price range choices are few. Allen-Edmonds makes decent pairs which can be founds on sale often enough, but their pairs lack shanks altogether. I find this
Last year I found two Duckie Brown models in shell cordovan for a great price. What I received was poor: lasting had left bubbles on the uppers, smell was pungent, finishing saddening. This whole series is such terrible waste of great cordovan.
...gotta love the snark that abounds on SF.
Some months ago I gave suspenders a go and haven't looked back since. Much more comfortable than stiff, suffocating belts. Loopless waistbands have clear lines, cuffs both give eyes something to look at and help the fabric drape better. These are details too few makers offer in RTW.
Big A, I'm sure velvet slippers would work in the proper setting. An evening of romping comes to mind, if you're not against the threat of something sticky dropping on the pair. Booze and such.
FlyingMonkey, a few months ago I spent plenty of time comparing the choices available for detachable collar shirts. The best deal I found was from T.M. Lewin. The cut was slimmer than average, collar had enough heft, fabric was smooth, price was (back then) four for £100. The collar size didn't match, I ended up sending them back. The one I tried from Darcy Clothing was terrible, fabric and finishing poor. Now the best option seems to be an online MTM shirtmaker Luxire,...
tobiasj, there is no simple answer. All collars will look different unbuttoned, depending on stiffness, material and whether they have something to lean on, like a sweater neckband or jacket collar.
Cross-posting from the Meermin thread:Meermin MTO Norvegese: three-eyelet wholecut in burgundy naturcalf, Hiro last, vanity sole initials, double leather sole, purple lining, flush steel toe guards, natural-coloured welt, light brown stitching.The uppers have stretch marks right above the toes, Pepe informed me these are only on the surface finish. He said they should vanish with some hair blower treatment, the leather should then absorb the finishing. I've yet to try...
Empire Mirage, I have one Rubinacci zig-zag tie from Exquisite Trimmings. The width is indeed 5 cm and slim, but this isn't an issue if you wear it under a jacket or a sweater.
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