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Talk about shoe damage to PR...Bespoke shoes scandal claims scalp of Hollande aide! Paris (AFP) - A close advisor to Francois Hollande resigned on Friday after allegations about a conflict of interest and his extravagant lifestyle dealt a fresh blow to the beleaguered French president. In a statement to AFP, senior political advisor Aquilino Morelle, 51, said he was stepping down but denied any wrongdoing in a scandal that has put the spotlight on his collection of 30...
I once owned Alden's PTBs made on Barrie last. It is by far the most blob-like, shapeless and ugly last used by any decent factory out there.
...and just like that the little bundle got his or her first WAYWT post! Congratulations, you style addict, you!
Here's a little something one of my talented readers has drawn. I'm confident you will know this guy.
DWFII, a recent chukka pair I received raised some questions. It has no lining but instead the upper is one very thick piece of calf where the flesh side forms suede and the grain side is smooth leather. Are shoes like this stronger than those that have two thin cuts joined together for upper and lining?
I'm glad that Hugo sent me a message some weeks ago because I feel Oxxford should be known by more Europeans. As far as I know, it's not offered outside America but the quality is there. I do wish they'd have neater buttonholes and higher gorges, but these can be had through the factory's MTM service. I've never handled suits from other makers with lapels that roll so sharply back when bent out of their pressed state. It really is best seen instead of read about. Trouble...
At first I tried to be witty, but failing to find a nice, snarky rhyme for Verre, I must concur that the damage does look stupid -- and it's stupid because the maker used a ticket book seam on the one piece that's always under stress. Maximum stupidity.
@wurger -- excess is just enough?
Latest pair in a series of steps in Hungarian shoecraft: a MTM austerity oxford in orange-brown Italian buffalo leather with round but chiseled toe, natural welt with white stitching, dark purple lining, flush steel toe guards and single oak bark leather soles with beveled waist. [[SPOILER]]
Here be an old interview with Riccardo: http://uptowndandy.blogspot.fi/2014/01/an-interview-with-riccardo-bestetti.html
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