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^I've never seen that brogue medallion from Herring before. A quick glance had me mistake these as G&Gs. They look great.
'I suppose, in a certain sense, all porn is by definition spectator porn.' ~manton Source: http://www.styleforum.net/t/73202/spectator-porn/0_100
ashjini, the fabric is very difficult to iron and will not stretch at all, but it is lightweight and very smooth. I've been doubting whether it's true chambray, though, as all other examples of chambray shirts have a denim-like appearance. This one is closer to a dressy shirt fabric. Perhaps Luxire has categorized the fabric as chambray in error, this happened once when I ordered a pique shirt, but received a basketweave instead. The fabric had been put in the wrong...
Whut? I thought trade in ST skins, even on vintage pairs, is monitored and prohibited.
This thread is where it's at. Over the years I have learned so much from Isshi, bengal-stripe and D.W. that I wish SF would have actual rewards for the most helpful members. I'd rather read the most inane posts from these three than go through the mindless treacle that oozes on most (insert brand) appreciation threads. I visit Styleforum in order to learn and share, not for the snark or one-upmanship of conspicuous instakops. There are shoes and there are Footwear, just as...
Every chap with enough cash to pile can arm himself with a warehouse full of JLPs, EGs or GGs until he is B/R. Vintage pairs are a different game entirely. The last hundred years has met with the fall of hundreds of makers, whose gems cannot be commissioned or bought in-store. This is why I feel collectors like Isshinryu are crucial: they preserve, value and inform fellow shoe nerds about the the days and shoes of yore. These are the true rough diamonds, waiting to be...
I have a long neck and a penchant for vintage-inspired point collars. My request was for 5cm back height with 10 cm point length and 8½ cm spread along with a Turnbull&Asser-like swoop from the neck to the points. Here is Luxire's interpretation of my collar request. I'm quite happy with it. Unfused, but stiff, I call this model The Ville Collar.
bengal-stripe, have you any info on when and where that pinched toe was born? I've only ever seen examples of this eccentric shape on Corthay's pairs and now this Japanese chap's offerings.
Many thanks for the translation, nutty! Marquess is my favourite among these makers you've shared so far.
jerrybrowne, here's hoping yours will not crack! Does Cleverley offer any guarantee as to the material's longevity?
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