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fkl118, did you take part in this test a few year ago? I'm wondering how the Paularun leather will hold up.
My bad, I meant Vil, not Rui. I wonder where they've come up with these last names.
An interestings find. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
Slewfoot, thanks! I guess part of Vass's reputation is bringing Budapesters to the front again. Heinrich Dinkelacker is another maker known for the style, but their lasts are ugly and wide blobs.
The Vass Budapester last, how's the fit? True to size or something else entirely?
^^Great video, absolutely horrible background muzak.
High points to Vickermann&Stoya's last skills, those red boots look nowhere near size 50. I'm guessing SF will have a thread about them by next year, there are so many makers still left in the dark.
Herr Brun, the Rui is an extremely narrow last. Most men should size up either half or one full size. I have no pairs from Loake, but Meermin's Hiro last is very true to size and fits snugly. If you have a high instep or wide feet, none of these two will fit you.
yywwyy, I've had boots from Carmina with Rain last, the shaft fits extremely close. zielschuss hasn't tied his laces around the highest speed hooks, this is why the boots look so loose.
ncdobson, that is one beefy pair. What I love about grain leather is how creases won't show much.
New Posts  All Forums: