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books and tweed, you could always change the buttons to horny ones if the coat otherwise fits you and suits your needs. Metal buttons are always a bit showy. Spoo, mehhh...I'm not feeling that dropped, dated breast patch pocket on that true blazer. Those Chipp jackets are The Right Stuff, though.
Oh, come now, don't apologise. The average lady out there will see red (soles) and instantly think of Loubs. They've a trademark for this detail and celebs all around wear their shoes because they can be recognised as expensive, rare, designer goods. At least, that's what all women's mags tell us. We shoe nerds here on SF know that the most uppity ladies have their shoes made by Lobb&Co. and such -- with no logos on the surface. These women have no need to flaunt...
Jesper, how long did Shoji work at G&G? Do you know what areas of shoemaking he worked with? From what I've seen, he is the most talented cordwainer of our era. That is, I haven't seen finer finished pairs from any other maker out there.
Oh, there's definitely some fishy creasing going on with that black pair. They never should appear beyond the cap. Other than this, it's yet another beautiful pair from Romania. I wonder who trained their workforce about a decade ago...or if the country had talent and cordwainer schools all along.
J., I've been using Collonil's 1909 line since the jars arrived and won't be going back to Saphir as long as I can find the right shades from C. Saphir stinks like no other and I don't write this figuratively. The number one shoe addict can be found at Herrainpukimo, one Finnish clothing store, and he visited Paris to learn patina skills. The man also has more than a hundred cans of polish alone. Yes, I should visit the intriguing Shoegazing trunk...but I have some 27...
^I am suddenly reminded of mafoofan's treatment at a Herm├Ęs shop and the ever-growing SF thread that ensued. If you're willing to shrug off the ill will at one shoe store, living well will be the best revenge. Anyways, thank you for sharing some shots! Bringing something useful or new on the forum is a welcome breath of fresh typing amid all the snark and [insert brand] circle sports.
Now I wonder how big a discount Camps will give to Cromps. After all, they seem to have enough customers as it is, despite the prices, and likely there's no need for paid or subsidised advertising.
I've seen many hand-sewn vamps over the years and bontoni's is among the tightest, neatest on the market. Their cordwainers must be obsessed with the finesse and challenge of this detail.
I bought a roll of glace(d) cotton thread for hand-sewing buttons and the tag mentions that the same thread is usually used to sew leather garments or shoes. It's some damn strong stuff and looks like silk thread thanks to wax finish. Having tried it out, I will never go back to any other thread for buttons.
J., I've switched from Saphir polish to Collonil as the number one shoe addict in Finland recommended them. Collonil is cheaper, does not reek and gives at least as nice a shine as Saphir. Have you tried both so far?
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