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Gianni, the model is set apart by its tarsal strap so it needs no additional decorations. Single leather type, one colour, small broguing (if at all) would ensure that it's not too flashy.
I had a look through my style book reference library, but found no answers. Marc Guyot, for one, favours them but his is a vintage-inspired look. What's the jury's verdict on cloth-covered buttons; caddish, dated, odd, swell? Best forgotten or used sparingly?
Here be dragons Hungarian gladiators!
I'm actually glad that Herring had the courage to start their own line of footwear. While the make is by Loake, Barker, Cheaney and some Spanish factory, Herring does offer an interesting mix of regular and fancy designs. Brown calf-blue suede specs, case in point. I remember reading that they use somewhat better leathers on Herring pairs than regular factory pairs to offer something others don't. The more, the merrier.
Here's how Tony Bennett rolls and does AMAs on Reddit. Shoulder line's a bit wonky, but his fingers are reassuringly big. They've been to places.
Leaves, did you receive my email about that potential trunk show a few days ago? Do let me know.
Wrinkly skin, always an accessory gone awry. Ain't nobody got time fo dat man cleavage!
...I still feel PG should have at least mentioned the source for nutcracker's scanlations. Loaning is fine but it's only courteous to give credit where credit is due. On another note, I don't remember reading about nutty's favourite Japanese cordwainers. There's much to choose from, but do you have favourites?
A prime reason why British cordwainers are not that keen on working the horse's ass. Oh, and it's a pain to last and the bubbly waves are a bit on the conspicuous side.
...and I just noticed that PG has used Nutcracker's scanlations on their article. Did they ask for permission, nutcracker? If not, this is infringement of the naughtiest kind.
New Posts  All Forums: