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Venetian is my go-to shoe care gunk for all shell cordovan pairs. It saves me the trouble of buffing for a whole 30 minutes for that special otherwordly shell shine. I'm sure its main ingredient is tears from unborn baby kittens.
I favour Jaeger, being 185cm and 70kg. Their regular prices are around 550£ for a suit, but Jaeger's sales discounts are very favourable. The maker's basic cut, Mayfair, is definitely slim when compared to most British businesses, and their Tailored cut even more so. Jaeger has the best RTW cut for gangly men I've found so far.
Definitely looking forward to your project updates. Richard Anderson may just be more Huntsman than Huntsman, or so I've been told.
^^That saddle pair's last is pure om&nom. It looks more contoured than these JL or G&G comparisons, though fit and comfort are still unknown. Antonio has mad skills, I tell ya.
D. C., I have just emailed you. Do get back to me at your leisure.
Ohba Seiho -- mind, blown. I really ran out of superlatives.
^You are the man, Alex. Many thanks!
This tweed fabric, I've seen it before. Is this a particular style with an eccentric Scottish name?
*random bump for thread subsription as well as a list of superlatives in favour of Japanese skill*
I plan to wear my spectators, white suede brogues, mesh and canvas pairs with everything. Summer is too short up here North anyway, soaking it up is essential.
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