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I had the thin hope of Luxembourg's high GDP allowing those in the know to invest in proper clothing. It seems more must be done to educate those whose occupation calls for an Image.
I’m selling a part of my current coat collection to fund a project and make room for new ones. With a tendency for hoarding, I’ve too many at the moment. Most of these coats have either been tried on and washed once, or used gently. Details and wear are mentioned on each item’s description. Please note: the coats reside in Finland, but I ship worldwide (tracking included) at buyer's expense and will take care of VAT for orders outside EU. Shipping inside EU will cost...
Things are this bad even in Luxembourg? I've always thought that with a GDP like yours, there's bound to be some serious menswear action.
nutcracker, did you have these made for dress wear? Why the metal eyelets?
Oldie, but still golden:
I have MTM shirts from several makers. What I'd really like to see is the fabric mill's logo, the maker I will remember, but mills tend to slip my mind. Any shirt will only last so long as the fabric lasts.
So I found out that Fair Isle indeed does have at least one maker, Mati Ventrillon, who creates these legends at the isle. The selection and patterns look wonderful. Has anyone tried the webstore? http://www.fairisleknitwear.co.uk/
Has anyone else tried Razor Squares? I simply had to have this starched and pre-folded model after seeing it, stiffness be damned. It's still the most beautiful fold I've seen.
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