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I can't be the only SF member who's been searching for proper white flannel trousers for a while, hopefully my bump won't go to waste. The model is certainly rare and rarer still in competitive prices, yet Tyrwhitt, of all sources, has these on sale at 49£ at the moment. Plenty of sizes still available. http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/White-flannel-classic-fit-trouser?q=gbpdefault|flannel|TR020WHT|||||||||||||
A few months back I had this little idea, but since I want to make it seem more important, I’m going to call it a vision. I had a few pairs from László Vass, which were more than enough to convince me of the skill and finishing of the Austro-Hungarian school of shoemaking. I was sure the country housed more makers just waiting for discovery. Mind you, Vass is well-known thanks to the book 'Handmade Shoes for Men', yet I've never come across any advertisements of theirs on...
So far this one is my favourite Pitting look: Not try-hard or peacocking, yet not boring either. The tie embroidery is the X that marks the sweet spot. The whole is just enough, as it should be.
I've one word for these neckties: rarefied. The fabrics alone stand out, the finishing seals the deal.
...come on, SF mods, nutcracker should receive some virtual glory for his content. How about a promotion from senior member to the Boyer of Japanese shoe porn?
nutcracker, what venues have you visited in stingray shüüs? The leather looks like armour, I'm having difficulties picturing it in use outside of nightclubs.
jas0nt, that 'blemish' looks like nothing worse than burnishing, a readymade patina, far from a defect. Wear your pair in health with a discerning grin.
These horrid balmoral boots from Lattanzi were just sold on eBay.de for 490 euros: The link: http://www.ebay.de/itm/SILVANO-LATTANZI-Original-Herrenstiefel-braun-TOP-/171047424843?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&nma=true&si=iP%252FS%252BvvrdahVQuLPsB%252B7bsFrIgY%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
dexconstruct, that BB car coat is certainly a keeper! Well found!
If Florsheim gave birth to gunboat shoes, Dinkelacker's scions are true wetas: tough, mean and built for the post-fallout era.
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