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Whoa, Hungary must have the highest VAT anywhere. What services does the state provide with all these tax funds?
Am I the only bloke on SF who just happens to loathe that Crispin brogue medallion? It's like a poorly installed broken fountain for the Sochi olympics.
No-no, Hungary is home to other great shoemakers as well -- these are MTM by Rozsnyai Shoes.
Hungarian Budapester burliness:
That old shot is from The Sartorialist's archives, also home to the Barbera photo posted earlier on this thriid.
These will make for a rare sight! What will you wear the pair with?
Peccary leather...with character:
RogerP, heel grips would surely fill those gaps on your pair and make them as comfortable as they are smart.
Wurger, the excellent shoe blog Claymoor's List has many photos from inside the Vass workshop. While the pairs truly are handmade in the full sense, the inner welt attachment stitches and stitches visible on its surface are far from tight, this is the Vass way of speeding up the arduous process a bit. Now this is not to say they are poor, but any other cordwainer would likely insist on tight stitches for a more refined and challenging whole, something to separate the boys...
You have talent! Rarely does one see mirror polish drawn so well, and the waists are nice and tight. Claymoor's List could commission something from you.
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