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I'm not versed enough with the differences between shoe care goods to recommend one above the other. As for laces, waxed cotton has both the looks and the strength to go with everything. They can also be re-waxed for more staying power later on.
Why, the laces should be red like the sole! They'll add some nice contrast above all that whiteness. Be sure to protect the uppers with some spray and use chalk to hide dark scuffs.
Well, the hide is hippo with nice striated texture from repeated bird-pecking, soles are Vibram Eton rubber units, 360-degree welt with white goyser stitching, round toe, three blind eyelets, black calf piping, seamless back. I'll write more about them once the boots arrive and I can fondle some hippo butt. I have this strange dream to own shoes made from all leather types available. After that hippo, elefant, shagreen and kangaroo remain. Lizard was nasty so I sold those...
I've been drooling in my mind over high buckle boots since I first saw them on Boardwalk Empire: ...and a post on Die, Workwear! about a late Purdey model didn't help me either. For the moment, this project is still pending as I'm adding a pair of black suede hippopotamus chukka boots to the collection. Still, those G&G boots are, well, stupendous. That's the right word.
...judging by photos alone, those kangaroo hides look very much like calf though the leather's protein structure is just about the strongest available. They should outlast most pairs. I find those sharkskins with coarser grain much more interesting than their smooth cousins. Another underrated leather that should handle rain and winters like the jokes they are.
^Should you follow the link in my signature, you will see that I fly the banner of Rozsnyai Shoes. Still, all end prices depend on the chosen materials and features. Buffalo leathers didn't carry a premium despite the wonderful grain and texture so different from calf. The price list PDF does have the year 2012 in its name, so I'm uncertain if the numbers are still exact. Best to give a call or send an email along, their English is excellent.
Beauties through and through, meister! You're a lucky shoe addict for sure!
Kuro, have you been reading what I have been reading? I just finished Farid Chenoune's men's style history book and that The Group of Five photo was printed on one chapter. The top right suit is from Camps, I can't remember the rest.
I am suddenly reminded that I really should read that book by Beebe, The Big Spenders, already. He chronicled the gilded high life in the States before the big wars and their repercussions.
UnnamedPlayer, did your read the price list at all? You will find what you're looking for inside. You can always send a message and ask for a quote for a pair of your dreams. OzzyJones, I'm sure Europe houses many talented makers just waiting to be discovered, though language barriers and lack of interest in marketing may hold back most. Shoemaking Forum alone (on Facebook) has some 4000 members and dozens of them have potential.
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