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Oh, just my shoe-OCD playing tricks with me then.
This is a great resource thread, thank you, OP. I'll thumb you now with both of mine.
Burton, what a way to open a discussion.
Leaves, is your camera angle playing tricks with my monitor...or do all those pairs have bubbling at the sides, close to the waist?
...if this isn't lifestyle dandyism, as defined by seeing the unnecessary stylistic trouble for the process alone, then nothing is. I have a Rubinacci handkerchief, one L. Fellows print and a portrait of Brummell hanging on the wall. This shuu portrait is unnervingly inspirational. My thumb goes out to your illustrative friend.
*hush*That's some mighty nice certified alligator!
A quick question: I don't use wax on cordovan, so which shoe cream is best suited for Horween's whiskey shell cordovan? I'd like to hide a few scuffs but not lose the nice shade.
As much as Yanagimachi's prices bring a smile to a shoe fan's face, I can't help but wonder how much he is paying himself at the end of the day. He is known and talented, so the HY workshop could raise their prices already. Artists deserve what they can get.
Oh, we can start a whole new debate about glue -- animal-based natural glue vs. chemical, unnatural factory glue! I can already picture a few scenes of men ripping their beards or moustaches in agony after popping $1500 on a pair of shoes, only to learn afterwards that they didn't even get natural glue for the money. I wonder if anyone at G&G reads this thread and whether they laugh out loud at the folly of men.
Saw those G&Gs on the other thread -- it's a beautiful, beautiful last and the calf looks...edible.
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