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^Datta Phuge shows us how it's done: BBC has more on this sordid story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-22101436
Gaziano&Girling are now offering 22kt gold-enhanced crocodile skins, though the price will keep them only on the feet of the rich and the ostentatious. I'm not feeling these huge scales either. http://gazianogirling.tumblr.com/post/56235233924/something-special-but-not-for-everyone-22kt-gold
There is no need for caustic posts like this. Family businesses are different as some members attach themselves and identify with the company strongly. Heckling online won't help Mr Wildsmith to accept the loss and move past it.
Dovers always photograph well and 202 also fits this model. Wear yours in health, hoodog.
clee, have a look at the creations section here: http://www.silvanolattanzi.com/usa_uk/mondo.html
We could kickstart nutcracker's Men's Ex/Last/Leon/whathaveyou translation project. I would pitch in as Japanese style magazines seem to be all about the content and helping others, while the likes of GQ and Men's Health are filled with bits, pieces and ads shoddily disguised as articles. Then again, I can't read Kanji so I may just as wrong about these Jap mags.
With emptym's kind permission I'm setting up a thread for Keikari's extensive interview series. I'll update it with snippets and photos after adding some new profiles so casual readers can follow some more or less familiar names and faces. So far I've collected 135 tailors, cordwainers, retailers, artisans, bloggers, writers and arbiters of elegance, and hopefully I'll reach a thousand within a decade. Some background: the series began in August 2009 when I felt that style...
...as an aside: what's the Japanese pronunciation for brogues? Broggu?
The Telegraph has an interview with Wildsmith's new owners, the guys who brought us Cad&Dandy: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/festival-of-business/10219272/Cad-and-the-Dandy-tailor-made-for-our-times.html
^Heavy boots with suitings? How's the weight on these trousers you're sporting?
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