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Kuro, have you been reading what I have been reading? I just finished Farid Chenoune's men's style history book and that The Group of Five photo was printed on one chapter. The top right suit is from Camps, I can't remember the rest.
I am suddenly reminded that I really should read that book by Beebe, The Big Spenders, already. He chronicled the gilded high life in the States before the big wars and their repercussions.
UnnamedPlayer, did your read the price list at all? You will find what you're looking for inside. You can always send a message and ask for a quote for a pair of your dreams. OzzyJones, I'm sure Europe houses many talented makers just waiting to be discovered, though language barriers and lack of interest in marketing may hold back most. Shoemaking Forum alone (on Facebook) has some 4000 members and dozens of them have potential.
I've read that EG only has a few people hand-sewing these pie-crust aprons and it takes several years to reach consistent, clean seams. More likely doing this same operation hour by hour from day to day every single year will drive the craftsmen mental. Either way, I haven't seen as beautiful crusts from any other maker out there.
Jazzmenco, I've gathered photos of all Horween and Carmina's usual and rarer shell cordovan shades to a post on my site. It should give a nice idea about the differences between shades close to each other because the shade cards were photographed in the same hand.
Here is the latest price list: http://rozsnyaishoes.com/images/arlista2012.pdf ...and if memory serves, I waited for less than a month for my two pairs, delivered by a courier.
I have too much idle time in my hands, so naturally I invest a portion of this to thinking how much tried and tested knowledge Styleforum's shoe threads would have without bengal-stripe and DWFII. We'd have plenty of gut feelings and hype, but these two will only sell shoes. Not pass on knowledge.
Thank you, meister. I only asked for a beveled waist and left them free hands in the execution. I do love the wheeling and signature, which won't be seen when worn but I'll know they are there. Just to show that care and effort were put into the pair. add911_11, these are MTM shoes. I took measurements with the instructions sent to me and chose a readymade last to be modified accordingly. They were my first MTM pair and taught me how mistaken I was to think that I owned...
Please allow me to heckle a bit: 75 pounds sterling for toe-tips? Really?
Looks nasty. Either the shoes are too short for your feet or the toe stiffener is shoddy material. Not much you can do at this point, though, but take a different last next time or favour another maker.
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