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Rudolph Scheer is supposed to be the German-speaking Europe's Lobb, but this example fails to impress me. What I dislike the most is the vertical heelcup, far from the natural contours of heels everywhere.
Have you had a close look at the last? Have you seen how strongly the heelcup curves on EG's pairs? Have you seen how closely the last follows the natural contours of the foot? Have you caressed the silky leather lining? Have you sniffed deep the fine aromas of oak bark leather soles? Make no mistake, EG's lasts are works of art, most so that famed round toe 202 wonder, and at their price level the linings, stiffeners and sole bends come with superlatives attached.
Those workboots, there's something fishy going on with them -- the cap shouldn't bend like that.
Hey, why isn't Coldsalmon on the voting list? I want to put one on him, Fivefingers with a suit is the most Pythonesque option on this thread.
Close to a hundred years later, this leather still looks good enough to eat -- and the stitching (!), they just don't make 'em like this anymore.
Great idea, Claghorn! I can't wait to see what kind of a creature hide wins this crazy contest.
This thread has provided the best tidbits of Styleforum for me since its beginning. I can't give you a menswear Nobel, nutcracker, but I'll raise a whisky shot for your and your family's health tomorrow.
Now if only he'd be as wonderful to interview. I've waited several months for his answers with little success. Judging by photos alone, he is a master of his craft and I feel his story would be an interesting one.
Perhaps green would best work in its darkest shade, close to black but with just enough colour to pop. Something which would look black in office lighting and show its true colours outside. I've heard the French really like their coloured shoes; the purples, the blues, the oranges, the greens, all of them.
Blue Label P by Panta for Panta Sport?
New Posts  All Forums: