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A quick question for all SS-guys who've had their jackets let out: how much seam allowance does SuitSupply leave inside their jackets? Mine fit well now, but if I manage to gain five kilos or more, I'm wondering if these can be let out without trouble.
...as if you "needed" any more shoes in your life or racks
"...Allegedly used in martial arts equipment though I can't vouch for the veracity because the only martial arts feat I perform is a mental one -- against the compulsion to buy more shoes." : D
....I'm still trying to reach some G&G pigskin leather shuu owners. If you find this, do let me know how the stuff wears.
Today I have question for The G&G Pig Owners' Club: how has the pigskin that they use held up? I've taken an interest in the pigskin that A.A. Crack offers, and I take it that G&G use it...but their site reads that it's mainly used for linings. How does it wear?
...ouch, that's too much. I've bought most of my S-Ns from eBay.
Two options: Falke's "Teppich im schuh" models have a very warm terrycloth knit inside, and Scott-Nichol offers superb alpaca-blend boot socks in many colours. These are the best ones I've found for true cold.
mw313, you could always try and have Antonio imported in the States in a trunk...for a show, you know, nothing morbid. Damn those test shoes are nice!
Nate, here is a legendary shoe collection and site from some Japanese shoe addict: http://centipede.web.fc2.com ...where you can find a few Peal pairs with decades listed. Based on their datings and the logo on this fine pair of yours, I'd say these are from the 1950s to '60s.
Query: how does one identify quality sharkskin from the poor or mediocre? I haven't handled enough accessories or shuus made from it so far to know the difference.
New Posts  All Forums: