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There's a whole post on blind welt stitching on Carreducker's blog. It produces the tightest, cleanest welt possible and likely it's the best option for traditional shoes for smart occasions.
BespokeMakers, just a single post with example photos and links to the rest will do. Otherwise the mods may take issue for excessive link sharing.
There's some mighty fine info in this thread for all of us shoe nerds around the world. I wish more shoemakers had the time to take part so that John and Jane Does could make better decisions in the shoe store. Thank you both.
^They pop up on eBay occasionally, and usually the price is less than a thousand euros. Just save a search on the site and order the updates by email.
Guys, just add this SartodiNapoli to your ignore list. He has nothing to add to any discussion, just negative sentences and spiteful hate with a touch of rancor here or there.
Stefan88, with your order you're helping likely the most talented cordwainer of this day keep up his passion and the Gentle Craft. You are the man -- heja, Stefan!
When I first saw these, I smiled and mentally nodded to myself and the customer: bespoke three-eyelet wholecuts with the Finnish coat of arms on the soles. Made by the Berluti-trained Hungarian bespoke shoe savant David Balazic for the Finnish ambassador to Hungary, and discovered from the peerless Shoegazing.se-site.
Welcome to Styleforum, Ivan! You may not have known this, but good old Frederick still has fans all over the world. He was, after all, one of the most talented tailors of his age.
"Hello dear! It's-a me -- Gianniii!"
Crat, have you used shuu trees on this pair? Those ripples run deep.
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