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Some thirty minutes ago one modest courier brought a parcel from Hungary. Little did he know it contained some serious pornographic content, best suited for hardcore shoe nerds (HSN) only. Weather permitting, I should have a photo session tomorrow -- with close-ups to boot.
I concur. Do you concur?
Is this Maftei pair made on a banana last? ...I have read about the banana model, but still haven't been able to grasp the concept.
I thought about the topic once I read of the relationship between disgusting African leaders and Parisian tailors from RJman. These tailors own their companies and usually have enough business to sustain the trade even though they'd occasionally show the door to a dictator or two, but would this constitute a breach of French law? They can show the finger and remain morally in the right, but would it be allowed by the authorities? The scum could, naturally, make their own...
Finally something novel on the brogue medallion sector! Is this a star sign image, perhaps?
I have a pair in vintage rioja. It's a very dark eggplant shade, close to black indoors, and I feel it can work as a substitute for black (which is an anti-colour). You can always add some black polish on rioja to make the leather darker still. Go for it!
At the moment this following claptrap is pissing me off: "Thom Browne established his eponymous custom tailoring company [sic] in New York in 2002 and since then has been credited with bringing a contemporary silhouette to tailoring, his style has become the hallmark of modern suiting [sick!]."
All this talk about wholecuts reminded me of this eccentric take I'd seen before: ...a wholecut over the heel as well -- in shell cordovan! Norman Vilalta made the pair, perhaps for a showpiece only, and he seems to be widening his reach with RTW and several interviews at the moment.
This is strange. Allen-Edmonds does not use shanks at all, even though they are an industry-standard on GW shoes with prices like Loake's. Shankless pairs shouldn't be more comfortable because they won't absorb or dampen the stress of walking and stomping with the 60kg+ weight of an adult male. If you're used to barefoot running or moccasins, shankless walking will likely feel more natural.
I have asked Marcell to please change the FB group into a real forum as it's very difficult to search through the old threads. So far, no change. The group has grown much and continues to, but each day brings so many new messages that I mostly just scroll and ogle. Crispin is far better for searching and learning.
New Posts  All Forums: