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...alright, I just found one more shot of Cifo for KL: The cigar shoulders, rounded quarters, DB-vest, lapels, and clean fit are all there. They've been at the top for many decades already.
I've tried Reptan and really hate the smell. It's more expensive than Bick as well, but it's the smell that lingers on indoors and hurts my nose that does it. As for results, it's difficult to say which one is better at moisturising or shining crocogator. I only use Lexol if some leather uppers feel stiff when bent, it's mostly for softening rather than nourishing. Gosh, my small Lexol must have lasted for several years now.
This bit isn't about shoemaking techniques but traditions: why do I see so many British shoemakers with tattoos? Is it an occupational thing, cultural thing, or something else entirely? Mind you, I've poured over shots from Italian factories as well, but tattoos, especially on arms, the-bigger-the-better, are a constant in Brit pics.
Sorry, Zapasman, you have shoes made from lifeless leather. Corrected grain is lifeless, impotent, and plastic-like. If you truly need pub shoes, any pair made from waxed or oiled leather will serve you better. Even shell cordovan will be the horse's ass.
Jazzmenco, welcome to the Lattanzi Owners' Club...but these are not shell. They're made from calfskin. You can tell by the creases, which cordovan doesn't get.
Second like for this here.
...my first Cleeve for Drake's shirt arrived today, that Black Watch linen cutaway model. Some quick points: - high armholes - beautiful buttons - slim cuffs - somewhat hard, superb unfused construction - slimmer cut - very long hem - narrow shoulder seam distance - somewhat longer sleeves - OK collar shape - very clean finish To sum up: very well-made shirts but the retail price is too high. Sale finds make these golden if one likes slim, clean, unfused, and very...
...I should have sized up on Gregory, but the hem might have still been too short. It's a peculiar cut because the shoulders are very narrow, more narrow than any other jacket I've tried, but the sleeves are the usual 64 cm on a size 48EU, while the hem is shorter. Still, Isaia's jackets are extremely well-made with careful pick-stitching, fun details, and very soft constructions. If you care for quality, you cannot go wrong. Just be sure to stay away from their "Gianluca...
Kuro, well, that's what I remember reading. Likely I'm mistaken and if I am, do let me know who dresses KL these days. I don't really care for his look but it serves to separate him from all others, which is likely the high point of his choices. He's never dull, to say the least.
Matteo Marzotto had the right stuff back in 2006 already:
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