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Chowkin, if eyelets from left and right close to touch each other, the shoes will develop deep and nasty fissures below laces. Better fit is not tight.
True Frankenshües!
...while we're on the geeky subject of shuu details, I must admit that I've grown bored of broguing. Smart pairs just look cleaner, more formal and rounded without all those holes to stop eyes gliding from back to front. Austerity, plain or gimped pairs for me from now on, thank you.
Oh boy, the leather on your Vass looks good enough to eat. Italian polish finish?
Yep, I did recommend setting up a webstore to Rozsnyai more than a year ago. I guess they decided to handle some sales through SourceCulture, but they do accept commissions through email or phone.
Styleforum -- The Return of the Stil Fårum Edition (Redux)
Justin FitzPatrick wrote about this on this here thriid a while ago. If memory serves, G&G's upper and lining leathers alone cost $100. Then there's Baker's one whole year oak bark-tanned leather insoles, welts and outer soles to consider. The carved fiddleback waist and semi-manual lasting take more time than EG's production, just as G&G's beautiful hand-made shoe trees. The factory also makes considerably less shoes per year than EG.If you'll do a bit of math now, you...
Thank you! This code worked like a charm!
I haven't seen too many pairs from Maftei online, but they always make me smile. They've some talented shoemakers in the company's ranks and, with their prices, Maftei must be among the finer bang-for-your-Euro makers in Europe.
...here's hoping Yoox will grant a code or two soon, my Dream Box is waiting.
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