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sstomcat, I cannot really say. They are made in Romania but most pairs don't have the somewhat thicker leather soles or wider welts I've come to associate with the A-H school of shuumaking. I'm sure there are other details and methods, but soles and welts are easy to spot by anyone. One of the cordwainers at Calzoleria F&F, who I interviewed some months ago, was trained in Romania and he probably would know about Crispin's style. They are members on SF, do send a message.
Here's why Austro-Hungarian shoes get my vote: they usually have thicker leather soles than those used on fancy pairs elsewhere. Another way around the challenge is to have pairs made or resoled with HAF-soles, which have double thickness at the front and single thickness on the waist.
Junior, you can glue a heel grip or two on top of the shoe trees to get a better fit on the vamp. Cork layers and similar will also do.
Well, is there a negative comment about EG, G&G or St.C. shoes anywhere on SF's several shuu threads? I cannot remember one but I'm certain there's a few to go around. Autocompliments sometimes make me cringe.
My MTO boots from G&G were said to come with a 4-month delivery time, though these reports of closer to 12 months delivery don't get my hopes up. What happened to quality and service? "Watchu talkin' 'bout, G&G?!"
Those boot trees are closer to wooden sculptures than mere tools. It must be a dapper's delight to pull them out, stick 'em in and stroke the grain. Kudos, poorsod.
NAMOR, congratulations on the pairs. How long will you wear them before selling both and restocking with more new shell?
nh10222, you seem to have a thing for balmoral boots from the 1800s. Why this model over so many others?
...I really wouldn't want to be the one to do this, but it's Simonnot-Godard -- http://www.simonnot-godard.com/1.aspx. It's like this: Niles: Other motorists are getting angry. Frasier: If they weren't so shortsighted, they'd see that I'm doing this for their own good. It's like correcting people's grammar -- I don't do it to be popular.
Well, the most expensive shoes will be the ones you'll wear for a few times or months each year. These will also be the most useless pairs. Just design a model you can picture on your feet as part of X setups and X time each month. No need to go for button oxfords or armadillo foreskin jodhpurs if you have limited use for each. Shades of brown, red and tan over greens, purples and blues. Black is dull but has its uses. G&G's Tumblr has much inspiration for anyone -- have...
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