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Today I've a rare beast on offer: one cashmere sweater from Corgi, more known for socks and throws. I ship worldwide at buyer's expense but will take care of VAT for deals outside EU. New without tags, unworn. Size marking S, material 100% coarser and more durable cashmere wool, knitted in Wales, deeper V-neck, regular fit. Measurements: shoulder seam to seam 40 cm, pit to pit 57 cm, shoulder seam to cuff 68 cm, neck to hem 68 cm. Price: 90 dollars. More photos:...
Today I've several Smedleys to sell. I ship worldwide at buyer's expense but will take care of VAT for deals outside EU. Baby blue V-neck, size M Used less than 10 times and found too large, condition as new. Size M, slim, plain midweight wool, deep V-neck, made in England, Raglan sleeves. Exact measurements: shoulder seam to seam on back 41 cm, shouldert seam to cuff 69 cm (Raglan), pit to pit 57 cm, neck to hem 74 cm. MOAR photost:...
Sales alert: Edward's of Manchester has some swell prices on remaining G&G shoes, most are try-on pairs from the shop, limited sizes. http://www.edwardsofmanchester.co.uk/brands/mens/gaziano-and-girling
Well, now, that's not an everyday thing, popping in at the court. What did you do to get summoned, Cleav?
Watchman, there's only one solution to gaping AE's: not giving them any of your funds until the maker gets a grip to their quality control. They seem to be all about quantity and volume these days, both maxims not really leading to quality shoes. We really should have better footwear instead of more, more, ever more pairs.
Bump for handsomeness!
Watchman1, there's a lot of empty space in that AE pair of yours, the fit won't support your feet as well as it could. Insoles, tongue pads, or heel grips might make your day.
traverscao, and that is why I bought a deerbone from them, gave it a try for that special vintage experiece, and found it poor. The bone managed to scratch several shell shoes, remove colour, and spoil my day. It had nil effect on shine. I'm all for metal spooning these days, but I guess horn spoons would be the romantic choice. It's all about pressure, friction, and seeing the effort.
SeamasterLux, why such huge lapels on your frame?
carlos20co, those look like Stacy Adams' boots, very popular with the vintage crowd due to that bulbous biscuit toe and natural-colour welt with white stitching. I believe no other factory has a similar makeup for RTW, but you can always have something similar made with Meermin or other MTO makers.
New Posts  All Forums: