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Bengal, you lucky shoe nerd! The last looks extended. Did you request it or is it the house style? How are the leathers?
That bison hide is the gnarliest I've seen, just right for a nice pair of roaming boots, chukkas would show off the texture best. If it moves and has a hide, Antonio can likely turn it into shuus. By the by, where did A.M. apprentice back in the days? I've sent him two interview requests but have never heard back.
jujujoo11, a cobbler shop with a good sewing machine or a shoemaker should be able to restitch the torn threads. If the soles have plenty of life remaining, there's no need to have the whole unit exchanged.
Oh, please, jump suits are, like, totally sooo last season. I mean, like, that Winston Church-something dude wore them, like, totally for many seasons back in London or Goad knows where. I'm totally waiting for chastity belts to hit the runways and groins come next fashion week and stuff.
Meister, I'm sure G. Snr. meant that their shoes will last 30 years of wear. If your 80+ shuus have been sitting in a closet for most of their existence, a comparison may not be drawn. I have two pairs of Edwin Clapps from the '50s or '60s and both are in excellent shape, but neither has been worn much. What I can compare, however, is the upper leathers used on olden pairs and the ones I see on mid-tier GW factory shoes. The old leathers, on average, are superb, but I...
DavideMiguel85, that's a notch lapel with a throat latch...it should have the latch as part of the makeup either as a loose piece of fabric or sewn under the lapel. Perhaps it's in the parcel or pocket? You need the latch to protect your neck like this:
...and I still cannot understand why Roetzel has ranked Church's as the finest shoemaker in England, when Edward Green and John Lobb Paris were active (and better) when the book was published. Well, given R.'s background in marketing, I have a feeling that he was paid to write so, and give plenty of photo space for the factory. Not a nice thing to do as those with no better knowledge are apt to believe him.
I wish A.M. would just update his website with details on the make of each shuu line, the leathers he favours, and pricing info. There's too much various info spread about this thread, and it's not working until someone comes up with the whole info in one post.
I was going to share a link to Weston's site as I had a feeling that they use this method...but there's on info online. For what it's worth, the old printing of Roetzel's Gentleman book has a photo of the Church's factory, and the method is there, so Church's shoes have likely used it at some point. Likely not anymore.
Poorsod, my forum signature has the usual link already. I won't dare sharing other links lest the mods take offence.
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