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dahl5yankees, it's the first classic style book for men up here in Finland. Flusser and Boyer readers will get an idea of the contents, though I did search for and buy other thorough reference books while writing mine. Fingers crossed it will get translated one day. Well, that special Lidfort pair is still up for grabs in size 42EU...
Here's a little something-something I found a few years back while researching veldtshoes for my book:
This reads as an interesting solution. Any photos?
Although I truly dislike their stupid name, Zonkey Boot does offer one model with truly hand-sewn uppers, the 076: https://www.zonkeyboot.com/shop/catalog/product/zerosevensix-maracca Have you tried the maker yet, Dieworkwear? This might suit your needs well enough.
Head over here for more Austro-Hungarian craft: http://www.newsaboutshoes.eu/forum It's in German, but likely you can understand enough with Google Translate and the photos attached.
...because I have a long loath/hate relationship with Allen-Edmonds. They claim to be one of the greatest American shoe factories when in truth they've been speeding up the production process and cutting down the quality of their pairs with each decade. I could go on&on about the flaws but the usual ones are commonly listed on Styleforum: gaping leather around the ankles, torn seams, torn thread, no shank for support, poorest areas of the hide used as well, upper leather...
Chogall, these look very Bestetti to me, you might want to try him out.
I am sorry, Leaves, I feel the boots have failed: the leather looks rough with those large scales and, judging by the many seams, they've been pieced together from spare hides. The last and sole look fine. Likely this model from first-grade hides would have cost double the end sum, so I understand your decisions.
...well, you know, he could tell you but then he'd have to kill you as well, and take all of your shoes. Pimpin' vintage shoes ain't easy.
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