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...isn't K-last already a very pointy, narrow and low last in the Vass selection?
A thought came to me: I've never seen genuine crocodile or alligator shoes on any man I've met. Question is, who buys all these shoes and where do they wear them?
Luxire, I've sent four emails to you with no response. Do get back to me.
...I think I've written so before, but this really is my all-time favourite thread on Styleforum. It excites, wows, educates and passes time nicely. So, thank you again, nutcracker. You definitely should have a site of your own for this content so you could negotiate some advertising deals with choice makers from Japan, just like Shoegazing. Working for a cause is always nicer with perks.
...I do hate to brake the party, but Renomat is the muck-removal product while Renovateur is the deep-moisturising one. The latter will not remove wax buildups and such.
Very well. I presumed this as I've read that factories like Crockett&Jones have sought and bought old shoemaking machines instead of taking on modern ones. There must be a reason, apart from economics and romanticism alone, for favouring machines of yore.
A great-looking suit, Butler, I gave my virtual thumbs-up right after first seeing it on T-J-o-S. You're one lucky chap.
Do my eyes tell lies or is one tip of wing crooked on that Enzo pair?
Just as I read that these green oxs are by TYE, I thought about stitching...and sure enough, the maker doesn't fail. I wonder if they have found same rare Victorian machine that's the last of its kind, stitching away cleaner and tighter than all others.
Doesn't he ditch all after ten wears or so? This is buying addiction in effect.
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