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Ah, yes, there will come a day when the young uns will ask us time and again where we were during The First Ever G&G Sample Bonanza...and I shall tell them I was at home, mostly rueing the day and typing silly, bitter jokes online. Good times, good times I tell you.
^These I shared a year or two ago: http://www.keikari.com/blogi/krokotiilinnahkakengat/ Hide matching is poor but I cannot complain much as these were a lucky eBay find, with some patina to boot.
I've found tongue pads very helpful for shüs with a high instep, though I'll have to forsake lasted shoe trees for these modified pairs. The pads with trees will only stretch the instep further. There's no reason to shun Vass just because their lasts are high.
Thanks for chiming in, all. I've settled on a pair of nice brown and plain croc oxfords I first saw on Apparel Arts scans of yore, worn in spring or summer with plain fabrics. Croc has enough pop as is, and broguing or busy trousers will only lead to an eyesore. Too many Italian makers add frills to croc or gator, when the leather should be all.
...I really wish Vass would add a comparison shot of their lasts on the website already. It's 2014 for Pete's (or László's) sake. Not that I'll ever fall in love with pointy or square toes but this shot would help all long-distance orders greatly.
I'm giving this eccentric, interesting model a free, bumpy ride.
Really? And here I thought WASP mentality and New England sensibilities decreed that thou shalt not flashy, expensive croc wear.
...isn't K-last already a very pointy, narrow and low last in the Vass selection?
A thought came to me: I've never seen genuine crocodile or alligator shoes on any man I've met. Question is, who buys all these shoes and where do they wear them?
Luxire, I've sent four emails to you with no response. Do get back to me.
New Posts  All Forums: