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Prices for "luxury" clothing have risen greatly since the 1990s. I came across this price list from 2001 for John Lobb Paris bespoke shoes and had a look at historical currency rates. Apparently the first pair was around 19 000 francs or 2900 euros eleven years ago. https://www.instagram.com/p/_RJ9i0Lcax/
Watchman1, there are a few brogue holes where the uppers haven't been struck through...this happens to most makers, and the bits are easy to pick off with a toothpick or such. The OCD is strong with me.
ˆˆˆThese are the usual exquisiteness we except from these companies...still, I'm suprised by that black brogue pair's lack of toe spring. It may prove uncomfortable in the long r...well, in the long walk. Did you request it?
Cleav, nice! Have you broken the 100 pairs of shoes-benchmark yet?
This is my knowledge as well about the operation, enough stages carried out in Spain to get that label...a similar tactic used by the Italian fashion houses for many years now. It's a good enough decision as long as company X doesn't lie to the customer about origins, and a suitable price-quality deal is reached.Zapasman, you wrote "The main problem is not with chinese clickers or the closing they carry out in Singapore." My Norvegese pair has a wonky stitching, like a...
Here we go: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1498262783777215/?fref=ts ...that's The London Lounge's public FB group, you should be able to reach the right people there.
clarksdb, those look fine, yes, and theirs is a hit-or-miss operation. I wager they've expanded too quickly or increased production quotas too quickly, and the Chinese shoemakers are chopping and rushing pairs while the Spanish dudes just send them onwards and hope the customer won't notice anything. If they'd only give more time for the production folks, Meermin might just offer the most shoe for your money on the market (French calfskin uppers, hand-welting, tight welts,...
Bespoke shoes from Jan Kielman, swell condition, approximate size 7UK: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/JAN-KIELMAN-BROWN-LEATHER-CAP-TOE-SEMI-BROGUE-OXFORD-DRESS-SHOES-UK-7-green-vass-/262169094197?hash=item3d0a7ee835:g:WzkAAOSwo6lWO5U7
mosy, you have now become another victim of...The Meermin Roulette. You never know what you'll get from. I've received and seen good pairs as well as horrible pairs. As for the Norvegese, the stitches are a demanding mark of the shoemaker's skill and patience. They should be even, in a straight line, and of uniform colour. Yours is not, so you should complain and get another pair from them if you decide to spin again...The Meermin Roulette! Or you could just demand your...
Othertravel, this photo is evidence of how butler usually handles tailors who come asking after delayed payments...
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