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Luxire, could you please get back to me about those cavalry twill samples I requested?
Alright, good news. Hopefully next month my MTO Norwegian boots in blue museum calf are ready and I can provide of whole load of pornographic images for SF's viewing pleasure. The New Peter last should fit the burly apron well and work with moleskins as well as suitings.
...since we got the pearl ball rolling, here's a photo I saved from the Internet: The seller listed these as 1910s Florsheims. I trust hand-welting so close to the outer rim is an additional challenge? These pearls look beautiful still.
Thank you, all. dddrees, I don't envy your conundrum! Choosing between EG's or G&G's model is a tough one as each is great. If I recall well, and don't quote me on this, EG does have a slight edge as their counters are leather instead of leatherboard.
Winot, it's a very clean case...but how's the smell? Do you find yourself taking casual sniffs at the office every now and then, away from prying eyes?
MoosicPa, you know you're one lucky style addict, right? I have a thumb-sized patch of this hallowed leather and the smell is a wonderful experience to get in this life.
...well, mine is bigger than his and my dad could totally beat his, so...
Ivy Style has some beans to spill on Nettleton, be sure to read the comment, too. Long story short: they are nice shoes but the price is not right. http://www.ivy-style.com/index.php?s=Nettleton
Ridgeway is softer than Dainite or Commando, so they've better grip on wet indoors and ice. While crepe also offers great grip, it has a tendency to crack in time. Ridgeway is also softer to walk and makes little noise on any surface, and snow or pebbles won't pack into the wide grooves as easily. In short, it's the best "smart" sole unit I've tried and I will resole all casual pairs with it when the time comes. Oh, and that 94% mark is the rubber content. A shame it's not...
MTO casual boot bonanza time.Model: ThorpeLast: GG06Colour: vintage riojaSole: RidgewaySmell: oh boy... [[SPOILER]]
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