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RogerP, is the toe burnished or made from contrasting leather? Maybe in time this model will become the new Galway.
Nutcracker, is this interesting vintage patent leather corrected with a thin layer of plastic like most modern versions? Back before plastics I trust most patent hides were really wax calf polished to a mirror-like state by some poor servant.
It sure is, though I wouldn't call the fabric canvas...it's closer to steel chambray due to the slightly variating 1X1 weave. It's definitely coarse, so an undershirt will come handy if one can't really wait for a year for softening up. It might also make for eccentric trousers, it looks like denim from afar.
It's a dressy casual boot with leather uppers and lining. There's no insulation that would make it better than trekking shoes, though you can always ask the folks at Vass for a Thermolite/felt/alpaca/lambskin layer to be added between the upper and lining. Commando rubber soles will also help.
I ship worldwide at buyer's expense and will take care of VAT for deals sent outside EU borders. The coat is photographed above a jacket on a torso. For sale: NOS Invertêre Coatwrights mid-brown cashmere coat with raglan sleeves. Size marking 38, but cut is very loose (measurements below) and will fit a size 40 much better. Material 100% cashmere wool, gorgeous light-catching cloth, soft and on the thinner side. Made in England. Completely soft shoulders. Condition...
I've no idea as I've never before seen stitched-on Dainites from Vass and I didn't even ask for them. This makes me feel all comfy and mushy inside, though the stitches are all wonky and uneven.
Aye, I'd love to hear a version of the story, too. Just leave out the bits that might help others find similar caches, and cut to the best, juiciest part. This find must rank in the top three thrift stories on Styleforum -- ever.
Thank you, bengal, I first found Jun-senpai's fine site years ago. I've saved (or achived) it on my PC just in case he'd remove it from digital space entirely.
This thread is too long, so I didn't read it through: how's this trainer project progressing so far? Any delays for the due-date next year?
"I accidentally [a nice custom pair of Dugdale flannel trous]...is this bad?"
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