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DeSense, each year elephants die in reserves, sanctuaries or zoos and some of them are sold for hides and meat to gather funds for the same reserves. Such hides are legal and CITES-certified, only these are used by lawful and savvy artisans. Would you rather the carcasses be left in bush and reserves funded partly by other means?
Oh, that new leather lining colour of Vass's looks mighty sweet. Much better than the bland old one, far too light to pop.
I've been collecting style books and stylish books for many years now in the high hopes of learning ever more. I am close to Nirvana now, and ready to pass a few tomes on. Please contact me for more details on year of publication, publisher, edition and so on. I do ship worldwide. I will update this listing with prices later. Available: - Emily Post: Etiquette - Adolphe Menjou: It Took Nine Tailors (signed copy!), asking price: the equivalent of 30 euros in dollars -...
El bumpo with mountain ram leather:
...so here we go: http://www.keikari.com/english/anatomy-of-the-barbour-beaufort-wax-cotton-jacket/ I tried to make this mostly definitive.
Soon I can haz MTO Thorpe boots in GG06 last and vintage rioja hatch grain uppers. I'm a bit excited.
Are self-posted blog links allowed on SF? I wrote a detailed review and presentation on Barbour's Beaufort model a few weeks ago, and it might interest some readers here, but I'm not sure if it's OK to post.
I received a Heat Tech base layer last week. The fabric is very smooth, pleasant to touch, stretchy, and not that warm, really. A disappointment as I had high hopes for this. The fine merino knitwear is as lovely as before, very warm for its weight and density.
There's quite a few Eidos items on eBay.com at the moment. Sales items, perhaps, in the hands of crafty re-sellers. The SJ fabrics look beautiful and very, very Eidos.
Careful, careful...I'm sure you don't want to lose any organs to fierce G&G fans in your up-coming super trunk show.
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