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Ugly, nasty and fun. That's what I'll say about sharkskin as a shoe material.NOS vintage Florsheim Imperial long wing derbies with shark uppers and the usual burly features. Maybe someone on SF can date these according to the box. [[SPOILER]]
Alright: the welt looks a bit too wide, the toe is too round for a square one, the stitching is a curved mess, the heel is not secure, the material must be corrected grain. I'm picturing them as I type and cringe at the maker. PatrickBOOTH has too many black shoes and walks too much. All of you members have mostly silly SF messages, the mods are too random, the site font is boring. Styleforum isn't what it used to be, my pay is too low, I'm overeducated for what I do,...
I'm not even on the list, but could offer some nice heckling for all involved. Just say the word.
Zapasman, despite what you and I feel about this, black oxfords are worn with jeans these days. Yes, it used to be the most formal shoe type...but most have done in the old rules. I used to be really strict for myself and others about this, but nowadays I just look away or try to think this: if X knows that shoe Y "should" be worn with some things only, but decides against it, I cannot chastice him. Still, if he doesn't know about "the rule"...
ˆDepends on the context, really...most people won't care that much, but some folks with a, let's say, traditional cultural pedigree will know better.
While it's mentioned now, I will add that the water buffalo that Rozsnyai stocks looks very plain from head level, and up close the pores will stand out clearly.
ˆWell, it pops out better than the usual black version and shows the skill and patience of the maker.
Damn that G&G oxford looks wonderful. I was pondering about it years ago, but chose a rosewood semi-brogue...in hindsight, should have gone with the oxford.
vmss, for what it's worth, a local shoemaker once told me that leatherboard is "better" for factory-made pairs as it's more consistent than full leather stiffeners, and offers enough of the same qualities for a smaller unit price. These are the words of one guy only, though. I guess most (or normal people) don't care what's inside their shoes as long as they are stylish, trendy, affordable, from the right brand, nice enough or whatever.
patliean1, same true, artisanal make, same European calfskins and oak bark thingies, different lasts and designs. You should come up with an excuse for a trip to Hungary and compare them all.
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