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The trouble with Vass is that their handwork is at times sloppy, at times clean, especially with hand-sewn aprons and welts. It's like a gamble sometimes and I wish they'd have consistency in this regard as the uppers are already so clean.Just take another look at this green pair's stitches and you'll see what I mean. Sure, people on the street won't notice or even care, but we do -- and finishing is one way to rank makers.
Interesting! St. Crispin's didn't always make such chiseled, poised, neatly finished, and customised shoes they offer today. Have a look here for more: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hand-Made-Super-Posh-Saint-Crispins-Natural-Mid-Brown-Oxfords-Size-10-1-2-/131544531530?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1ea0aa424a
No, no, I thought you'd recognise my camera and backdrop settings by now. Both are mostly poor. These John Blobs look short and fat, even though the last was reportedly made by Jonathan Lobb, which is why I decided to share them with these belligerent adjectives. Well. and to keep this thriid alive. These have that nice, clean finish and make, but it's the Lobb Ltd. lasts that keep letting me down. Mind you, I've owned a pair from Cleverley and JLL. G&G, Lobb Paris,...
A new John Lobb Ltd. bespoken spectator pair:
What's the stance in this thread -- are links to Styleforum sales posts allowed?
I had an interview with Jun-senpai years ago, but suddenly he wanted it to be taken down around a year ago. All these shoes have been paid somehow, but I have suspicious thoughts about the methods. Just sayin'.
Cordings makes some damn fine tweed trous. They are expensive but all tweeds are woven for the shop alone, the cloths are strong and scratchy, the trousers come with side adjusters, high waists, and slim legs. I am confident that one can't find as swell a price-quality deal as these.
...now that you mention it, I notice the patches. Combined with the swoosh lapels and sharp button line, I would have preferred to see a patterned shirt or tie with this eccentric cut and perhaps enamel buttons. With the current setup the whole looks like business dress with fashion touches. Then again, LC knows what he's doing and I'd hate to see Cifo turn boring. The suit troubles me.
nmoore82, if Drake's is only charging their cost-to-make prices at this sale, their regular markups are truly heavy.
Up for grabs: neat brown cotton trousers from Rota, the Italian trouser miracle maker. Have a look at them here: http://www.rotasrl.com/en/index.htm These have slim fit, belt loops, pick stitching all over, pockets on seams, two ass pockets with buttons, and English side seams on legs. Size is 30'' with long legs. Material is 100% soft but strong cotton, machine-washable. Made in Italy, baby. Measurements: waist girth 78 cm, waist to ankle 116 cm, inseam 75 cm, ankle...
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