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...perhaps the maker was too humble to take up the commission
I actually have an old interview with Daisuke-san, it can be found from my little site's archives. It was fun to interview an interviewer and, yes, he has been all around the world just to meet artisans. Japan seems to have many extremely devoted connoisseurs in any field.
thefastlife: if the shade of blue is dark enough, they can pass for black shoes in indoor lighting. pkincy: you know you could always have your pair re-dyed, right?
...but will the Saturn that is Hermès resuscitate or devour its conglomerate son?
A thousand?! What the hey? Do you have a link?
ErikW -- there's no point in having a model like that made up. Ralph Lauren has been offering it for many years already.
Well, just as long as it was found on /b/, it was surely worth his time -- warts and all.
Gwarg: you can still see the old ASW through snippets on the Archive.org -site. If the old forwarding code is still in effect, though, you will have to take screen shots before it activates and directs you away from the blog to the store. Such a bore, but RJ stuff can be read through this way...or you could just ask for the original texts from RJman himself.
My shoemaker sent me samples of his piggy skin, but advised against it. When bending the piece to simulate wear and creases, the leather turned ugly and stretched quickly. Likely much depends on the tanner and animal, though I do like to texture.
The Old England II model from Vass Shoes is a golden favourite. I would keep these if I didn't have many pairs already. Fully handmade MTO pair from Hungary, Old England II model, F-last, round toe, cognac colour, rubber toe guards, calfskin uppers and other leather parts oak-bark tanned by Rendenbach. IMG_7595 by Mikael Riiviö, on Flickr Worn less than 25 times and in excellent condition. Tongue pads have been glued under the tongues to improve fit. I'm looking to get...
New Posts  All Forums: