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I swear: the more I see of Myhre's work, the more I like him. The man seems to have an uncanny talent for sculpting wood into lasts that have wondrous curves.
mw: camelskin! A great, rare, tough and interesting choice. What lead you to this leather type?
By the by, is there a thread or post on SF where I could find all/most/lots of WAYWT sets by manton? I could go through this one right here, but there are more than 141 pages of messages.
Shoe factories, as far as I know, never make their own shoe trees. All are re-branded stuff and rarely worth the markup prices. G&Gs are an exception because their shoe lasts have such strong shapes that readymade trees can never support them like the orinals.
...just to stick my ladle in this soup: Daisuke Yamashita, the bespoke savant who has travelled the world over several times just to meet makers, has chosen Maftei as "the best" value-for-money shoemaker. Just one opinion, of course, but a very learned one.
...perhaps the maker was too humble to take up the commission
I actually have an old interview with Daisuke-san, it can be found from my little site's archives. It was fun to interview an interviewer and, yes, he has been all around the world just to meet artisans. Japan seems to have many extremely devoted connoisseurs in any field.
thefastlife: if the shade of blue is dark enough, they can pass for black shoes in indoor lighting. pkincy: you know you could always have your pair re-dyed, right?
...but will the Saturn that is Herm├Ęs resuscitate or devour its conglomerate son?
A thousand?! What the hey? Do you have a link?
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