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Aye, I'd love to hear a version of the story, too. Just leave out the bits that might help others find similar caches, and cut to the best, juiciest part. This find must rank in the top three thrift stories on Styleforum -- ever.
Thank you, bengal, I first found Jun-senpai's fine site years ago. I've saved (or achived) it on my PC just in case he'd remove it from digital space entirely.
This thread is too long, so I didn't read it through: how's this trainer project progressing so far? Any delays for the due-date next year?
"I accidentally [a nice custom pair of Dugdale flannel trous]...is this bad?"
Would someone want my cloth sample paper? I'd hate to throw it away as it could still be of use to a fellow member. I'd only ask for the cost of shipping from Finland to any place.
Could you all recommend some of "the best" Japanese shoe blogs for me? I cannot read them, of course, but some photos of rare pairs would be nice. I've occasionally seen wonderful collections, too, and it seems Japan has plenty of shoe addicts to boot.
FYI, the British eBay currently has several NWT Tyrwhitt jackets for clearance prices. I bought a few to finally see how they're made, what the cut's like and whether they'll fit my Maasai-like frame. Fingers crossed and so on...
I don't, but I've seen these kinds of vintage garments and always wondered why they aren't readily available anymore. Old Steed episodes are an example with a sort of neo-Edwardian flair (or eclecticness).
In time the shell ripples may grow deeper or more pronounced if your gait is springy or the shoe trees too low. These harmonica-like ripples are more visible than regular calf creases, making the pair less smart. Perhaps this is why shell has never been as popular suit garb among grandees.
Despos, because I couldn't find an answer from my reference books or by searching online. One tailor didn't respond to my question by email, the other was OK with cloth buttons. If the truth(TM) cannot be found from this Whnay's Good Taste Thread(TM), then it does not exist. Each detail has semantics, and knowing them all is intriguing. This is why I've staid on SF.
New Posts  All Forums: