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Speaking of prices, have you had a look at Sleevehead's blog? The prices he quotes for bespoke clothes made in Sicily made me smile. If there are shoemakers still working on the isle, Bonafé won't be the best price-quality deal from Italy. Sicily being mafia area, likely artisans there don't pay much in the way of taxes. Only for "protection"...
Looking at the end results, my guess for nutcracker's Mystery Maker is Marquess, Fukuda or Guild of Crafts. The massive work hours explain much of the differences between Japanese and European shoemakers, though time will tell how the precious shapes and details age. Nutty, might you have some photos of well-aged Japanese shoes?
sugarbutch, just add the dork to your block list. I did so over a year ago and haven't missed his posts one bit.
I've typed this before but I'll type it again: I believe the Japanese have overcome their European masters. They make the most beautiful, ornate and highest quality shoes available in our era. Nutcracker could explain us all why -- is it just because they spend more hours making each last and pair than the Europeans?
Meccariello is definitely among the finest Italian shuumakers of our time. Could someone remind me where and under whose tutelage this miracle maker studied?
I like a large wallet with plenty of room for cards (and preferably coins, too). It just so happens that I also love shell cordovan. These two factors don't really combine well as the only wallet I've found with both attributes was that black'n'white one from Brooks Brothers, but VAT and customs duties were my obstacles back then. Does SF know where I could find a big-ass horse's ass wallet?
...maybe my eyes are just wonky that way, but I always have a hard time seeing brogue medallions or punching on suede. I try to avoid them as best I can.
My little Swedish bird over at G&G tells me that a certain MTO Thorpe pair has heels and soles as I type. I should have some nice shuu porn for this fan thread within a few weeks.
Heya, is this nice jacket sold already?
Isshi, have you any photo links or own pairs from the '40s with long wing U-caps? I'd like to see more. Yes, the black fat welt pair is Lattanzi.
New Posts  All Forums: