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I'm selling off these chukkas to make room for new pairs. Used less than 15 times, insoles have not worn down with my imprint yet. The only real wear is due to heel grip glue, I've removed the grips now. Model Jackie IIIR, mid-brown suede, last 125F, made in England, round toe, snug fit, size 8UK, Dainite soles, leather lining, rounded chukka vamp, three hidden eyelets, pull tabs. These retail for around $500, I'm asking for $270 for this pair. MOAR photographic...
I have two Johnston's sweaters for sale today. Both are size Large, for 44 inch chest, with O-neck, nothing fancy -- just sweaters that do the job well. One in bright blue colour, the other in dark navy blue. Both made in Scotland. The bright one is made from 100% wool, the navy blue is Woolmark-certified 100% wool. The navy one also has saddle shoulders. Bright blue measurements: shoulder seam to seam 44 cm, pit to pit 57 cm, sleeve from shoulder seam to cuff 77 cm...
Up for grabs; C&J for Brooks Brother BF collection gunboat derbies. Size 9½D in C&J's nice round toe last 325. Uppers beige calf (great for patina), single vegetable-tanned sole, undyed 360-degree storm welt, white stitching, leather lining. I have only tried these out indoors, condition as new. My price is $310 plus shipping to anywhere in the world. MOAR photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/qelsem/sets/72157643156511984/
Short trous are short, let's agree on this. We do like to see shoes but no socks while standing.
I'm not against denim for tailoring, but the apparel should at least have some nice casual details, like patch pockets or big-ass buttons. These two are something else. The next logical step in fabrics for uncle Ralph will be tampon cotton. You know, for that extra fluffy protection, swag and sprprzztorture.
I still feel this heap of dollars would have been better spent in bespoke footwear, getting exactly what one wants instead of buying, buying, buying more. Well, at least this comparison mega thread will help any man in the lookout for black oxfords to suit his needs. Lord knows there's much to choose from!
Do my eyes betray me now...or are those women's unmentionable parts in that brogue medallion? They'd certainly suit the F U photo topic.
T4phage, have you broken the magic barrier of 50 pairs so far? A collection shot would be nice.
"So, for those of you not able to make it at all, we have both decided to offer up what is leftover after the sale, so not to worry too much. It will take about a week to rearrange it all, but for those of you with serious inquiries you can email me at justin@jfitzpatrickfootwear.com or G&G at sales@gazianogirling.com . G&G asked to give it about a week before emailing and I will make a proper post of it soon listing out what will be available. For those of you in or...
RogerP, the heelcup may just be a tad too large for you due to the gap in your photo. Heel grips might do the trick. It's a great, clean-looking shoe we've come to expect from Carmina.
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