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Smfdoc, there are several variables that go into the whole smart vs. casual shoe debate, but to boil it all down: the less seams, the less decorations, the thinner sole, the more contoured toe, the darker colour and the more petite-looking last make a formal pair. Gunboat models are usually the very opposite. Most of what Gaziano&Girling make are very formal.
I heard some customers have had their orders from Minasian "lost" in the post, but this is only a rumour. Mind you, the site has no company VAT-number or postal info or bank account details. If you buy anything, be sure to pay with PayPal for their buyer protection.
Have you seen Jun Kuwana's or Centipede's or Sevan Minasian's shoe collections? They have rarities aplenty as well.
On my moleskins this size feels more like 33'', but on my tweed trous it's more like 32,5''. I've no idea why.
Odd I/O, this pair just showed up with the Dainites all hand-sewn. It can be done, but the task is tedious and slow and the stitches will look unclean.
Thank you, all. I had been thinking about a U-wing for several months now, most likely I first saw the model on some American vintage pair years ago. Then I searched online to see if Vass had previously completed a boot design -- and that's it. I feel that the F-last and single-layer Dainite-soles make this a swell match for dressy trous as well. I plan to wear the boots with nearly everything.
The latest from Vass:made to order U-wing austerity boots from dark brown suede made on the F-last with brass eyelets, hand-sewn Dainite-soles -- and natural welts with white stitching, as always. [[SPOILER]]
Wore my green moleskin Cordings trous yesterday. Few makers have such a swell combination of cut, cloth, details and price.
Still my favourite photo of Lapo, taken in a family palazzo in Turin, 2004, before cocaine and weird company made him all kooky. Take note of the shoulders, lapels, shirt collar and tie -- this is no boring workhorse navy suit.
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