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Agreed, these new ads are, to quote John Bull, fucking ridiculous.
katastrofa, those sure are nice. When did you visit Poland or are you living there already?
Please note that Ascot shoes' prices are higher than what Vass charges for direct orders. If you order by email from Vass, their pairs start at around 400 euros. With the pound as strong as ever, you'll make a bargain by avoiding Ascot. Then again, you could order from Ascot just to gauge your best size and then return the pair. These are my savvy two cents (or pence).
Papperskatt, you will have much better luck on The Fedora Lounge's forum. Vintage boot heel shapes are an acquired taste, TFL caters to such needs well.
I had a look at this new maker's site a few months ago and liked what I saw. Didn't pull the trigger, though, as I've so many pairs already.
This made my day! Let's say it like it is!
Hatful Jack:
Pglover19, the very word shirting, perhaps best popularised by Alan Flusser in his many books, means a shirt fabric. No need for "shirting fabric" or "suiting fabric" and so on. As for the best, well, Carlo Riva's name is thrown in the air often, but their shirtings are hard to come by unless you buy a Kiton shirt. Alumo is always great, Thomas Mason has a nice range. The best fabric is the one that serves your intended use best, while also ageing nicely and bringing...
Has anyone bought sharkskin shuus from Vass? I've been waiting for them to restock some Jaws hides, but it seems like a forever project so far.
I have no explanation for this, but somehow Yanagimachi's lasts just seem...off to me. Maybe bengal-stripe can weigh in with a few chosen words as I've none to give. This is just something visceral, a feeling I get.
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