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All this raises just one question: how many shoe models or styles are truly unique, never before created by some humble shoemaker around the world? Well, thanks to lasts, details, leather types, and colours, we have an infinite range of combinations for shodding the feet. Shoes are simply great.
Thanks, DW, these are the troubles for non-native speakers. RMW has truly odd shoe model names, shame on them instead of wurger.
Thank you, bengal. That calfskin looks edible and baby- (or calf-) bum smooth. How would you compare the service, fit, last, and finish of Marquess to the British makers you've tried so far?
I'm sure none of us goes for grammar to become popular, instead it's done so we'd write about the same topics with the same words.These are not Balmoral boots (which have a long vertical seam at both sides) but zip boots. The scales look large, but the quality seems smooth and great.
Menco, that looks most like sealskin to my eyes, though it could be sharkskin as well. You can compare it with a quick image search online for "fighting seal", the fancy name used by Church's back when they used seals. The factory was big in exotics one day.
Did you have it made for the Swedish or international market? It is very difficult for me to picture Swedes wearing crocogator shoes...what with all that lagom talk and Law of Jante in the Nordic countries.
Absolutely stupendous 1960s peacock era Cifonelli suit cut from 19th century paisley shawl: http://fashionmuseum.fitnyc.edu/view/objects/asitem/770/15/dynasty-desc?t:state:flow=545e2bf7-678d-43a4-8fd7-ab742b350f90 FIT has prevented hotlinking, but this is something all you Cifo fans need to see.
...I just found this Tumblr and thought this thread best for sharing it. http://goldenerasuits.tumblr.com/archive It's one of the best damn sources online for images of vintage men's apparel.
wurger, I don't think that Carmina uses the finest crocogator hides...these scales are large, their edges wrinkly, and the monk pair looks worn when new. The wholecut looks much better.
I didn't mean judging by that G&G pair, I meant all the finished pairs made by Marquess, Shoji's company. On another note, how is your order wearing so far, bengal?
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