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Thank you for the thorough explanation, VegTan. You are the man!
Alright, thank you for the answers, all. Ultimately it's a very relative thing how much sweatier plastic-backed shoes feel, but I can't shake off the feeling that it's just shenanigans to use them.
Okay, I have a question: if shoemaking is a part-time thing for Murata-san, why does he use so much time to reach this level of perfection?
Alright, I am in the midst of a shoe debate on another forum. What does Styleforum say: will plastic toe and heel stiffeners make leather shoes less breathable, more occlusive, so on?
ˆThose are some great sweeping lapels!
ˆWell, if you only dare, you could put some Lexol on the leather soles. It moisturises leather and softens it as well.
I swear no one does a chiseled toe like Marquess...just look at that contour!
I've no experience of them, but the dissection photo of these blue Norwegians shows full leather stiffeners on the toe and heelcup, full leather insole as well. These are always good signs.
According to Teemu, the workshop manager at G.J. Cleverley, hippo is as strong as leathers come. You should be able to tromp around in these fine boots for many coming decades. Wear them in health!
French works on display at the PG book launch bonanza in Milan.
New Posts  All Forums: