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jerry, remind me again: how many shoemakers have you tried so far? Any chance for your meta-analysis on their differences?
Sorry, grain leather is far from formal, and an anathema when combined with a dressy last and leather colour combination. Then again, some people just want to watch the world burn...
In the breast pocket of a bespoke dinner jacket I found a pressed handkerchief with a cardboard base, and a few pills of some very old Valium. Evidently engineering is one stressful calling.
ˆYou can try spraying the heelcup suede with water before use, another option is to warm it up with a hairdryer before use. Moisture and warmth and usually make leather conform to feet.
Regarding deer bones, I once got one and tried it out. The bone only managed to scratch leathers and look silly, I now handle the same operations with a steel spoon with better success.
smfdoc, our Styleforum members meister and isshiryu should be able to date these. The size is 11AA but fits my 9C foot well enough, I've worn these for full days without pain or fatigue or rubbing.
NOS Edwin Clapp long wing derby from small-grain calfskin, hand lasted with a curved round toe, coloured leather lining, nylon heels and single leather soles. My poor camera fukd up the colours and contrast, but you'll get the drift. [[SPOILER]]
In those heels, man, pimpin' sure ain't easy...
I tried on one of Cordings's tweed hunting jackets with an action-back a few months ago, and was surprised how form-fitting it was. Most RTW jackets in my size, 38, are too wide at the shoulders, but not this one. Even the sleeves looked nice. If I'd have any belly or larger muscles, it would have been too small.
Perthboy, sorry about that, I was talking about trous tagged size 34''.
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