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That 1970s Ralph Lauren jacket from a few pages back was interesting, but I couldn't see much from the poor pictures. Where could I find some studio-level photos of tailored '70s RL apparel?
Thank you, Ivan, you've made our day!
T4phage, I know you know your shoes, but those petite children's heels kill this pair.
Zapasman, nylon mesh, cotton canvas or suede for the hottest summer days. My favourite is mesh because each gust of wind can be felt through them, and they cool the feet best. Well, my thanks go out to SF member VegTan as he sent the link to me when I asked if he knew which leathers are coolest. I swear: the Japanese shoe hobbyists are the most intense men for knowledge on all things related to footwear.
...who knows, maybe there's even an interview brewing at the moment, just waiting to be served on the right site.
...while we're on the subject of evaporations and shoe leathers, here's a nice study to check out: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc1.b4489325;page=root;view=image;size=100;seq=588;num=1092 It's an old one, to be sure, but I'm confident that hides haven't changed much in a century. The tests and results tell us that the coolest leather is suede, followed by buck, and a suprise bronze medal winner, sharkskin. Calfskin seems unpleasant when compared to the winners....
Yes, very good looking shirts but the price is too high. I guess buying a whole shirt factory has to be paid back somehow, and they are made in England from fine shirtings.
MWS and Orsini, I can only comment on saving with Safari, but I just followed the link Suits and Boots provided, then changed the layout from mobile to browser, next clicked File, then save as. This saves the whole site into a file. I still get the info that says ASW has moved, but all texts are there. The file cannot be opened without Internet connection and it still forwards to the current ASW site, but the texts can be copy-pasted into word files. A lot of trouble, but...
...on another note: is there a list somewhere in this thread about the SF-approved makers on Yoox? There's hundreds of them to search for, so a list would be welcome.
You may think this a Gaziano&Girling of 2015: ...when in fact the pair is an Alden from 1915. Not much is truly new in footwear and the past is an endless source of inspiration. Kudos to CrimsonSox for finding the image.
New Posts  All Forums: