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Cordings makes some damn fine tweed trous. They are expensive but all tweeds are woven for the shop alone, the cloths are strong and scratchy, the trousers come with side adjusters, high waists, and slim legs. I am confident that one can't find as swell a price-quality deal as these.
...now that you mention it, I notice the patches. Combined with the swoosh lapels and sharp button line, I would have preferred to see a patterned shirt or tie with this eccentric cut and perhaps enamel buttons. With the current setup the whole looks like business dress with fashion touches. Then again, LC knows what he's doing and I'd hate to see Cifo turn boring. The suit troubles me.
nmoore82, if Drake's is only charging their cost-to-make prices at this sale, their regular markups are truly heavy.
Up for grabs: neat brown cotton slacks from Rota, the Italian trouser miracle maker. Have a look at them here: http://www.rotasrl.com/en/index.htm These have slim fit, belt loops, pick stitching all over, pockets on seams, two ass pockets with buttons, and English side seams on legs. Size is 30'' with long legs. Material is 100% soft but strong cotton, machine-washable. Made in Italy, baby. Measurements: waist girth 78 cm, waist to ankle 116 cm, inseam 75 cm, ankle...
Nick V., any change for an Instagram account for your business? You must handle hordes of interesting pairs each year and, you know, sharing is caring and whatnot.
So much interesting lore in this thread! My thanks to all who found the info and felt it valuable enough to share.
Scott Schuman Has Shot One French Tailor - Photos Inside! Take a guess before you click. http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/on-the-street-rue-saint-honore-paris-31/
I didn't like the advice forwarded by PTO. The very thing that sets cordovan's look apart from all other leathers is its oily sheen, mostly thanks to the waxes and oils inside, though some makers add an extra finish for near-mirror shine. When we add wax on it, the hide gets a bright shine like calf and the natural shine is covered. All that's left are the wavy rolls, which are nice but the look is gone. The advice says that cream never penetrates the hide's surface, so...
You opining about the above does not make any of these things facts. Please stop. Honestly, its getting embarrassing at this point. Everybody knows pancakes are so last millennium.
I hate nails on the outsole because they're never struck at the very end where I need protection. Brass, metal, or rubber toe guards do the job that I need. I always remove sole nails and have guards attached instead.
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