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Ring Jacket has great designs and beautiful fabrics. Are they offered anywhere in Europe at the moment?
Let me fix this for you in SF form.
Aschup, you can always have any knitwear with seams altered for that form-fitting look. It's the shoulder-to-shoulder seam you'll have to think about carefully.
Those Paris Lobbs are just about the cleanest thing inside, too. Their cordwainers make the pairs as much for themselves as for the customer.
The Budapester last is wrongly accused of bulbousness and uglicity. When viewed from the height of + or - six foot, the walled toe looks nothing like the SF macro photos would have us presume. It's nice for high or hammer toes as well, though best reserved for leisure pairs for obvious reasons. This last kicks shit and muck while giving zero fücks to Art History majors or other aesthetic types. ...and yes, the Vas Budapester last is much more modest than Dinkelacker...
I don't really feel for Buday's lasts and most designs, but that 3-tie pointed cordovan derby is astounding. What's the last called, Ed?
...I cannot believe I've missed this thread for over a year now. While SF is too big to fall, it's also too big for one to keep up on everything. My virtual le fedora is tipped to the man who came up with SF front page news. Thank you.
This is bloody priceless, this is golden! My favourite quote from this year on SF. It describes our weird and wonderful reality so well!
Kinky...in a classic, timeless, and artisanal way. Or perhaps I've been ruined by certain films I've seen in my younger years, and I fail to see the charm.
Daniel Wegan, trained by Tony and Dean, the newest member of the G&G bespoke team, shares his thoughts on quality and craft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZkS3fOFt7c My thanks to Jesper for the video link!
New Posts  All Forums: