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So true! I only learned of this option now and it would have spared me from a world of trouble. Despite the "new nice" their webstore's functionality is still straight from the '90s.You're missing my point. This point is that, while all manufacturers make mistakes, these shouldn't happen several times in a row. It shows that the people in charge of quality control are not doing their job well at all, and it also makes a deep dent into a perceived image of quality. If the...
Luxire orders gone wrong I really should have better things to do, but I thought that by sharing my experiences, I could also ask if others have had similar ones. 1. I had four custom shirts made about a year-and-a-half ago. Details and measurements were like I'd come to expect from Luxire, but the collars and cuffs were cardboard-stiff when I had asked for unfused and stiff, but "not as stiff as my high club collar shirt has". These were rock-hard. I had asked for...
Gentlemen, Francesco Smalto has joined the digital age, and now I give you Cyber Smalto: http://instagram.com/ateliersmalto/
...but not to worry: fine old bags, cases and trunks can still be used as beautiful storage pieces around the house or shack. It's amazing what a bit of elbow grease can do!
These auctions will give a nice excuse for bidding for the place as the most Alpha Stylefo dude this year. Beats bickering about gorge height or lapel width any day.
Bordeaux, those drooping shoulder/sleeve seams may just be easy to fix by asking the maker to cut them X cm closer to each other.
ScottMC, if you're willing to budge a bit about that cap detail, Carmina's balmoral boot is the finest affordable model I know of: http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=4436151 ...and these are sometimes cheaper on sales, too.
The U-cap model seems to have become more widespread during the last ten years. When I first saw it, I thought that it was interesting and novel...but like all great things, details, models, cuts come and go. Here's a U-model from the all-American Stetson from 1939: Very few things are new.
On another note, which tannery offers very smooth kangaroo leather? I received some samples from Germany but the grain is a bit too large for my intended use on nice, dressy balmoral boots. I've read great things about the leather type, so I'd really like to give them a go but would really prefer as smooth a 'roo as possible.
...fixed that for you
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