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Quoted for agreement and right choice of words. The cordwainers handle the make and quality while the owners take the credit.
Bengal, I trust you have a walk-in closet for your shuu collection already?
Thank you for the trouble, Jesper! Maybe next time a comparison between three high-end makers with a similar price point and clientele? Lobb Paris, EG and G&G spring to mind quickly.
The John Lobb Lopez is strong with this one...
Sales alert: Exquisite Trimmings has a few Drake's ties and 'kerchiefs in their clearance sales. Mughal prints on hobotai silk included.
BUMP for such a sweet deal!
Agreed. Something like Saphir's Renomat should do the trick in removing build-ups. Maybe some Lexol to soften the leather after all this dry polish, and my secret cream is Crema Alpina. It has proved more effective than anything else I've tried over the years.
emiristol, I posed the very same question some months ago on this thread when I found out about the topic. Back then, SF member VegTan answered that, yes, historically they have been untouchables, but this distinction does not hold in modern Japan.
ThinkDerm, re-lasting can be done to most leather shoes. There was an old, interesting RJman article on A Suitable Wardrobe back in the days, maybe it's been transferred to the new site as well. Arduous and expensive work, but worth it if you're attached to some shoes that you'd like to wear with a better fit.
New Posts  All Forums: