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This is bloody priceless, this is golden! My favourite quote from this year on SF. It describes our weird and wonderful reality so well!
Kinky...in a classic, timeless, and artisanal way. Or perhaps I've been ruined by certain films I've seen in my younger years, and I fail to see the charm.
Daniel Wegan, trained by Tony and Dean, the newest member of the G&G bespoke team, shares his thoughts on quality and craft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZkS3fOFt7c My thanks to Jesper for the video link!
A lovely mottled mix, prurient. How't the knit -- give or no give, thick yarns or thin?
These are some chunky pieces. Hand frame-knitted or hand-knitted?
Rc121, you best email Justin about the sale. Jubei, it really is hard to see that those G&Gs are extra wide. If this isn't a sure sign of last mastery, I don't know what is.
Here's a nice bespoke tweed jacket from Giliberto Spector in New York, best fits the slim and taller chap. Material 100% wool in grey-brown colour. In excellent condition throughout. Small shoulder pads, patch pockets, horn buttons, full canvas chest, no vents. I'm asking $150 + shipping to anywhere for this one. Shoulder seam to seam 46 cm, shoulder seam to cuff 65 cm, armpit to cuff 42 cm, pit to pit 56½ cm, neck to hem 75½ cm. More photos at the...
A genu-wine unused Balmacaan from the German quality maker Bugatti. Material 63% cotton/37% polyester with nano layer against rain and wind. Machine-washable. Fly front, poppable collar, slanted pockets, one vent, unstructured model with lining only in sleeves and shoulders. I'm asking $220 + shipping for this light coat. Measurements: shoulder seam to seam 53 cm, girth on waist 126 cm, pit to pit 63 cm, neck to hem 110 cm, shoulder seam to cuff 65 cm, armpit to cuff...
A bespoken tweed jacket from journeyman tailor Hector Powe. Best fits a slight and shorter frame. Material is 100% thick, coarse and durable tweed woven by Crombie. Hacking pockets, one vent, in excellent condition throughout, made in England in 1981. Measures: shoulder seam to seam 42 cm, girth on waist 93 cm, pit to pit 50 cm, shoulder seam to cuff 63½ cm, armpit to cuff 45 cm, neck to hem 78½ cm. My price: $130 + shipping to...
A bespoke jacket from the London tailors of Graham Browne. Get to know the maker: http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/search/label/Graham%20Browne In excellent condition throughout, material is 100% heavier wool. Double vents, grey buttons, two flapped pockets, hand-sewn buttonholes. Measures 46 cm from shoulder seam to seam, 62 cm from shoulder seam to cuff, 42 cm from armpit to cuff, 57 cm from pit to pit, 104 cm around waist, 77½ cm from neck to hem. Photos be...
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