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I cannot remember if this tidbit for all shoe nerds has been mentioned yet, but the Norwegian/Norvegese/Goyser stitch is among the finest inventions for making shuus water-resistant. Traditionally the stitches only go through the first leather sole, while the second is glued and nailed to place. Thus, the stitches never touch wet pavement and won't wear at all until the first sole tires, and this first layer can be exchanged until it's worn through.
sd2002, congratulations to the new father! This crocobaby is beautiful from every angle.
That waistband: the American company Oxxford still cuts a waist like this, but theirs is a hybrid. The band is separate on the front and has a Hollywood look at the back.
ˆCongratulations for snatching him!
Welcome to the forum!
Quoted for agreement and right choice of words. The cordwainers handle the make and quality while the owners take the credit.
Bengal, I trust you have a walk-in closet for your shuu collection already?
Thank you for the trouble, Jesper! Maybe next time a comparison between three high-end makers with a similar price point and clientele? Lobb Paris, EG and G&G spring to mind quickly.
The John Lobb Lopez is strong with this one...
Sales alert: Exquisite Trimmings has a few Drake's ties and 'kerchiefs in their clearance sales. Mughal prints on hobotai silk included.
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