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...there are creases and then there are crevices. Still, I'd like to remind all of us in the shoe bubble that most people will only see that we have shoes on. Nice shoes at best. If these marks trouble you very much, do take a few photos and send them to the maker. The reply could just be quotable.
Not a pair of mine but I'd like to take this opportunity to talk bad about Meermin. Just look at those upper stitchings, wobbly in all directions like a hungover palm. If this isn't shuu damage I don't know what is. It's been, what, two or three years since they appeared on SF and still these quality issues haven't been fixed. Meermin is just about the poorest maker on the market because they don't care.
Does Bestetti have a comparison photo of his lasts from straight up and the side profiles of each? Not that his main business would be long-distance orders, but as long as this option is available, it should be catered to with plenty of photos. This way order mixups are mostly the customer's fault.
I'm sidetracking, of(f) course, but my one cashmere jumper from John Smedley is some great stuff. Very strong threads despite the thin knit, it's the softest cashmere jumper I've owned.
Meister, talking about breaking in, eh? ; )
I've a question for shoe connoisseurs: does Cheaney use leatherboard or plastic toe and heel stiffeners in their latest models?
I feel a bit bad for Ugolini: either the man himself isn't paying much at all to his pocket or much at all to his makers. Surely a thousand more to bespoke prices would only bring RU to the same level with most Italian masters. Mind you, artisanal wages in Italy are not the same thing as in, say, Romania or Hungary.
PCK1, you might want to try some tongue pads with your fine boots -- lacing as tight as this will leave nasty marks on the shell.
Field boots and broguing? What next -- fused collars and cemented soles?
Usually I do my best to avoid shü trees from makers themselves. Few RTW pairs have shapes that really need special support and most branded trees have high markups. G&G is one of the few exceptions, all of their lasts are just about the most contoured available and all need proper trees to keep those lovely curves.
New Posts  All Forums: