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...did you guys hear this yet? The Big Foot lives -- and he's Swedish! On another note, Daniel will surely excel with all sizes and shapes. He is a pretty talented chap, trained by a few talented guys, after all.
The only answers he gives are the usual monotonous sentences: "Wear in good health" or "Nephew, thank you". Oh, and hundreds of pics of Aldens.
If you've made it this far, you likely know what Swaine Adeney Brigg stands for -- and all of it is true. Up for grabs a document case made by the royal warrant holder SAB for the Peal&Co. line of Brooks Brothers. I just haven't had enough use for the case to keep it anymore. It only has scratches at the bottom and around the lock, and one water spot on the leather. Otherwise mint. Material is light brown bridle hide in English Tan shade, lining is dark green...
...when I get new stuff, I intend to wear it until said stuff frays entirely or just implodes -- that is, if I don't gain too much weight in the coming decades. Alright, 2-3 cm to let on both sides at the back is enough to keep me satisfied. Thanks!
Come on, somebody give a home to these babies!
A quick question for all SS-guys who've had their jackets let out: how much seam allowance does SuitSupply leave inside their jackets? Mine fit well now, but if I manage to gain five kilos or more, I'm wondering if these can be let out without trouble.
...as if you "needed" any more shoes in your life or racks
"...Allegedly used in martial arts equipment though I can't vouch for the veracity because the only martial arts feat I perform is a mental one -- against the compulsion to buy more shoes." : D
....I'm still trying to reach some G&G pigskin leather shuu owners. If you find this, do let me know how the stuff wears.
Today I have question for The G&G Pig Owners' Club: how has the pigskin that they use held up? I've taken an interest in the pigskin that A.A. Crack offers, and I take it that G&G use it...but their site reads that it's mainly used for linings. How does it wear?
New Posts  All Forums: