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Here it friggin is -- the rumours were true! Handmade prize-winning dress wellingtons from 1853, featuring 53 stitches to the inch on a slim, small leather welt! Man's victory over material! See it here today! Save the .jpeg for future generations! ...with my thanks to Daniel "The Talented Mr W." Wegan for the photo.
...most likely most of you already follow the PS blog, but here's a little something new-ish: http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2015/01/cifonelli-double-breasted-overcoat.html
You're one lucky guy, Canucker, as that particular tweed is the most beautiful I've seen. Vivid colours, a nice shade of green and enough heft to make it long-lasting.
^Agreed. Roy has enough style for a blog of his own as pure American classic style is again a thing now. Perhaps not a large thing, but there's plenty of info to be found if one's willing to learn.
Dirnelli's haul was the finest in 2014 if the clothes are right enough for his build and taste. I was surprised by several of the finds in the poll list as some folks just seem to throw too much money into clothes that they end up throwing out, but some 30 CdL commissions is hard to beat as a one-off pull. They are exceedingly rare items in any auction, and rarity must be the main variable in all lucky thrift games.
^The shoulders look totally soft. If they were such, this jacket is yet another reminder that the trendy Neapolitan "soft shoulder" is no new thing at all.
There's a whole post on blind welt stitching on Carreducker's blog. It produces the tightest, cleanest welt possible and likely it's the best option for traditional shoes for smart occasions.
BespokeMakers, just a single post with example photos and links to the rest will do. Otherwise the mods may take issue for excessive link sharing.
There's some mighty fine info in this thread for all of us shoe nerds around the world. I wish more shoemakers had the time to take part so that John and Jane Does could make better decisions in the shoe store. Thank you both.
^They pop up on eBay occasionally, and usually the price is less than a thousand euros. Just save a search on the site and order the updates by email.
New Posts  All Forums: