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Tweedy, you must have quite the collection of tweedy photos. Which fabric mills are your favourite so far, and who keeps up the most consistent quality?
If you really want to be terse, you should add some humour into your stings, like Voxsartoria did. Otherwise these messages only become mean and make you seem a douche, which you're likely not. No one who likes shuus can be a whole, well-rounded douche.
suitntieguy, the reason why old-school dressers and Menswear Rules guys don't like shell cordovan is because, back in the days, they were mainly worn by manual labourers who needed strong and durable footwear. Even when left uncared and beaten with an ugly stick, cordovan will outlast calf, more so in muddy or wet use. Shell also tends to have dry areas that cannot be smoothed out entirely or moistured with cream, and the wavy bends are likely to grow deeper if the pair...
This week I received my first Filson bag, their Original Briefcase. Some two dozen threads were pointing at all directions, and the shoulder strap had dried and cracked, otherwise it's a well-thought-out-and-made thing. The canvas laughs a scorn to water as I tested it under a faucet, and the fabric seems solid enough. Those who've owned similar bags for years; will the canvas droop when the bag is mostly empty?
I believe it's Carmina own thin, smooth, and dressy rubber sole unit.
Isshi, you have just about the most interesting shüüs online from year to year. When can we see your favourite top 10 vintage pairs all in one pornographic money shot?
Of course you do because the world of style nerds is small. We are a peculiar and eccentric breed, and we have similar thoughts (which, to be honest, may be an equally good or bad thing).
Here be French bespoke monograms on a Lanvin/Marc Lauwers shirt:
Kindly note that the troubles with these four shirts are just the tip of the iceberg that punctured my vessel. I never wore the shirts during the five months because of the hardness, and I couldn't make up my mind whether to keep them or sell them on. As they were not worn or washed, they have not shrunk so the newest set should have fit the collarband. Luxire should have put buttons and buttonholes on the first spare set as it's mighty hard to source similar buttons on...
Alright, here's something I wasn't expecting: Ashish has cancelled all of my pending orders, including a nice Black Friday find. This really isn't the "new nice" I've been reading about in this thread. Two questions raise to mind: Is it moral for a company to react to criticism by cancelling all orders before trying to settle? Is it acceptable business conduct to deny any future services to a customer with an order history of 25 transactions? I can live without Luxire,...
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