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On my moleskins this size feels more like 33'', but on my tweed trous it's more like 32,5''. I've no idea why.
Odd I/O, this pair just showed up with the Dainites all hand-sewn. It can be done, but the task is tedious and slow and the stitches will look unclean.
Thank you, all. I had been thinking about a U-wing for several months now, most likely I first saw the model on some American vintage pair years ago. Then I searched online to see if Vass had previously completed a boot design -- and that's it. I feel that the F-last and single-layer Dainite-soles make this a swell match for dressy trous as well. I plan to wear the boots with nearly everything.
The latest from Vass:made to order U-wing austerity boots from dark brown suede made on the F-last with brass eyelets, hand-sewn Dainite-soles -- and natural welts with white stitching, as always. [[SPOILER]]
Wore my green moleskin Cordings trous yesterday. Few makers have such a swell combination of cut, cloth, details and price.
Still my favourite photo of Lapo, taken in a family palazzo in Turin, 2004, before cocaine and weird company made him all kooky. Take note of the shoulders, lapels, shirt collar and tie -- this is no boring workhorse navy suit.
Some Green pornography:side elastic model Kibworth made from Vintage Edwardian calfskin on the 606-last with a single oak-bark sole. The top-down shot shows the upper colour best.In short: the fine looks of an oxford with the ease and comfort of a loafer. More makers should offer side elastics. [[SPOILER]]
Is this David V. Cleat a member of Styleforum yet? Seems like a chap who'd have much to offer.
*a most ironic and sarcastic comment about Lapo's latest escapades, peppered with Internet meme references and one-liners*
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