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I've been wearing my Luxire melton wool trous plenty since the parcel arrived. This fabric is by far the warmest wool cloth I've worn and still breathes so my legs won't sweat, as well as drapes like steel. Straight and damn clean. These work well as moleskin or jeans substitutes as the cloths isn't a smart or fancy one. A pity the mill isn't listed, I'd check the other offerings if I'd know the maker.
Today I received my very first SS suit. The fit was off but the level of finishing is excellent for the price. It's no wonder the company is doing great when they offer so much for so little.
Here's a little something I'm sure is familiar with all of you:
sd2002, I like your curvy leather. What last are these made on? Meccariello sure is one serious maker.
...and so verr was never heard of again.
This story has Amy's Bakery written all over it. Some anger management seems to be in order after the man behind Linkson Jack has apologised.
Quoted for humorous verbiage of the funniest kind.
Luxire, could you please get back to me about those cavalry twill samples I requested?
Alright, good news. Hopefully next month my MTO Norwegian boots in blue museum calf are ready and I can provide of whole load of pornographic images for SF's viewing pleasure. The New Peter last should fit the burly apron well and work with moleskins as well as suitings.
...since we got the pearl ball rolling, here's a photo I saved from the Internet: The seller listed these as 1910s Florsheims. I trust hand-welting so close to the outer rim is an additional challenge? These pearls look beautiful still.
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