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Ridgeway is softer than Dainite or Commando, so they've better grip on wet indoors and ice. While crepe also offers great grip, it has a tendency to crack in time. Ridgeway is also softer to walk and makes little noise on any surface, and snow or pebbles won't pack into the wide grooves as easily. In short, it's the best "smart" sole unit I've tried and I will resole all casual pairs with it when the time comes. Oh, and that 94% mark is the rubber content. A shame it's not...
MTO casual boot bonanza time.Model: ThorpeLast: GG06Colour: vintage riojaSole: RidgewaySmell: oh boy... [[SPOILER]]
Thank you, all. agedashidofu, those waists are just about as close as wearable. Mad skills at the G&G factory. I wonder how long it takes to sculpt and finish leather to such extent. rydenfan, what specs do you need? My message and shoe box photo show all. Ridgeway is the best smart sole unit I've tried. Dainite is slippery in winter and also hard, Commando packs snow and stones, crepe has a tendency to crack. Vibram's Eton is also wonderful but I can't yet say how it...
MTO casual boot bonanza time.Model: ThorpeLast: GG06Colour: vintage riojaSole: RidgewaySmell: oh boy... [[SPOILER]]
Agreed, this thread is definitely among the finest on SF's classic side. More than enough for any regular leather apparel user, and just enough for shoe nerds. My thanks to all who've shared so far.
Bengal, as ever, my thanks for the wonderful reading.
Congratulations for the new father, SeaMaster! The jacket looks incredibly clean all over, just like we'd expect from CdL.
Does anyone have fabric samples of the many fine cavalry twills Luxire stocks? It would be such waste to order a clip of each if someone already has them and could ship to me. I could afterwards pass on the favour.
...what makes Bestetti even more striking is that the man is self-taught. He has no dogma or strict sixth sense to cling to, so his creations are highly individual beginning with those sky-high sculpted insteps.
Well, shell cordovan is an original workwear boot material. Our fancy-ass office oxfords or dubmunks came a few decades later in history. It's one tough membrane but not really in best use in anything formal. Another option is to desensitise away from seeing water spots and dry patches.
New Posts  All Forums: