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Here be an old interview with Riccardo: http://uptowndandy.blogspot.fi/2014/01/an-interview-with-riccardo-bestetti.html
Roy, so you haven't asked for compensation for these weird creases on the loafers and unfinished finishing on other shoes?
Foster, that's just the answer I was hoping for. I trust you market your RTW range by mentioning unique designs and lasts?
Sstomcat: the last is very high on the instep and wide on the heelcup, but I've managed to make them comfortable with tongue pads and heel grips. The make is artisanal and similar to Vass but the house style has several nice quirks listed on my site. Arch support is default option in every pair.
Foster, I've a challenge for you: why should a man buy his readymade shoes from you and not from, say, Edward Green or some other smart factory?
This just in: Bespoke shoes scandal claims scalp of Hollande aide! Paris (AFP) - A close advisor to Francois Hollande resigned on Friday after allegations about a conflict of interest and his extravagant lifestyle dealt a fresh blow to the beleaguered French president. In a statement to AFP, senior political advisor Aquilino Morelle, 51, said he was stepping down but denied any wrongdoing in a scandal that has put the spotlight on his collection of 30 pairs of bespoke...
Re-invigorating this nice thread: a MTM austerity oxford in orange-brown Italian buffalo leather with round but chiseled toe, natural welt with white stitching, dark purple lining, flush steel toe guards and single oak bark leather soles with beveled waist. [[SPOILER]]
Whoa, Hungary must have the highest VAT anywhere. What services does the state provide with all these tax funds?
Am I the only bloke on SF who just happens to loathe that Crispin brogue medallion? It's like a poorly installed broken fountain for the Sochi olympics.
No-no, Hungary is home to other great shoemakers as well -- these are MTM by Rozsnyai Shoes.
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