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I won't go into the GYW debate as hand welters have become so rare in most price points, but full leather toe and heel stiffeners would be a nice start. Cork has a tendency to crack and move, so felt or other materials would be nicer. I guess Corthay fans choose them for the lasts, vivid colours, and eccentric styles more than technical niceties (which are always best left for shoe nerds).
Who here would like to know what their Corthay pair's inner structure looks like? Have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/eugene.pik/posts/10152822344141766 It turns out that $1600 does not a thoroughly well-made shoe make.
Well, most of us still have two kidneys and sacks, or a flat. Maybe it's high time to let go of the extra bits in life and invest in some very well-made shoes. They do pay themselves back in 20 or 30 years of wear, right?
tifosi, my pleasure, these smaller makers need support more than any factory out there because their volume is tiny, and they rarely have the cash to advertise. Just let me know if you'd like more tips at some point. It's a small world, after all.
tifosi, New York is not that far away from NJ, and houses Oliver Moore and E. Vogel, for starters. http://www.olivermoorebootmakers.com/index.html http://vogelboots.com Vogel charges around $500 for the last, but subsequent pairs made on your last are a bit over $1000. Both of these makers don't market much, one kind of has to know them.
- wholecut - seamless - croc/gator - elastic Seems like to me AM set out to try his skill in creating just about the most difficult shoe to make. I'm eagerly waiting for the final results!
bullswin, the pair looks pretty damn good from the front. It will interesting to see if Yanko does pull off a Meermin and head with billowing sails to global shuu waters.
I'd like to have trousers made from heavyweight Bedford cord, it seems like one of the strongest fabrics available. Which weavers or cloth merchants could supply me with some good stuff just enough for one pair?
Here's a new, completely soft Cifonelli summer jacket in cotton: The owner wrote that even the piped inner seams are hand-sewn. How's that for artisanal perfection?
Nutcracker, is there a meta union or organization in Japan for all the cordwainers around the country? Given that the land of the rising sun now lives a renaissance of shoemaking, it would be fascinating to have a show pair made at each maker, just to be kept in an archive for posterity. This is a case for material or cultural history, you know, we're not talking shoes only.
New Posts  All Forums: