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...the problem with out-sourced manufacturing, for me at least, is that after the new name is added, clothes from well-known companies usually cost much more than what the factory's own products retail. As an example: it is difficult to tell at a store if Brioni shoes made by Bonafé have more value despite the high price...or if the quality is similar but the price hiked up.
Leaves, do you know if Bonafé produced their Brioni range with the same quality of make and materials as their regular in-house pairs?
Leaves, these are reproduction boots: I have seen several of these ball strap/tarsal strap models in vintage catalogues. I cannot say how popular these were back in the days, but enough so that several American factories made them.
Testudo: on vintage shoe advertisements this shoe type is usually called a ball strap or tarsal strap oxford/derby/brogue. My qualm with these particular reproductions is the material, it looks like corrected grain crap leather. If it's something else, the high-shine and platic-like finish is ugly.
I had a pair once. They were very wide, so much so that I couldn't fit them into any pair I owned and had to sell them onwards.Pic for proof:
...then you should have a look at what Oxxford Clothes makes in America. Hand-padded lapels take around an hour to make at least, if the maker is careful, and it's boring work -- I guess this explains the markup.
ˆˆDeeply wrinkled boot shaft is...deeply wrinkled I wish Vass would use the same quality cuts for shafts as they use for vamps and toes.
Just out of curiosity: are there many skilled tailors in Dubai?
These are chukkas and have no seams on the ball(s) of your feet, so they will stretch more than other models. Just wear them at home first if the squeeze is tight. If they don't feel comfortable after, say, 20 wears, you can take them to a trustworthy cobbler. He will stretch them for you and all will be well in life.
An unrelated notion: I have four pairs of Vass shüüs made on the F-last. All of them have the same size but I could swear they fit differently, some have higher insteps no matter how tightly I pull the laces...
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