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A rare opportunity to purchase an unworn pair of shoes by Georg Materna of Vienna. They are beautiful, as I hope the photos show. They are in black box calf, and come with their dustbags, but not their original boxes. They seem to have been in storage for quite a while, and there are some creases to the uppers where they have been kept awkwardly. When a load of NOS from this maker were sold in 2010, the price for box calf was 790 Euros (£665). That seller was...
Thanks for your comments. It's good to have confirmation that they're Materna's. I've also had a couple of kind messages from Fritzl. I'll stick them on B&S once I've swotted up on what an appropriate price would be. I love derbies myself, add911, especially on typical central European lasts. Oxfords fit me far better than derbies and I wish the opposite were true. Oh well.
For fans of paisley: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HARDY-AMIES-Silk-Ties-Lot-Bundle-of-4-Various-Paisley-Patterns-BARGAIN-NEW-/121099733034?pt=UK_Ties&hash=item1c321b482a
I think 'laconic' comes from somewhere else.My favourite bit is when - 11 pages into an argument about class and clothes in which there is a sky-high level of assumed knowledge about both the subject at hand and each contributor's background//theories/pathologies - somebody chips in with:These encounters between stupid newcomers and weird veterans are what make this website, IMO.
This thread is an absolute classic: http://www.styleforum.net/t/151036/navy-hopsack-suit
Welcome to the forum. Canali do have at least one diffusion line (called Proposta, I think) which presumably is not fully-canvassed. You'll be advised here not to buy a black suit. It's probably good advice if this is your first 'good' suit.
Hello everybody, I've come into the possession of two pairs of shoes, which I believe are by Georg Materna. There is no branding on the shoes themselves, so it would be good to have someone knowledgeable confirm their identity. They came to me in shoebags labelled "Materna-Schuhe by Dellantonio" - I believe Dellantonio is the current owner of the shop - and the sole treatment looks about right. I would particularly appreciate anything Fritzl might have to say about...
When makers like C&J and Tricker's do private label work they use the specifications that their clients ask for. I've never seen B&L shoes in person and agree with AlexSF that S&H are as good as C&J benchgrade. However, there are C&J-made Cleverley's which are more expensive than Handgrades and also made to higher standards. There is no reason why it shouldn't work the other way, too. Indeed, a few years ago Cheaney were making shoes for Austin Reed which were absolutely...
I think the cheaper line is made by Sanders (who also sell shoes under their own name), if that's helpful.
Not the best photos and not photos of the best dresser, but I like this thread and would like to bump it. Dark grey flannel suit; blue and white bengal-striped shirt; navy blue silk knitted tie; black captoe Oxfords not seen.
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