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Well that depends on where in the City of London you look. All kinds of people are employed there. Not many partners at Slaughter and May wear black poly suits, or shoes from Next. But they tend to wear black shoes.The fact that you do not wear not wear black shoes without contrasting laces which make them stands out suggests that you have a particular, and perfectly legitimate, approach to dress. It is not everybody's approach. Most of the time I do not want me shoes to...
I assumed that was just shadows. You're the expert though!
I disagree with all of this - especially that Loake 1880 will outlast C&J benchgrade. Where you have got this from I have no idea. My black C&J Connaughts were my first pair of 'good' shoes - I got them when I turned eighteen three years ago and have worn them regularly since - and they still look almost new. Cheaney shoes are fine, but not significantly cheaper than C&J any more. I find them a bit soulless, but that's another conversation.And I appreciate black leather...
Sorry, I missed your reply to my earlier post! Bontoni was indeed at the front of my mind when I wrote that.Good price for Vass, with Best Offer option:
Apart from what B-S said, my point was that there are shoemakers doing a much better job at meeting similar aesthetic aims to Berluti. It is incidental that those companies are all Italian and Berluti is a French company with factories in Italy.
Are Peals by Loake sold for a similar price to those by C&J and AS? It's often misguided to try to infer the quality of private label shoes from their maker, but I can't imagine anything coming out of the Loake factory is made to C&J-like standards.
I'm a recent graduate in the UK. I actually have a Benjamin Sartorial suit which I bought a couple of years ago and continue to be delighted with. Many of my friends (and a lot of them ask me for advice about this kind of thing) would not spend $500 on a suit, however. They would probably buy your cheaper half-canvassed option - I would certainly recommend it to them.
They are a narrow UK size 9.
I disagree with (1). Ownership by Prada has meant that Church's has produced some awful 'fashion' shoes with sequins and the like. But JLP has done similar things since being bought by Hermes. In neither case has the quality of the classic models noticeable decreased, IMO. The Grafton, the Chetwynd, and so on, are still absolute classics and in my opinion both are better-made than C&J benchgrade.However, you are right that captoes are the way to go and for this style, C&J...
These are really lovely. I'm not sure Cheaney would have been up to making this kind of thing in pre-Church's Mcafee era. Who knows, though. Here are a couple of photos:
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