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Not a bargain, but what a wonderful overcoat...
Very nice indeed.
Agreed. I rarely contribute because I am not especially knowledgeable but have learned a huge amount from certain posters here. If this thread was filled entirely with people using sexual metaphors to describe their reactions to double monk straps I would stay away.And if Isshinryu's tastes don't conform to the bland #menswear norm then all the better.
Well done, than.
I agree with everything you say, but...The bit I quoted is very amusing if you are familiar with British slang.
This is the key. Preferring the best that modern-day EG and G&G have to offer to the best of Isshinryu's shoes might be legitimate and just a difference in taste. Preferring something dully pleasant like Carmina or Alfred Sargent just indicates an undeveloped eye.This thread would be so boring if it was all modern rtw.
Nice collection - thanks for posting.What about suede? In the first photo, the subject has tried to record topping himself using timer delay. In those that follow he has happily called it off after realising that his shoes might fetch a bit on eBay, thus solving the problems that led to the original grim decision. Nice material as a bonus!
Well, that's true.But I'm very snobbish.
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