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Good BIN price on C&J handgrade monks:
Not a fan of the last here, but these new Bally Scribes are extremely cheap:
How about these?
I have a Benjamin suit. It's excellent for the price - made to similar standards to canali and corneliani. I don't mind made in China, but then, I don't mind globalisation.
Generally 'Tricker's International' shoes are Italian-made and look a bit flimsy. I had assumed that they and the English Tricker's were completely separate. What's the story with English Tricker's International?
Slip-ons with a suit can be good. Done well, it looks louche. That's not always good, but can be. These, for example, I would wear with a dark suit in a flash. Not that it makes much sense to use Tuczek shoes as an exemplar in this type of thread. Any opportunity, though... A bit much for me, but very interesting!
Elegant double monks made by Grenson to their old Masterpiece standards, for New & Lingwood's top line of shoes, Poulsen Skone. In terms of both quality and retail price these shoes are situated somewhere between the level of Edward Green and that of C&J handgrade, so I'd say I'm offering a really good deal here! The shoes don't come in their original box but I will of course pack them properly in another shoe box. Measurements: Length along bottom of sole with...
It's quite striking, I like it. And I guess you're American so can get away with it.But I dread to think what would happen if somebody In the UK was spotted wearing that. It's the sort of thing that a member of the Oxford University Conservative Association might wear to an event at which they end up drinking port out of a pith helmet.
Very reasonable BIN for Barker Harrison boots. Half-price, and the RRP is good value in the first place, as English shoes go.
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