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Wonderful, thank you!
Any help would be much appreciated!
I've seen Avi Rossini shoes made by Silvano Lattanzi and Artioli, as well as some I couldn't identify. Posting pictures (especially of the insoles and soles) would help.
Fred Perry is a mod brand, so I guess they're supposed to go with this sort of thing. I'd happily wear em with dark jeans and a polo shirt! Cool Alfred Sargent X Fred Perry chelsea boots. Look like they're made to the standard of AS's "premier" range which disappeared after their rebranding.
NOS RTW Henry Maxwell. Cheaney? Cracking deal on NIB pre-Prada Church's
NOS cardigan, made by John Laing for Harrod's.
Beautiful. Who thinks they will sell at the asking price?
"Crockett & Jones" is written in the font you find on older C&J shoes, so I would guess it's the same company.
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