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that looks a LOT better than the previous pics. seems to suit your style much better
I had something held for like 10 days until I emailed USPS and the next day it started to move again. I'd suggest doing that or calling
get getting got
no one posted about it here? wonder if it'll be worth going this weekend
what's the deal with the Gentry sample sale? was it last weekend http://four-pins.com/style/gentry-sample-sale/ or is it this weekend? http://www.reddit.com/r/frugalmalefashion/comments/2zlapd/sample_sale_gentry_nyc_sat_321_sun_322_up_to_90/
Some drops at Eastdane
yeah, I'm not usually a fan of the spring season stuff but some nice pieces in there
I saw some gray jeans and maybe light blue. One pair black. Probably some others I may have missed. Didn't check sizes.
I might be able to do the same if you can/want to wait for sunday. I went today so I might be able to tell you if they did or didn't have somethingsweaters and button downs are priced pretty well though can't remember exact figures other than 135 for pocket sweaters
back in the war it's how we knew if a man was jewish
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