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it's so fun trolling idiots on grailed
seems unlikely, sells pretty well from what I've seen, at least the Ace stuff. No way they're getting out. certain fits or colorways will always miss. not even APC avoids that
lots of sizes, good to very good prices depending on item grabbed a tony and ace
http://www.yoox.com/us/11072675NR/item#dept=shoesmensl&sts=sr_shoesmensl80&cod10=11072675NR&sizeId=15 looks like something you dudes might like
I just checked in cart and it seems like it took off 16%. I can't remember if we've talked about that before or if we figured out why...
20-OFF for US and idk where else
oki-ni $150 off $600 100gbp off 400 VOLUME2 full price items brand exclusions apply
wish it was my size
Does anyone know where I can find these suede balenciagas?
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