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back in the war it's how we knew if a man was jewish
I want to defend him from the abuse but the homophobia is holding me back...
I wanna know how he took the photo
grail'd .com/listings/53767-patrik-ervell-button-collar-shirt
If anyone going to the sale sale on Friday would mind posting whether there are any alpaca aran sweaters and how much, it would be appreciated!
I'm not fan of gats but I'm having trouble picturing anything that would look that much better. Pretty simple fit edit: idk if this is crazy, definitely not realistic, but geobaskets?
ok that post was silly, but people did jump on him for a very simple critique. eh, why the fuck am I even getting into this discussion. I'd burn the last 50 pages if I could
you took someone saying "too much floral" and twisted it into all that?
yeah, sz is a real shit hole...
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