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east dane 25% off
Undecided on the leather. Thoughts? non-jacket stuff is Ann D, Balenciaga, Alexander Mcqueen
I like it. color combinations are risky but I think they work. and the jacket is *just* long enough
balmain givenchy etc usually start at 30% and slowly, MAYBE go to 50+ but not the good stuff. if you can give us a bit more of a hint of what you're looking at, it would be easier to say
you sure you aren't wearing clown shoes?
you can, but how often. put your money where your mouth is
shipped with duties includedthat's pretty good. the comments in here drive my crazy sometimes...so much misinformation
sale items only it looks like
some drops at eastdane
size 44/54 Hardy Amies suit $112 http://www.yoox.com/us/49139515DB/item?dept=men#/sts=sr_men80&cod10=49139515DB&sizeId=6
New Posts  All Forums: