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They don't like him either
TBS final sale is up. good prices if you can find something
he's fucking kidding
I'm sure the stores are gonna love that
"those make your thighs look huge"-the gfGuess I was wrong
can you guys take this to purseforum plz
extra 15% off webstore GOODBYEFW15 police sweaters and plenty of shirts available (and outerwear)
man, SS pants fit so strange (small). just got a pair of tray trousers that I took a desperate chance on in size 5 (I'm typically a size 30) and they fit just fine in the waist, maybe more comfortable than the tighter size 4s I have. can't tell how much baggier or longer they are than a smaller size but I think they work...
should be safe with royal mail
damn they don't ship directly to the US. if it was a size IV I'd proxy it
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