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Yes, not even worth stopping by imo. Most of the stuff is barney's line, and nothing is marked down very much. Anything you find will be no cheaper than during the normal barney's sale, and there's not even a nice selection. the barneyswarehouse prices are betterLast sale, they had blue star items at 75% off the lowest marked price, which made the sale worthwhile(mostly past seasons, but still better than the rest of the stock which was similar to the stuff this year). All...
Barneys sale absolute shit, and that's coming from someone who thought the last one was decent
This is pretty damn lame compared to some of the more refined looks, but a "fuck it, it's summer" floral on floral look
I think squeezing, not the fuck out of, would be better. I think the choice of shirt has a lot to do with it, not just fit. The cut and style of that shirt does enough to counter the whole nerd look, I don't think a little less tight would do anything but make it look a bit better
friend wanted to take some photos. I obliged
http://www.forwardbyelysewalker.com/fw/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=SSCH-MS5&d=Mens nice price when you factor in the iphone discount
It's common these days because of eBay extortion fees. If you're asking about a Rake tuxedo you bought today, that was from me
only works for people who don't actually order stuff from them
I really like them
I don't understand how there was still so much left on matches after the 20% off sale coupon, and how there's so much left on the corner http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/men/patrik-ervell
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