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can we brexit ike_hiking_boots from styleforum
it might help if you learn what consignment means
I received a reply from them this morningThey scared me with that opening lol
Someone in the customs thread said they will deduct if you ask. I can't confirm that but I emailed them asking
http://www.ln-cc.com/en/brands/men/rick-owens/rick-owens/men%E2%80%99s-stooges-leather-biker-jacket-in-black/ric0123003blk.html?cgid=men-rick-owens&cgid=men-rick-owens#gridview=zoomed&start=3 size 50 $590 after SS16CLEARANCE20 if they deduct vat, it's 500 shipped...after trying to resist all day, I bought the size 48
I noticed some weird pricing changes too. There is or was a women's leather jacket on there for a steal, fyi
where u live dubai
looks great
totokaelo 70% off
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