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unfortunately not :/ it's hit or miss when stuff gets to 75% off. select brands and then sizes/options are really limited
completely wrong... goes to 75% though not everything reaches that level. there is no "additional % off"
Their website "Customers who live in countries that are not part of the European Union are exempt from VAT."I didn't go all the way through checkout but when I added to cart I don't think I saw any deductionOh, just noticed the site was specifically set to ship to US. I assume it's already calculated
Are the prices in usd already excluding vat?
my bad, sometimes my sarcasm is too dry and doesn't translate well into short text on internet forums
it was a joke? it's your website, you're gonna post stuff properly and niceus? we don't get paid, some people are too lazy to ctrl c ctrl vpay us and we'll hand deliver
pay me and I'll pm you codes directly
Don't kill me, but does anyone know how often the GAP has 40 or 50% off with no exclusions? I know I saw it during black friday I believe, but normally I don't pay attention
who the hell is going to notice the button orientation...
barneys warehouse 40% off everything, 60% off clearance
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