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ah that's too bad. I thought they were ready to break out a few years ago, I guess it didn't happen. quality is/was great imo, though I never beat up a pair too much. they seemed to be selling well enough, I haven't seen them at a huge discount until recently (at least since finding some for a good price at yoox several years ago) criminal that these are still available in a couple sizes. fits about a half size small
broken link nice barena stuff in larger sizes
go buy some overpriced boring stuff at unionmade, extra 40% off sale
wow what a loser Caligari is
If anyone cares to be updated on my saga, it took me a while but was finally able to make the exchange. This one is so much nicer and fits better actually
I just got a pair. I assume there has been sizing discussion since the box guide is definitely wrong. the 42 I got fit like a CP 42, if not a tad looser even. clearly not a 8.5us like the box says anyway, I'm very underwhelmed with them
that sucks but it's also hilarious
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