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yoox has some nice deals with the extra 30% they're doing on certain items. haven't looked through everything but some nice marsell boots in size 9-10 http://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoponline#/d=2619&dept=wishcometruemen&gender=U&page=1&season=X
it was 25%.and maybe 30%?but select items15% off everything now. grabbed a few thingsthough I think last year this was a prelude to the "sample sale" drops
The god damn hook collars on the gitman shirts I bought a month ago are friggin awful. 6 shirts I gotta get rid of. Does anyone like those things?
hit em with the hein
wow, shockingly cheap
Barneys warehouse sale was extended until tomorrow apparently. 75% off and still crap
oki-ni 15% off with APP15 you don't actually need to use the app works on outlet too
ordered 8 shirts, thanks
realreal code is TRR2016 can't be used with anything on additional discount. so it would be good(better than 20% off) for orders between 250 and 500
guess that saves me a trip to brooklyn
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