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US sale is already "up to 50% off"
prices are so jacked up to begin with
Link that someone posted didn't work for me, but I Googled and clicked a link from 2011 and it redirected me to the correct page...
over 200 and pretty sure matches includes the duty. you should see it on the checkout page.just confirmedand they are very quick. other guy said 3-4 days to NY but I've gotten stuff the next day
try it and post the results
oh thanks, I had something in cart that wasn't included
is there a code? not sure if there is an image in that post that is blocked here at work. I don't see any email from TBS
Thanks guys. Not sure how I missed it on the attachment site but I'm looking at mercury which I did look at before and don't see it on the list of 38 items. I guess I can blame searching on a phone Oh, it's regular attachment not kk...doh
Has anyone seen this shirt anywhere? I must have just looked at 20+ sites
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