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Yes, thanks! Grabbed something I wanted, last one in my size
I finally got a shipping notice yesterday. Should arrive today. They canceled the one item I really wanted....pair of lanvin jeans.
and some drops at thecorner
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200968730467 Details and pictures on my ebay page. I'm asking a lot less on here This tux is GORGEOUS
They did cancel. Two orders, about 7 items total. I ordered four times on the day the sale started, before noon. The second cancellation just came yesterday. I ordered some more on Saturday, we'll see what happens, haven't gotten a shipping confirmation yet.
looks like a ripped off mashup of balenciagas and margielas with a strap thrown in
I've ordered from them so many times, and only had my first cancellation a couple weeks ago. But from this sale, I think they canceled about half the stuff I ordered...
totokaelo 65% off while barneyswarehouse cancellations roll in
at those prices, it should be worse by now
Extra 15% off yoox dream box YOOXDREAMBOX
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