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I think they do convert to us sizing thought sometimes they'll note it as eu
been solid the couple times i've bought from them.
http://www.openingceremony.us/products.asp?menuid=1&menuid2=209&designerid=161&productid=136750&sproductid=136751 a few other SS pieces for solid prices at OC
saks also has 10% cashback via ebates and code ebates10 for another 10% off (and there's a free shipping code to stack as well)
blowing up the spot
I get stuff next day in NJ...I feel guilty when I only order one item
ships from UK for free. not sure how they can do that.
USA only
they don't do a "code" but they deduct an additional 20% (which turns 70% off into 76% off)
I wish they'd clear out the sold out stuff
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