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Is it me, or do I never get emailed their codes?
^ Did I read on one of the tags something about a technical fabric? that's hyped up right now. Either way, they do feel sorta cheap to the touch, but when I tried em on they seemed ok. But when I took them to the tailor they seemed to be falling and bunching strangely. Maybe just not what I'm used to or maybe they were wrinkled, idk
http://www.grailed.com/direct/2-barena-venezia-pascia-wool-jacket surprised these are still available. looks like a nice jacket, if the 46 was still available I would have copped
if they're the cotton/poly ones I got, they aren't that sweet :/
no white sole, but these will surely be on sale eventually http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/slip-on-sneakers_cod44674808rc.html
few new pieces here http://www.other-shop.com/brands/men/stephan-schneider.html not typically a big fan of their buys...but at least they are unique
fuck that coat is awesome. and your fit on the green shirt looks a lot better than wrongweather but still not sure I like the shirt what sizes are all those pieces?
damn I've been refreshing two pages like crazy and both things are sold out now. anyone out there actually getting orders through TBS?
yeah it's rather fucked
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