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http://tres-bien.com/previous-visvim/ doesn't seem to allow codes
anyone remember thisSo this guy just relisted this thing on ebay and I jumped on it with some skepticism as it was $60 and listed as calf leather. Like reedo mentioned, for the price it seemed worth some risk. Been trying to find out if there are fake attachment pieces out there but haven't been able to find much. Just stumbled on this thread and found the above posts...Here are some pics. No other tag that lists the material or anything else. Shall I assume it's a fake?...
everyone shove a donut in their mouth and stop talking
Resting bitch face
exclusions from east dane now?
I hope I'm not breaking any rules here by actually answering a question, but http://www.amazon.com/6-Color-Extra-LARGE-Steel-Safety-Pins/dp/B001ECMXHG googled large safety pins...looks like they might be the exact ones
I think I got a matches 10% off code the other day? Just checked, yep. Check your emails, you may need to be a prior customer
No real sales these days anyway. Someone mentioned the barneyswarehouse sale, which agreed, is weak compared to the stuff they used to run. Usually we could expect 50% off at least some category of items, nothing near that since the big big sale. Still picked up a thing or two since it's been a dry spell lately
what's the deal with non-kka attachment? Is it a completely different brand? Is it a solid brand and/or are there fakes out there? I randomly see some stuff from them that is really cheap, like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/261620430734
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