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fyi, sample sale was basically like the last sale, color coded hangers starting at $50 going up to i'm not sure how high, 250? a few coats had separate higher prices as well. sweater selection seems a lot smaller than in the past. everything else was like it normally is. Button down selection seemed a little weak. overall a good amount of older stock at further drops from past sales. some newer stuff too. some interesting and unique pieces that were out of my price range...
yeah, the leather ones didn't look that great. I do like the forest camo print ones but I don't wear hats.
there were no suede caps at ervell. some leather (I guess they were real leather?) ones though. 45 I believe
You guys don't care how much they are
the website specifically says the discount is going to decrease
AE is so SF2013
there are deals to be had. outerwear is usually still pricey but the shirts are good bets
thanks just ordered. but how'd you get free shipping?
couple things I was watching dropped by half...and then there were a lot of other smaller drops
ahh I missed that, thanks!
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