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ok that post was silly, but people did jump on him for a very simple critique. eh, why the fuck am I even getting into this discussion. I'd burn the last 50 pages if I could
you took someone saying "too much floral" and twisted it into all that?
yeah, sz is a real shit hole...
pine fits a size smaller than the figaria
that's 2 hours ago
check your dreambox, I just looked and noticed something dropped in price since yesterday, and the 30% is still running(may be dropping to 25% soon, not 100% sure)
http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Robert-Geller-Personally-Owned-AW13-Shearling-Suede-Leather-Jacket-48-/191520697548?hash=item2c9785ecccclaims to be a piece ordered? by robert geller from robert geller...and he didn't like the fitalso includes this gem
yoox 30% off a nice selection of stuff. everything from my dreambox that I checked was included.
Terrible news about gravity pope if that's true
40% off is pretty good as is, and probably better since you don't have to buy two things. even if you grab two things that are exactly the same price, you're getting an extra 10% and if you have to worry about proxying...and if your 2nd item is cheaper than the first, which is likely....well then you might be doing even worse than 40% off. gimme 40 off and the conversion rate and I'm happy
New Posts  All Forums: