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It's been a pretty slow week for me. If any of you guys are serious about thrifting Chicago I can show you around if it's in the next two weeks. After that I start a new job and won't be thrifting too much. :hides: I know it's BR but the supers / BR monogram do surprisingly well over there. The LBCS x Attolini Eazye posted before. After 3 attempts I finally got a steep discount on it. Really nice BB I've only found a few Frays, and they always impress...
Oh man, I was bummed I didn't have room for the guy on the right yesterday, but I don't think his two friends were there.
Nataku, show us the dinner jacket! Also is Ten C a thread first? Also, congrats Spoo!
Also, speaking of Brioni, found this knock off today. Not a hand stitch to be found. Ive never seen anything like it before. Has anyone else on here?
One time I was showing a friend some spots around town and what to look for, when I met up with @theodguy to pass off a Dior tie. Buddy goes into the men's section and immediately finds a Brioni suit. This was before I had ever found a Brioni suit.
The TF Pretty large PRL Handknit. Not sure if this is a thing or not, but I'll find out in 10 days. NA BBBF 4 Valentini moleskins, LB moleskins, LB choc cords, The other LB garment washed
Big pop!
I did not know that
New Posts  All Forums: