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I think that was me? You find great stuff!
At that price you can get a pretty wide range of products NWT off eBay. 3Sixteen, RRL, Rising sun, Sugar Cane (sometimes), tellason, etc. probably ask barrel or troika what style you're looking for and they'll come up with 10+ options.
Those LBM jackets look great! I've only come across them once in Chicago, but it was at our most overpriced thrift so it was $50 for a used one. Cozy winter haul.
^looks like a soft serve ice cream tap
I don't usually pick up women's stuff but what the hell Luciano Barbera which needs some love, about a 42-44 I love seeing this pocket
Yeah they're MIC now, unless Lightning strikes and you find a Nigel Cabourn collaboration piece. I can't imagine what an original would fetch.
I haven't had much time for thrifting lately and it seems like I'm going to have no time at all for it soon. 8.15 new trad buffalo flannel L Eddie Bauer 1936 skyliner M
This is the first time I've picked up Austin Reed since joining the thread. Vintage Gren Speaking of filson, I've never managed to find any bags at a thrift like some of you lucky bastards, but at 70% off I've finally joined the club. Irresponsible ethrift of the month for me, but it beat the 10% rule and was at 20% of eBay prices.
I've regretted not buying this jacket for years, finally found a medium navy in Melton wool.
I talked to my buddy there, he said there was a good drop.
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