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Well I tried to branch out today and try some new routes, went a big 0/11 and then hit a regular store. Attolini pop (which just tried to autocorrect to stroking pop...) I've found Attolini for Barbera before but this is the first mainline piece I've found, and it fits! Except t.rex arms
Congrats Dalton! Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you guys when you were in town. I ran into turkey sandwich today, he's a really nice guy... With common projects in his basket I had a solid weekend, mix of fodder and nice stuff Barbour/ T&A Older label but right construction details IT46 Pop! IT55
^looks like desert pants, it should be easy to figure out which season and the pockets seem to change every time.
Jompso - the Engineered Garments jacket is the Truman (looks like the fabric is uniform serge). Damn nice haul.
I forgot to post these guys I found with the mega haul. NA
All of the Brioni suits I picked up lacked any Brioni branding on the waistband, and the definite odd trousers had Brioni branding, so I don't think those are orphans.
Personal use beaters - Nike SB, UB04, NBNice club Monaco flannelsRecent boss flat front dual vent etcEdit: oh yeah some PRL samples for personal use [[SPOILER]]
Patch pocket brodeetz
Those chambrays are incredible
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