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This fabric is incredible. This was a Ferragamo right? I found a similar one in 52, so wish it was my size.
Thanks! As it's not worth too much it's probably going to my mom ... and then redonated by her after she wears it in front of me one time.
:spoosignal: @SpooPoker fake or ancient? I've got no clue, was this a good pick up? Edit: I'm pretty sure this seller donated it http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=121482425357
They're cheaper than they used to be? Like... Many multiples of a $2K drug rug? Who buys this???
Out realizing I'm in a thrift fit Paul Stuart / Cambodian scarf at retail ($.15) / inis meain / gitman vintage / momotaro x context grand indigo (@IRKSM find / nameless Italian suede chukka ankle desert whatever things
You guys need to get racks and/or saddle bags! It makes the difference between being sore as hell and just speeding up reallllllly slowly
It'd be cheaper than a vasectomy Seriously, it just kinda happens to jeans for me since I bike around a lot.
Yesterday was the first time I've had a thrift haul where everything fits, which I'm guessing is pretty uncommon. Has anybody else had that happen? It's been a little bit since I found some GV The inis in daylight These LP chinos are really pretty underwhelming considering the retail is $600+ I remember getting all worked up about the three feather brand awhile back before Eazye told us it is a UO brand These guys are NWOT and stiff as cardboard These guys...
Triple works and Private white VC? Whoa.gif Flecked sweaters are a thing right? Well I've been looking for one for two years now so they are for me. I figured I would eventually find a flecked tweedy sweater in my size, not THE flecked tweedy sweater in my size.
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