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My name - I was a klepto at boarding school
Current super rich dude super haul status 3x Zilli shirts, 3x Reverse orphans, 7x trousers 6x Zilli suits, 17x Brioni suits, Valentino Suit 2x Brioni SC, Ricci SC, Versace SC - 5 orphans
Some non thriftening finds. Rugger peak lapel 54EU Older Burberry with sweet pattern probably cash Aww yes! Sz 56
That the plan The big question is, what did he upgrade to
Well, I had been hoping for wads of cash stuffed into the pockets, instead I found an uncashed check for $5,083. What do Zilli suits retail for? I've got two super 200s now. I'm thinking eaye and I have nearly all the suits at this point but we might still have some oprahs.
What leftofthedial said. I've got a mid war version that I thrifted somehow in my size. I immediately sold my 80s peacoat. The wool is incredible on those.
Not really again, but I just completed a bunch of suits. Like 10.
Also I had to look up blanc blu
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