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Anybody good at dating J Press? Cashmere BB Older label EZ but still nice FU plaid suit
I have two pieces with similar clothing, a post overalls royal traveller vest and a woolrich woolen mills upland jacket. The post vest pockets reach around the entirety of the vest, which I suppose make it essentially one gigantic pocket with two openings. The woolrich jacket has two rather large pockets which extend to the side seams.
I had some crazy good luck at a thrift store this week [[SPOILER]]
I use buyee, the fees have been lower than when I was using fromjapan.
"Cannot GET /go_legacy/sales/73248031/look/73417958" Edit: for cells https://m.gilt.jp/mobile/sale/men/haversack-402
^+1 All the dated brioni I've picked up goes for about that.
7 pairs of Dior Homme is ridiculous, but I made the mistake of talking to the manager and finding out that was a drop in the bucket for what that guy donated Crappy cell phone pics of the latest pair
... And I just found another
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