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I also had this typo earlier in the week...
Yeah, I just thought possibly someone at marshalls made the dumbest typo I've ever heard of. The "$" made me figure it was sold here.
Am I reading that right @SpooPoker? Someone used a period where they should have used a comma????
I've never noticed this guy price anything so low, think it was supposed to be $675 or something?
I'm not 100%, but I think they have two lines Haver Sack and Haversack. Strangely enough I have two quilted vests from them, cut more or less identically, and one is Haver Sack, the other is HAVERSACK. :shrug:
I've gotten swamped with school so I haven't had much time for thrifting other than for on my way there, so these are my recent finds.Ludlow SuitOrvis Harris tweed, made in England. No manufacturer's tag I can find so I'm guessing its from a no name brand.RRL Shawl collarEG pants from @IRKSM I'm not an expert, but from the details / quality of this piece it seems to be WWII [[SPOILER]]
Someone recently found a Kato AAA Selvedge chambray (not me) and has to post it here
Any of you guys ever find thrift hauls you stashed away from yourself? Found this Michael drake for Paul Stuart along with some coats in a box I forgot about. The rest .... Was incredibly forgettable.
I've bought from Kind a couple times, no proxy needed (at least to the US).
New Posts  All Forums: