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80% off JP or US retail? Either way nice pick up!
Congrats Nataku!
Sorry about the fakes dude It's been slow but I managed to get four shirts for myself today. I think this makes a clean half dozen GV shirts in my size I've thrifted N/A
Marrkt is selling a bunch of Yuketen made in Canada boots and shoes. I think there are a lot of returns and seconds, and I don't believe they are branded. http://marrkt.com/register.html
I think you've got these http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/cliffedge/item/11031801/
Those look like the first version chino from here. Whats the model?
The sizing and details on RRL tops helps date them. i.e. M w/ 48" chest is 90s, selvedge shirts w/ mother of pearl buttons are recent.
Big shout out to @Ace_Face for a ridiculously generous trade
So I know where I'm thrifting the next couple days
New Posts  All Forums: