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Thanks man! That old Patagonia label is awesome
Paging Fueco... what are these? $0 so I took them
Whoa Vanson! True thrift / thread first?
Not sure how this red green colorblind guy is gonna do in this one. I usually see RL signature and think "fuck yeah RLPL!" And then see the Norman Hilton or whoever tags and 😭
Some more stuff from this week Somebody forgot to pick up their dry cleaning
Spoo Damir for $2.50? And Wes, - a WORKING boom box bag, wut??
I picked up this custom beauty Wednesday, made just last march. About a 42
Do you guys ever have trouble biting your tongue at the thrift store? I overheard some employees while I checked out today: "Why did you price these at $35?" "They cost $128!" "Whaaaaaat?" "Here let me show you" *hands over phone* *all employees freak out* *i pay $8 for a brioni cashmere / silk roll neck and walk out*
A few things today Velvet smoking / dinner jacket type thing It doesn't show up well here but the material is a cool natural color with a bunch of little flecks Well this thing is an orphan, no brand, and a dated style but Hopefully the pants show up :praying hands emoji:
^great stuff but I don't think the crunchy Silk is gren. Boring stuff from today
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