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Guys, I already bought and returned that listing. This is what I got in the mail. It would be cool if you actually get the samurais. Edit: I probably should have known something was off due to the "embroidered pockets" in the listing.
One of those weird barbours is a Norton & Sons collab, and I think the distressed quilted one might be a collab as well, not 100% sure though
Google the name and obituaries first?
I'm pretty sure @Nataku did this when he found some custom suits, business cards in Brionis, or something like that and cold called the donor. Iirc he wound up buying a bunch of they guy's closet.
My vote is a valet's jacket
Well I sound up making another stop (sorry eazye) Pop! Another pop that made me break the square toed shoe roolz
Found this sweet shashiko cross stitch BD. Ive been really wanting something in this fabric after troika's post. Pop!
Dibs on whoever finds roy big bro chambray.
Dude I know. Wish it was a 38. I'm thinking about trying it in a spoo style 10 day, TRADGASM and or tweedtastic involved.
Oh yeah sorry - 44R 38
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