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If it helps, this is the only time I've seen ultimo as an in house brand on tailored items Didn't someone else find contract Brioni recently? For for sulka I think?
Crazy good stuff in there, maybe I need to avoid thrifts and hit the estates. Only a couple things today, and they feel even more meager after that photo dump. The unicorn snag-less charvet Seven fold Soon to be defunct Chicago menswear Already defunct Chicago menswear Any clue how old this is? ULtimo opened in '69 but I can't imagine it's too much younger than that.
I bet it's somewhere in a HP Lovecraft story
You might need to start a new thread for that^ Does anyone recognize this? Went through the labels with Eazye, sent texts out, and no answer. Might pick it up anyway.
^gee I dunno, a garment that retails for a house down payment? Moar pics!
That bijan As usual, I'm posting with poor lighting and iPhone pics How have your regular spots been lately? It has been generally super dry around here for me. Last Wednesday I got this shirt And then nothing until today. I'm hoping this means the dry spell is ending. Mountain climbing shoes for my brother in law, NA. Barbera wool flannel FF 54 Reversible Lulu goose down vest The next two are both orphans, so I'm hoping that he pants will surface...
I've been a buy it now ask questions later kinda guy for awhile now, so I don't have any glaring passes I can remember. Either that or I've just blocked them out of my memory When I was getting started thrifting though I would pass the entire suit rack as I never wore jackets. Who knows what I was missing out on back then.
Hey guys, can I get a legit check on this Mont Blanc? Leather seems nice, stitching is decent, interior is meh, tag looks weird, and no country of origin on the interior. It's returnable so I'm not sweating.
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