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Nice! You got any pics of yours? I'm halfway between these lapels are awesome / thee lapels are way over the top.
Today was a damn good day. It started off with those Ann Demeulemeester piratey combat boots, and then a bunch of stuff in my size. I haven't figured out where to set up in my new place, it's late, cloudy and iPhone, so these photos all suck. I'm pretty sure the Etons and these three jackets were from one guy. it doesn't really show up in the photos but this is a 100% wool seersucker unlined jacket. The buttons are gross so I'm going to swap those out and this will...
I thought the same thing
Sup Crüe. Took a break from unpacking at the new place. I've got a couple packages to send out, and once I find them I'll get them out to you guys.
Finding vicuña was surreal for me. I was in one of chicagos gigantic pile of crap thrift stores going down the coat rack and spotted it ahead of me. First thing I did was fondle it. Fondled it hard. I didn't actually believe it was vicuña because what are the chances, right? But it was! Slight bummer that it was a women's coat in the men's section but who cares.
Womens 4 First post in my new apartment. Moving sucks. Finding LBM does not.
Self nomination - is it in bad taste to post the price? I'm going to send this off to get graded, finding this opened up a whole new world of the thrift game. This coin graded MS70 (perfect) has sold for over $5K. Without a doubt the single best item I've thrifted. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks dude! Don't worry, I voted for thrifting an entire store because that's just insane. I'm pretty sure I only beat you since I don't think we ever saw the full haul(or did we?) Photographing 800 items for a post? Ain't nobody got time for that.
No COA so I'm going to send it out to be graded and sealed.Edit: yeah man, beat the 1% rule
I don't even know. I mean ... The melt value is just over $1100.
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