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Hey spoo, looks like an Ike/Eisenhower jacket.
I've got a random orbit sander if ya need
Or do and stare at this happy fellow
If you're ever in chicago and wind up at eazye's, check out the paintings he made (just don't drop acid first).
Your new house is the shit, let me know when I'm coming over to get drunk and throw my sneakers at thrift stores
Haha nope, I was more bummed out by only 1/2 of them having hangers than the fact that none fit.
It's been pretty damn dry for me lately, but today I came across this nice tweed jacket. Sadly, no labels But handsewn button holes And more handwork So I glanced at the hanger Pop! and this suit was next to it Oh So at this point my hands are shaking, I've only found a couple Savile Row pieces before, so I can't believe I just found two. and then this one and this one and then two braces attached to two pairs of trousers, they threw in two...
Berluti you say? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2100-Berluti-Hand-Antiqued-Olga-III-Cap-toe-Whole-Cut-Derby-8-UK-9-US-/151681584667?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2350ed4e1b
Found next to some $70 donald pliners at chicagos most overpriced thrift store.
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