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You guys need to get racks and/or saddle bags! It makes the difference between being sore as hell and just speeding up reallllllly slowly
It'd be cheaper than a vasectomy Seriously, it just kinda happens to jeans for me since I bike around a lot.
Yesterday was the first time I've had a thrift haul where everything fits, which I'm guessing is pretty uncommon. Has anybody else had that happen? It's been a little bit since I found some GV The inis in daylight These LP chinos are really pretty underwhelming considering the retail is $600+ I remember getting all worked up about the three feather brand awhile back before Eazye told us it is a UO brand These guys are NWOT and stiff as cardboard These guys...
Triple works and Private white VC? Whoa.gif Flecked sweaters are a thing right? Well I've been looking for one for two years now so they are for me. I figured I would eventually find a flecked tweedy sweater in my size, not THE flecked tweedy sweater in my size.
I bought my flat screen in a gutted abandoned building for $200. Research included plugging it in and confirming it turned on.
I'm not gonna bother with pics after 330ck, but happy bday spoo! Couple recent finds - first up the RRL star iron ore shirt. I kinda wanted this when it came out but RRL retail is insane, stoked I found it in my size!
This. Thing. Is. Awesome! My best friend Paulie + stevenson overall (Ethrift), wrangler blue bell (Ethrift), viberg (thrift funded)
I recently found a Bakelite "pipe" in a jacket ☺️☺️😗💨
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