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Thanks to @leftofthedial for this super comfy Dana Lee jacket and @Ian Erickson for the rogue territory, awesome trades.
Very true, if they work for you they're awesome.
This. I bought a ton early on and couldn't get rid of them.
I thought I was going to see some vintage quaaludes
LVC will be on vente privee tomorrow morning. I'm still mad I didn't buy a Menlo last time around.
Yeah if you have the time to dig through their auctions you can find some good deals on mislisted items - I snagged this one http://m.ebay.com/itm/201019774395?nav=SEARCH
Anybody going to the rose bowl flea market? Meg company (yuketen, monitaly, epperson mountaineering...) is having a sample sale at booths 3384-3385.
Thanks dudes! I honestly didn't know who Daniel Hanson was until a couple hours ago - but I figured Neiman + England + it fits + thrift prices wellll I can't really go wrong. Happy to join the pimp robe club oh it's cotton, if it was one of those cashmere joints I'd have to flip it.
Not quite Sulka but w/e Grabbed some kinda Armani quilted thing for cheap.
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