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No problem man, I'm thrifting vicariously these days. I convinced my wife to go with me today (a rare occurrence), so we drove to a spot and as I'm pulling up I spot @eazye biking up behind me. Needless to say it was easier for him to park his bike and there was nothing left for me inside. Well, there was nothing inside anyway My wife and I looked for housewares, and testing one cool lamp I set fire to the outlet. Soooo more trips with nothing.
LetsGetWeird - that is the Woolrich you're looking for. That's the Yosemite jacket from Daiki's last collection, made with dead stock Burberry fabric. Totally jealous
Whoa! That's the RRL big bear, pretty rare piece!I think leftofthedial must've been right when he said that was introduced with mcnairy. I've had (and mostly sold ) a bunch of the daiki stuff - upland, stream, Maine guide, and pen jackets, cruiser, upland, and knockabout shirts and I've never seen a garment center tag. It could be it was introduced at the transition to mcnairy? Which pieces did you have with it?
Woah, still got pics of that? That's from before I was even lurking the thread.
Excellent haul Jompso but the WWM isn't pre EG- daiki had a five year contract 04-09 iirc with woolrich, that guy is the upland jacket. Excellent find, I've only found a couple WWM daiki pieces (all shirts) and was super pumped every time
So at the beginning of June I started a new job in what I hope to be my career, and it's going pretty well. Im still hitting the thrifts the scored me grails, but after 5pm the trees have been fruited. Today for the fourth I got a half day, so I made the rounds. It's still pretty dry, but my fourth stop I scored these guys So not bad for a half day. Also, pay checks are way delayed in corporate America, so it was also the first lump payment I got since I quit my old job...
Was that a tie lot?
Damnit spoo you are making me regret getting a 9-5
I've been pretty busy lately with a new job and studying a lot, so this is the only find I've had so far this month. Paul Stuart by Isaia seer sucker suit - triple patch pocket, quarter lined, dual vent, MoP buttons, pretty badass. Available.
Hey All,I'm clearing out my closet of suits and sport coats I don't need, don't fit etc. All prices include US shipping (contact me for int'l), and I'm open to offers on multiple items. Let me know if you have any questions.Suits [[SPOILER]]
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