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Lemme see the cuna
Hmm, wonder if I wound up with a fake. 533C275A3406 doesn't seem to correspond to their coding system.
Anybody know how to tell what collection a Dior Homme piece is from?
Found one like that awhile back. The site for authenticating doesn't have moncler as a client anymore. I was clueless.
Goddamnit, gold tiffanys?
Happy Friday bros
Woodbury outlets used to be insane for RLPL/RLBL/RRL but I've heard it's not what it used to be. 90% discounts were fairly common in the polo outlets a few years back.
Ugh, wish these were chelseas
I've occasionally seen it as european sizing, so this would have been a 51? I know I saw a 98 on something I picked up recently.
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