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It's been pretty tough to find stuff around here but a few stops managed to produce. My week < one LI day
Keep going to that shop / ask if they had any other donations. Also check the art section if they have one, that family was renowned for their art collection.
I completely started salivating when I saw this label. And then realized it's a women's jacket
That's gotta be the coolest Arnys I've ever seen
Looks like a shorthorn flannel, can't say I'm an LVC expert so I don't know pattern / season names
^what he said. Probably the long horn or short horn flannel. I'd say dibs, but those things are pull city when you have a cat.
It's pretty big, measures 16w x 7d x 14h, and it's pretty cool. That being said, it's kinda dumb and even though I like it I would feel like I'm carrying a purse around.
posting after seraphin and loro got me like Leeds my size NA
Just some blurry tom ford, no big deal. Good lord the ties
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