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Ok im not either but - mister freedom has a lot of clothing produced by sugar cane, i dont know the specifics but i think sugar cane gets around 75% of it for japanese retail. Mostly limited edition fabrics in one off runs so its incredibly hard to find specific pieces - this was part of the speed safe / naval collection, these things look insane broken inI've only found mister freedom once, big surprise - when I was visiting my sister in LA
One pick up today, and it is so very N/A
^ +1, that's pretty cool info! @eazye, are either of the vintage polo pieces I traded you Norman Hilton?
Yusssss!!! Is that an indigo dyed bengal stripe OCBD?
Brunch thrift fit [[SPOILER]]
No joke... Im finishing up grad school, why not move to the bay? Today it snowed again here in Chicago :/
Okay, who knows somebody in HR in SF?
@eazye Wanna make me a Kapital knock off? Piece of cake, right? http://www.kapital.jp/e-store/detail.php?id=K1310LJ352&key=3209&category=2
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