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It's been pretty slow for me recently, only a couple findsPretty cool PRL mackinaw cruiser vest, XXL thoI'm really not feeling Polo's new logoMore pics of the crazy J.Press [[SPOILER]]
Moo has posted ridiculous fits for the fuck of it too
Holy shit! Those look deadstock!:countingmoneygif:
that vintage woolrich looks pretty awesome as well!
There was no reason to spoiler that, insane haul!
Bro, deetz Edit: hope it was this http://m.ebay.com/itm/221608907593?nav=SEARCH
It could be worthwhile, depends on your luck. It's been a couple hits and a whole lot of miss for me lately.
I've never found anything there
More talk about clothes! Like, how fucking cool is this J.Press jacket?
Sorry for the crappy photos, but I'm pretty excited about this find and didn't want to wait for daylight. Already N/A, I'm sure the regulars have a good idea where this is headed. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: