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I'm taking more coffee breaks
Some recent finds, better pics of the Marlows, and I finally took a photo of the seraphin with a decent camera so why not RRL N/A, and they're probably only going to last two months at the rate they're shedding indigo David Chu with the translation tag Only took a month for this thrift store to put the pants out to a jacket I picked up, but when they finally did it was deep discount day so they were less than $1 awesome cotton linen peak SC this...
David chu, no clue as to the maker though.
Whoops"Finally, a tag with a guide"
Finally - a guide
Cool stuff, tough sale
I ran into rhyme this weekend at a thrift and felt pretty ADD. I think I (kinda) managed to have a conversation while trying to get through racks quickly and pop around the store, but in actuality I was probably shouting nonsense and throwing fake Hermes scarfs at passerbys.
Anyone know this label? Fake Selvedge details, but real MoP cats eye buttons.
I reunited a zegna suit at the goodwill in town and when I went to photograph it a hive of earwigs tumbled out of it.
I've found both. Both were priced sky high I haven't thrifted either yet
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