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I, like eazye, went running out of the house after troika posted his row haul. I didn't find much.BB University Shop - I'm guessing 60's from the lapels? [[SPOILER]] BBGF by Martin Greenfield Windowpane [[SPOILER]] After finding those RRL high waisted trousers last week I want more, and I lucked out and found another pair also in my size [[SPOILER]]
Dana lee thrifted by @leftofthedial Rogue territory from @IRKSM RRL Wolverine 1Ks ethrifted
Haha not quite. If only I could thrift at non thrift store locations.
I've been drooling over RRL waist overalls lately, and seriously lucked out finding a pair in my size after running to the post office.
There was a 5 min interview video shot with him awhile back, pretty cool if you haven't checked it out. http://youtube.com/watch?v=agcuNm-8hOo
Sup late night crew
RRL uses different names for the men's and women's cuts - there should be a tag on the inside of the out seam and also it should be on the pocket bag. I don't think I've seen men's sz 27 before.
^ awesome find! I got to check out the LP suit Eazye found before he got it out of the house, they're phenomenal!
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