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Did someone say 48L?
It had been slow for a bit, then #onestop3x super 120s FF flannels, Zegnatex, purpFour baller suits that fit and I don't wear suits :/ [[SPOILER]]
Shout out to tubs for some grails
TJGent - Napoli Su Misura is anything but meager. Thread first? http://dieworkwear.com/post/28065994979/napoli-su-misura
I've met them both ... But never at the same time
I've found a couple of those Isaia Cremieux suits, all from the same donor with 15.5 micron LP fabric. They were all my dad's size so he had a good Christmas. 330ck told me that they aren't made in the same factory as mainline Isaia, but in a factory for diffusion lines, Michelangelo eidos etc.
Had some good times yesterday, we met up and I thought it was a good sign there was something for everyone at the first stop. Pop on skull, 5010XX N/A Another big pop, I overlooked this but Nataku was nice enough to let me have it NA
Yeah dude, good times! I'm nearly comatose from the pizza now haha.
Some brushed flannel supers Man I wish this was a size or two smaller, super comfy and thick
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