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re: guys looking for larger EG pants, FW11 desert pants on y!jp @~37" for $83 pre proxy
Do want!
They've got a couple sub brands, JS homestead makes some good workwear stuff but I haven't come across the other brands.
Sell me your outerwear collection
As Eazye said we had some good luck, but I don't have very good lighting at the moment so quick and dirty shots of today and yesterday: S&H already gone 925 sterling All saints fodder L Brioni knit 56 Huge zilli Ledbury 15.5 RLPL one piece collar unstructured and unlined HSM with dual vents 44 RLBL work shirt XL Barbour international denim work shirt, cats eye buttons, reinforced elbows, cord collar Gitman Vintage block flannel, this is without a doubt the...
that jacket
Iceworld tho
I don't know what that is but hot damn what a find:slayer:My lame finds:EZ windowpane 40 [[SPOILER]] Boss cashmere 38 [[SPOILER]]
Just one pick up today but it fits and feels pretty appropriate for a grad student to be wearing. RLBL by Caruso brown cord jacket.
NWT J.Crew 38R, Grey herringbone tweed, Chambray lining, Two button front, Jetted pockets, Half lined, single vent [[SPOILER]] JCrew 38R, brown herringbone, Fully lined, Single vent, Jetted pockets, Two button front [[SPOILER]] Zilli 50 Cream herringbone, Triple flap pockets, TONS of handwork I've tried to show in the photos, hand sewn button holes, pick stitching, dual vents, two button front, lightly padded shoulders, strong masculine structure, functional cuffs...
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