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It's been pretty damn slow in chicago when I've had a chance to go out lately but I did snag this bad boy. The Barbour collection grows! Tailored Sapper jacket
Capn, dem boots! Theodguy, damn! Great finds / I'm jealous!
What barrel said - super obscure! Amazing find!My size!
I biked around town today in 95 degree heat but managed to find a good sandwich and some clothes. I don't know how you guys in hotter and more humid places do it.
509 I should just stick around for 25 minutes
291... Really hoping I get 386 so I can use a commander keen or biohazard gif
240 & 1954 501z rigids
169 and a couple BB maker grens
I kinda like the newer PRL better doubt the quality is anywhere near the same though.
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