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Damnit spoo you are making me regret getting a 9-5
I've been pretty busy lately with a new job and studying a lot, so this is the only find I've had so far this month. Paul Stuart by Isaia seer sucker suit - triple patch pocket, quarter lined, dual vent, MoP buttons, pretty badass. Available.
Hey All,I'm clearing out my closet of suits and sport coats I don't need, don't fit etc. All prices include US shipping (contact me for int'l), and I'm open to offers on multiple items. Let me know if you have any questions.Suits [[SPOILER]]
I found a couple rota sport a little while back. They did not have a fuck ton of Borrelli along for the ride though.
Thanks for the tip! I still need to have the zipper replaced on the deer leather I found, I might ask them for this option.
SF Needs a multi thumb option for stuff like this
Well shit, I've been hoarding CBD in my size only to find that since my interview the office has gone full biz cas and there's not a jacket to be seen, let alone a tie.
Passed on the boots?
Yesterday's TB The seraphin / Tom ford guy had some more stuff. In case your business casual meeting needs some dictatorial flair Awesome textures on these sweaters
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