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First time thrifting in a while; picked this up today--a flawless Icer coat.
Hmm. Spoo-listed: $80. Me-listed: $12.Net loss: Check.Waste of time: Check.Glad I left it behind: Check.A couple minutes exploring a pretty well made garment: Check. I'm happy enough with that. Thanks Spoo.
***Flip question alert*** Is it worth picking up a Versace tux? Single button, shawl collar, pleated, has this label (but not this garment; the label has VVV stitching, not machine): Only problem is the legs are short--32 waist but about a 28 inseam, at most. Jacket is 38-40 range. Pretty rare on the bay so not much help there. Alternatively, if anyone's interested I could proxy. Maybe someone wants to make shorts out of the pants and have a nice summer tux?
What do you consider a traditional-height gorge to be? That seems fine to me.
Not a thrift find, but consignment. Filled a big summer hole so I was glad to get it. NWT ZZegna sportcoat, linen/cotton blend. The white balance is off (iPhone) so the jacket looks lighter than it is. It's a dark navy.
Went out today and came back with nothing. Been happening more often lately; summer blahs and getting pickier. I did pass on something that could have been good though--opinions? [[SPOILER]]
I found my first HF today, but it was super old Boardroom and not my size so I left it behind, and I also found and left behind my first pair of Zanellas, double pleated, with significant piss staining. Also left behind a ZZegna suit; couldn't find the pants in the men's section and since it was only ZZegna I didn't bother going through the women's to not find them there either. I was busy and had lots of other things to do. In the end I left with a pair of shoe trees...
About Aquascutum: I have a made-in-England SC, 100% cashmere in a navy herringbone that is incredible. It's very well made, looks great, feels amazing on and I probably fondle it just a little much when I get the chance to wear it. I know their recent stuff is not like the old stuff, but this is something else. It's good incentive to never grow larger than I am now, just so I can keep wearing it. I'm not terribly sad to see them go; they've been in a downfall for a...
I'm pretty sure the ones I saw were real, but they were really, really bad. They were selvedge, heavy, deep indigo and NWT, but here's the rub (as if the jeans aren't already obnoxious enough): See that big M across the pocket? Picture that, in white, 3" wide, across the entire back of the jeans, as if it were painted on, going from mid-calf to mid-ass. They were ridiculous.
I passed up some of those tonight, NWT, but they don't seem to sell very well. Mistake?
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