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Has anybody purchased the Hypercity backpack? It looks pretty cool but not very practical for city use. Does it have a secure laptop pouch and any other compartments for supplies? I'm leaning more towards a Lexdray Boulder pack (if they re-release it in black) but that might have too many compartments and not enough overall space. Visvim is too pricey and too Jap for me; Mission Workshop's bags don't appeal to me (overly technical looking?).. Technical with a classic...
How about dat poncho?
Climbers in Navy and most sizes in black now up: Don't buy all of the Navy 30's or I will be sad. =[
Shipping into the US, I think it's a rule of thumb that anything over $200 gets hit by customs. Does it work similarly in other countries? I like how FarFetch and other places assume customs charges into the price they charge.. Makes it simple.
It definitely doesn't measure at 40. I have a size small Mojave that measures 20.25 PTP and a FreeFlannel over shirt in small that measures 20.25 PTP. Both of those I bought new and I've only hang-dried them. I wish they fit more slim, especially the Mojave: it's very billowy around my slim waist.I also bought a linen High Desert pivot in small on Ebay but it fits too small at 19" PTP and 17" STS. I would gladly throw in a few bucks to trade it for a medium.Previously...
They are totally worth the price. Just sayin'
Oozes cool! I've been wanting one for some time but TOJ cancelled the model... =[ If this was my size I'd be a hella lot poorer
Measurements of the Arc'teryx Veilance Field jacket? Specifically pit-to-pit and length. Thanks in advance!
I want to black buffalo 2030's at Four-horsemen too much to put in a bid on any other pair. I worry about what customs costs would be to import a $660 pair of shoes from Canada to the states.. =/
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