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If only these were in small.. Same with your Outlier Peacoat. =/
I could end up buying them despite my qualms. $90 for supermarine kicks is reasonable, but ugh.. More Vans than Outlier imo. I definitely like the Outlier x Feit shoes better. Feit has a couple of shoes in navy suede that I think look excellent but I worry about their durability.
x2. For once I actually don't want something with Outlier's name on it.. Suyi: Weren't the Feit's "Made by Hand" in China?
Alas, they just retweeted this: I think the bottom/front of the shoe looks good but once you add in the high top and the other materials it becomes less appealing.
ugh, those are fugly imo I've never been a big fan of Vans, though. They look like UltraSuede and Schoeller OG fabric with a touch of leather..? Definitely not as clean looking as the Feit's
I'd probably cop anyway..Outlier x Diemme boots?
Vans x Outlier - anybody excited?
Selling a Gitman Bros. Vintage Purple Llama Flannel - $220 $200 $160 shipped Shipping to Canada is + $10
If anybody hasn't read through Abe's Reddit AMA, please do:
On the topic of backpacks: I like Mismo and I like that they are Danish (as am I) but they have yet to produce a backpack that I would like on my back more than any/every other backpack in their price range. I do like their duffles and wallets though.. Hard Graft has a new messenger bag (which can feasibly be worn as a backpack but I wouldn't) that I kind of like. I had my eyes on a MMM bag but it doesn't have much internal structure. I could possibly get a smaller...
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