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I think the black dungarees are about as black as anybody could want, but I didn't keep/wear them long enough to notice any fade..
Outlier OG Blazer in Navy, size 36 - Small Like-New Condition. I bought one in size 38 - Medium and exchanged it for a 36. The pockets on the 38 were sewn shut - the pockets on the 36 were not. I've worn it twice. The second time I wore it the stitching along the front, bottom-right hem came undone without any reason for doing so. I had it repaired shortly thereafter. Update 2/6/14 I picked the jacket up from the cleaners yesterday. After pressing the repair is...
Selling a pair of Outlier's Slim Dungarees in Indigo, size 30. They are used but (being Outlier's dungarees) hardly show wear. Easily the most durable pants in Outlier's catalogue. I love them but my thigh muscles have grown too big to fit comfortably. They measure 31" at the waist (I just washed them, the waist will stretch out to between 32" & 32.5" with a days wear.) Front rise: 10.5" Leg opening: 7" For reference, I wear a Levi's 31 most of the time, sometimes a...
Got the Air Forged Vest in the mail yesterday and I love it. I wasn't sure about buying it until I read that it's a "trim fit." It does fit slimmer than the wool edition, which I have the second (first non-experimental) run of . Hopefully they make more slim-fitting shirts soon. The pocket closure is much easier to use and I like the front pocket flaps. When wearing Climbers or 60/30's, I tend to keep my keys and phone in my vest pockets instead of my pants. ...
FransBoone has some great pics:
I would love to see that Bison in the moccasin form you mentioned earlier or as a chukka!
Looking to sell my purple melange SNS Herning Paragon sweater. It's beyond my everyday wardrobe so it doesn't come out of my dresser much. Beautiful as it is, I would like to buy a simpler sweatshirt for everyday wear. I'd love to trade for a medium. New fit, slim and stretchy. Measurements as follows: S2S: 15.5" P2P 18.5" Length: 24" Sleeve: 26" Asking $300 $250 shipped
I bought a pair of 60/30 Chinos in October 2011 and they have not faired well. All of the pockets have holes and the waist has stretched out ~2". They are still incredibly comfortable, though.
New linen/cotton "Astro" SS shirt up, looks nice but I wish it came in white or natural and had a slimmer fit.. Outlier seems to be stuck in a gray-blue shirt phase lately. Also, there's at least one Hypercity in stock again!
. What size? I may be interested
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