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I've bought from Stoy Munkholm before and their customer service is great, online and in-person.
I have fair skin so I'm hesitant to buy paler colors.. If it was a darker grey I would be all over it.=/
That Episode sweater... Those shorts... Might have to cop.. $.$ But what color?? Decisions.
Sorry man; everything's sold except the OG Blazer which I have another classified for. H
100% wool?
Have any picture taken by yourself? =]
I ask because they removed a number of items that still have plenty of stock.
I think I remember somebody looking for navy 60/30's in 30; Chari and Co. has a pair for sale: On another note: did Outlier remove a bunch of items from the shop? There are a bunch of things missing that were there a couple of days ago..
This guy's selling a pair on SuFu:
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