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FYI: These do not fare well long-term.
Have you guys been hit with customs/duties ordering from I'm considering buying a pair but I'm worried about additional costs of shipping to the US.. =/
Pit-to-pit and shoulder-to-shoulder?
What is the marked size?
Sorry to trouble you, but what is the inside length?
I only this was a 38! I would insta-cop!
17" shoulder-to-shoulder 20.5" pit-to-pit measured an inch below the seam 27" sleeve (edge of shoulder panel to end of sleeve) 28" total length of the back I does fit slim, although comfortably around the waist. I would call it a slim-straight sweater.
20" pit-to-pit an inch below the seam 17.5" shoulder-to-shoulder 25.5" sleeve length from the shoulder seam to the end of cuff 31" total length of back
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