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i am 37, i you get older you have a hard time remembering, rambling, what was i talking about
Mr Moo, you came across as someone totally unhappy with your life [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
i have to say that scottm's last 2 fits look great and suit him more that his previous, less tailored fits which were imo a little sloppy and didnt flatter him so much
uncontrol, i have to say that is beautiful jacket, and a great fit thank god you didnt wear floral jeans with it
new leader in a somber and reflective mood
click if you dare [[SPOILER]] *giggling* [[SPOILER]] .
this is what i envisage [[SPOILER]]
geez eason, you and hayward look like twins
click if you want to get real [[SPOILER]]
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