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Just wanted to let you know the new pics are up! Thanks for asking. Geoff
hmmm...for some reason one of my pictures was deleted. I'll try to upload a few more tomorrow. I can understand why you may want to see more than just the sole!
Made in Italy, the construction is absolutley gorgeous on these shoes. The leather is a deep dark brown and they are very well made. "Enter the world of Fratelli Rossetti, one of the major "Made in Italy" shoe producers since 1953. In a perfect mix between style and tradition with a touch of unpredictability, this model in dark brown calfskin features penny strap and detailed stitching. Made in Italy" I'm kinda devastated that I can't keep these but I can't return them...
I have a question for you - how often do you wear a suit? If the answer is every day, and you're around people that wear suits every day, the little details matter. If you own one or two suits for special occasions, then you probably don't want to stay somewhat conservative. Many people on this forum have vast wardrobes and find style interesting - therefore, the little details matter.
Thank you all kindly for the good responses.
I am trying to rebuild my wardrobe after losing considerable weight. I have limited funds and am looking for it to be as interchangeable as possible. This season, I plan to buy a wool pea coat as outwear to use with dress clothing. One that I found is made in black or charcoal. I am Caucasian, have brown hair and brown eyes if that matters. Many of my trousers are blue, and charcoal. Would you recommend a 2nd coat for brown-toned clothing? If you recommend a different...
Quote: Originally Posted by Willie5566 What's your story? Nutritionist? Once weighed 500 lbs.? Over the last year I've worked extremely hard to reinvent myself. I'm going on 30 (call it a crisis) and I'm expecting my first child in 2 months. I was 40 lbs overweight 8 months ago and I'm now very lean. My weight fluctuated through my twenties as I ignored my image, although I've always been into fitness and nutrition. I decided to get very...
To the OP with the simple question, the answer is you lose weight if you stick to that diet and deficit. And you probably feel like crap.
Thanks for the kind feedback. I'll edit my original post to include more info rather than making separate threads.
In the last lesson, we learned how to determine a daily caloric intake using the BMR, taking into account an activity level. We then used that number as the basis to create a calorie deficit for safe weight loss. For that purpose, we said that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie - and it is. But deep down we know that feeding ourselves 2500 calories worth of cookies, chips and doughnuts isn't the same as consuming 2500 calories of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, nuts...
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