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I second the notion of demotivators, I work out of my room (as I am still in college and an RA) and I've got one about worth right over my desk, I love it. I also would recommend a fish tank, something small like a 12" cube with a mantis shrimp and some plants in it would be cool and give you some nice clean lines.
I'm fairly certain she wasn't getting much action, I never saw her with a guy who wasn't trying to chat up some other girl; What a waste/waist. Also the M tee's are tight around the chest and shoulders, not the waist/love handles.
Not to dig up long dead threads, but is loeeching really a problem from stainless steel?
Thin skin, fragrant, and heavy, always buy the heavy citrus. Also keep in mind that with oranges they don't actually have to be orange to be delicious, if the skin is thin and they are heavy oranges with a big green spot towards the top are just as good as oranges that are all orange.
There was a girl who went to my highschool (some four years back) who must have tipped the scales at 175 or so at ~5'6" and she would always wear tight fitting low cut tops and low rise jeans and thongs, it was like watching a really slutty train wreck. Edit: That said I have gained some weight and my medium sized T-shirts are probably too small for me, but I'm not buying new ones I'm just focusing on dropping the weight; I don't want a number of tents lying around orto...
My vote is for straight gas from the pump, while shaving with a straight razor and smoking a cigar. Gasoline fight anyone?
Classic Shaving just sent me a 7/8 singing TI hand honed by Lynn.
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