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CLk AMG Black series
Quote: Originally Posted by pabloj Shure, it's f2 lens is outstanding it also has the best dynamic range and shadow detail.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 So you interview a year in advance for an internship? That's crazy. Almost every other firm I have looked at (not in accounting) is interviewing in March for June. If this is the case my dream of a big 4 internship this summer has been crushed. Having a job early all set by senior year of college is fantastic...... pay is decent not great..
Your GPA only matters to a certain point, there are people with 4.0's who don't get hired. If you going to be pushing some long hours these people often want someone who they like. Not to mention that plenty of women get hired for their looks depending on the area recruiter but you chances of getting hired below a 3.3 are pretty low as they will often discard your resume without even interviewing you. If you get your foot in the door and get a interview your GPA no longer...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac The LX3 looks pretty sweet. I didn't really consider upgrading from my 3-year-old 7MP Sony until I read that review of the LX3. Now, Im thinking about it megapixels do not equal quality the reason LX3 has the best image quality of any compact is because they decided to keep the mp count down instead of racking it up to 15mp. 5 MP = perfect 8x10's. A 15 megapixal sensor has higher noise and less dynamic...
Working in audit opens you to a lot more experiences then one would think, however the overall enjoyability of it depends on the your teams. So no one can say working for a Big 4, Mid-tier or small firm will be good or bad because it is 50% your attitude 50% who you get stuck working with. I really enjoy it (big4).
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia For a party tonight. The 2006, though. their cab is a great value if you see it around.
Indeed there is a Leica version. It is probably not worth the extra money but who cares. Both are great.
Lecia digital cameras are not worth it, at least until they catch up in-terms of the sensors. For a reasonable priced digital starter camera that captures the simplicity of lecia's check out this Panasonic . No crazy zoom. No super high 15mega pixels that only reduce overall quality. F2.0 at 24mm 2.8 at 60mm. The ability to manual focus.
Makes me think of a west coast aesthetic rogues gallery.
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