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hrm rhone style blend with pizza?... For me you need something to cut through the cheese, which is were acidity (like in a reisling) comes in. Another idea that poped into my head, is a good Verdejo (spanish white).
Pair with a red wine with good fruit and acidity, like a Barbera. The wine recommended above, while good, may too be rich for pizza.
B. CC reserve is the best cab for the money... epic for 28$
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. So listening to the AIG outrage this week, I "got it." People are upset other people are drinking expensive wines, while they're not. To fend off a 90% wine tax, I bought some inexpensive, yet tasty and serious wine today: That fireblock is some fantastic stuff for the money too bad i cant get it in this state.
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont 3-4th person who is in or around Hartford on SF. Downtown is pretty walkable though missing some important things. 6 block square of interesting things. Total ghost town sundays (unless there is a game) and alot of holidays. Still more interesting than yuppie-ville (west hartford downtown). Jojo's coffee is half the reason, I like it here...
95 hartford downtown per site...
Got my first peace from kazuo from archilles project in boston and its truly fantastic, very impressed with the cut / details.
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont Hot Drinks: Teas: Whole Leaf Black Bagged English Breakfast & Earl Grey- Twinnings Imperial Gunpowder Green Tea - Taylors of Harrogate Coffee/Espresso: Cheap Latin American brand of Espresso- I foget the name. It is a brick of esp[resso in a yellow package. Need to find some good coffee Hershey Cocoa powder for Hot Chocolate. I want to learn how to make good hot buttered rum. Since you are...
Quote: Originally Posted by gqreader239 Im in my junior year at UT and am following a general finance degree track. Does anyone have experiences with the MPA/PPA (masters program for accounting) degree? Many accounting students I know are going through the program. My peers all say it is extremely hard and takes up an extra year. However, they all say that they are guaranteed a job when they graduate. Is that true? Is anyone ever guaranteed a job because...
Quote: Originally Posted by JAY13 Should I stick with Finance or be better off going Accounting? Stop overthinking it/being a pussy and get both if you are that worried about it... at most it is 6-8 additional classes. Then you don't have to worry.
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