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Development is other places of Boston is good. It must be much cheaper to move there. Overall, Boston has made a lot of progress in the past 5 years.
Chateau Graves De Liron 2008 white Bordeaux - excellent example of good inexpensive white bordeaux. Definitely has a good bit of sav blanc mixed in wth the semillion. Slightly off-dry which balances very well with the high acid. extremely food friendly.
I don't plan on riding in them anymore, in-fact i would of been riding in leathers if i wasn't exchanging the current pair i ordered. Guess I'll leave them.... Maybe I'll paint inside on my pocket lining to remind me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Wow looks good, I mean considering it was a bike crash... how bad was the crash? I only ask because I occasionally longboard and I've put much nastier wear into a pair of APCs through that than your crash did, and I'm intrigued by the durability of IH jeans. It was much worse than a long board crash (20mph?). The jeans really held up amazingly.
to fix the bike 100% would cost about 600-800$ but doesn't really matter. 200$ of new plastics and it will look 100%. radiator has some cosmetic damage but doesn't need to be replaced. Everyone crashes some time... Just happy to be fine and be more experienced.
100% okay as said above (full length motorcycle boots, armored leather jacket, helmet). Road for a hour afterwords...
So about a year ago, I bought some Ironheart jeans from Selfedge during a visit to SF. Now I already had plenty of jeans in my rotation so I never knew how I was going to these to fade. I rotated them with plenty of jeans and probably have only worn them 20 - 30 times during the year. In the theme of Ironheart, I often wear these jeans while riding my motorcycle (always full gear other than pants)! Today, I stupidly crashed (minimal bike damage and I am 100%...
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar the Haut Brisson was quite nice, great balance, firm tannins up front (it's so young), but a well integrated and smooth finish. I was impressed. The 2007 Le Volte had some big fruit on the nose, strawberries and cream, dark cherry, etc. It was solid on the palate and my guests enjoyed it. Unfortunately I thought it lacked that sense of Italian terroire that past vintages have had. A shame. What a shame...
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar I was thisclose to just picking up the same Orvieto at the store I frequent, but I have to buy a bunch of food for a small labor day gathering at my place and I need the budget room for Prosciutto. I did, however, pick up some Le Volte. These are the 2 reds I'll be serving on Monday: Le Volte is an awesome bottle (& value)
go to spirtis wine in downtown hartford (accross from goodwine) they have good staff and tastings ever sat and thurs
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