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Vega Escal 2006........ Outstanding Value out of Priorat which is rare.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar for the Cali wine lovers, good news from Mr. Parker: "Despite the fact that bureaucrats continue to say the recession is ending, it seems to me there remain considerable stocks of unsold, high-end California wines that have yet to be dumped into the marketplace. We will continue to witness a correction in California wine prices, and the elimination of back stocks, especially for the very large wineries for at least...
just spent an hour putting my 100 bottles into cellar tracker... wish i hadn't been lazy and did it much earlier!
Havn't made the decision but it will likely be a growers bottling. Also will be sampling some of the higher end Cavas before making the decision.
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts 2007 R Wines "Evil" Cabernet Sauvignon, South Eastern Australia Brought this home the other night. Another wonderful budget pour at $12.49! This one has a lot of body and tannic structure for the price point. I was really quite surprised as most Cabs I've had in this range we very VERY fruit forward...not this little devil! From the rich and inviting nose of earth and spicy dark fruits to the long and luscious...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax Beaujolais Nouveau is a good way to get non wine drinkers to try some wine. Not sure what else it is good for. I had some a few years back when it was still $6 and haven't had the urge to drink it again. Opened a bottle of this instead. Not terribly exciting but beats BN I recently tasted the latest vintage of that bottling (2007, I believe). It was way too young! I assume the 2006 was still way...
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Great write up. Very much like the above wines. Tasted both @ Duckhorn. Good stuff, bough the gowon creek.
Victory Hammer S seems more interesting to me, neither are starter bikes. Neither will ever handle that great because of the fat rear tire. Just know what your getting into.
A dozen Turley's came in; Various Zin's, petite syrah, Granche... Hurray.
2007 Andre Brunel Cotes du Rhone Villages Cuvee Sabrine (15$) - awsome vintage makes this an excellent value. Dense with good young tannins and higher levels of fruit than in previous years. Then again I havn't had any 2007 wine from southern rhone which was bad.
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